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University - waste of time???

AdvantagesGood reputation. Central for most of the UK, good road & rail links.

DisadvantagesHard work? - wait 'til you get to the real world!

"...this time, I have visited Coventry many times, both to the university, and the city itself. I have gone in shops, museums, parks, fast food outlets, bars, libraries, and many more places. I have spent a long time in traffic, on the ring road, in & out of car parks, and all over the local area. I now feel qualified to comment. I have made up my own list of Specific Criteria, nothing wrong with the one below, just different. Location - Very good, ..." Read review

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Community Level 3dogscoff


Welcome to- umm- well, Coventry actually.

AdvantagesWell equipped, organised and funded Uni in a great City

DisadvantagesYou could proabaly find a more prestigious degree

"Coventry University is quite a large and well organised university, with something in the region of 15,000 students. A great many of these are from abroad, which generates a sizeable proportion of the uni's income. Student services at Cov are excellent - All first year students are guaranteed accomodation, be it in one of the many Halls of residence (some on campus, others further away) or in the university managed but privately owned houses. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2gavinos


Coventry university. Sent there, loving it

AdvantagesSo many

DisadvantagesLack of sleep

"When you think of Coventry university, you probably think of crap nightlife, "that hole in the midlands" and other demeaning terms. Well, thats what i used to think!!! but after a severe lack of effort and thus an obvious underachievement in my a-level results, i only just got in, but still....i was in....and the story unfolds. It seems that the rumours and ideas about Coventry are entirely unfounded, and more to the point un-true. Well this is ..." Read review

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Community Level 2isaac43


Coventry - depends what for

AdvantagesSome subjects the best in the country

DisadvantagesIts not a picturesque place to be

"...the only bad review of Coventry so far cannot actually be bothered to check what is written so probably reflects something of the general attitude of the reviewer. Coventry is not chic or stylish - its set in the centre of the city and you accept it on that basis. The advantages are accessible transport systems, lots of pubs/clubs in stumbling distance and the advantage of being able to get out to the shops between lectures. Some accomodation is ..." Read review

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Community Level 2yatzue


Good Facilities, but tutoring not up to scratch!

AdvantagesGood Library, Resonable Accomodation, ReziNet

DisadvantagesTutoring, Computing Services

"The good bits; Coventry University has got some very good facilities when compared to other uni's, the library especially! Excellent resource for all kinds of books and media, with a 24 hour open access computer room located in the basement for those of you who wish to study/use the internet all night, open 7 days a week! The accomodation is generally quite good, with good sized rooms and resonable support from the accomodation office and housing ..." Read review

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Community Level 1hans679


Better than expected

AdvantagesGood facilities (in Ellen Terry Building)

DisadvantagesNo real sense of student-ness if not in halls

"...I applied for music at Coventry through clearing. No audition, just a wander round with the head of music (which, I'm ashamed to say I did after a lunchtime drinking competition) and I'm in. I was impressed by the music facilities in the recently refurbished performing arts building. Recording studios, three grand pianos, numerous computers loaded with music software, buckets of rehearsal space. It takes time to make new friends if you're not in ..." Read review

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Community Level 1bmassen


Sent to Coventry!!

Advantagesgood facilities, support from staff and a small city

Disadvantagesa bit of a dangerous city and student halls are not much cop.

"I graduated from Coventry in 2002 and thought the university prepared me well for the future. My degree, Business Enterprise was a great course for those who were proactive and liked to put more things into practice rather than study theory for 3 years. I got lots of support from the Business School and know many friends who turned to the university at times and found support from them. The city of Coventry may not be the best city in the world, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lovebutter...


Cov Uni - better than it seems!

Advantagesaccommodation is cheap, ok student life, helpful lecturers, good library, good nightclubs

Disadvantagesdull town, need more shops,

"..."So who's sending you to Coventry then?". It's such an old one, I tell ya!!! But the uni itself is based in a good location - it's in the Midlands and near Birmingham, Leicester and Warwick, all of which have got their own unis, so if you have friends there, it can be quite handy. It's also only 1 and a half hour's drive away from London... The lecturers are really nice and helpful (though that does depend on what course you do) - I did Communication, ..." Read review

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Community Level 4adamdavid


Coventry Uni

Advantageseasy to get in to, lots to do

DisadvantagesIn the middle of Coventry

"I graduated from Coventry University in 1997 and I have currently in my second year at Aston university. My time at Coventry was really good and it has a lot going for it. First thing that you have to do is get past the fact that it used to be a polytechnic. People tend to get put off by this fact, but they shouldn't be. Because of this fact, you can generally get in with lower grades which means it is great for people whose A-levels didn't quite ..." Read review

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Community Level 2cp


Sent to Coventry but I'm staying!!

AdvantagesPlenty to do and plenty of part-time jobs

DisadvantagesHalls or residence are expensive and poor value

"Coventry University is not the most romantic or even attractive place to go to. The University is in the city itself and very close to the ringroad. But having said that I love it. It is a friendly place. Being at the heart of the City means it is easy to shop, find pubs, cinemas, theatres and very important these days: part-time jobs. To live in halls of residence is expensive and frankly I wouldn't recommend it. You are, either made to take a room, ..." Read review

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Community Level 4zef


Welcome To Hell

Advantagesyou can tell your folks you qualified for university

Disadvantagesits in coventry

"Firstly this uni has the disadvantage that its in Coventry. Its located in the city centre surrounded by a ring road which is like a chocker around its neck. This means the sports facitities are either non existant or miles away. Academicaly it isnt much cop either being well down the league tables. The accomodation is expensive and not much cop either. Most of the facilities are shared with the public. The departments are well sign posted I supose, ..." Read review

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