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My husband gave me Crabbies

AdvantagesTastes different

DisadvantagesOne bottle is enough!

"...the adverts for this - Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer - on TV quite a lot and remarked to my husband I quite fancied trying this. As we don't live near any large Supermarkets I hadn't seen it anywhere but having said that I hadn't actively searched for it either. My husband said he would call into the Netto near his work for some milk on his way home one evening, so imagine my surprise when he presented me with a bottle of this as well..I'm easily ..." Read review

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Community Level 5seanbond87


It's tickety boo old man!! Review with images

AdvantagesA good summer drink

DisadvantagesCan be hard to get hold of and is rather expensive.

"== Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer == I’m sure that you’ve all seen the advert for this relatively new alcoholic drink. With a very upper class 1940s/50s woman holding the bottle of Crabbies. It is advertised as “Refreshing ginger beer, only for grown ups!” John Crabbie & Co is a drinks company founded in 1801 in the ancient Scottish port of Leith; they are well known for their green ginger wine and Crabbie’s Mac (a mixture of Scotch whisky and ..." Read review

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Sweet ginger goodness?

AdvantagesLovely drink

DisadvantagesDoesn't taste alcoholic, gives bad wind if you neck it to fast!

"...I had ever heard of Crabbies Ginger Beer was when my mate who is a landlady was going mad in her pub. Loads of her customers were asking for it but she was on a waiting list with suppliers to get it, when she did get it on the shelves it was temporary......everyone in her pub was going Crabbies mad! It was a like a new craze. One night in her flat above the pub a few us were behind drinking in her living quarters and we had a huge array of alcohol ..." Read review

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Crabbies Ginger Beer - a taste sensation!

AdvantagesGreat taste, depth, bite, rich flavour.

DisadvantagesA little bit on the fizzy side.

"Ginger Beer is actually not a drink I particularly enjoyed as a youngster. Growing up it wasn't something I enjoyed drinking, the flavour was just too strong and we are even talking about the non-alcoholic versions here. As time as past I eventually gave it another go in the form of Crabbie's Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer. The taste is incomparable to the soft drinks ginger beer I tasted in my youth, I am more than happy to say that this grown up ..." Read review

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Community Level 2chiglo2001


A refreshing summer ginger beer with added alcohol

AdvantagesRefreshing and thirst quenching. Nice spicy flavour.

DisadvantagesIt doesn't taste alcoholic

"...this alcoholic ginger beer from Crabbies in my local supermarket I decided to give it a try. The single bottle cost £2.04 at Sainsburys. The product comes in an attractive 500ml brown glass bottle with raised pictures of the Crabbies elephant logo around the neck and a label with a bright picture of a thistle on which helps to show that this product originates in Scotland (Glasgow to be specific). The bottle is nicely contoured with a slightly ..." Read review

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Community Level 1MiniMe100


Crabbies alcoholic "gingerly" beer

AdvantagesA nice drink

DisadvantagesNeeds a bit more bite

"...in Tesco and seen this Crabbies alcoholic ginger beer on offer, that evening I found myself sitting in the garden enjoying the sunshine and my Crabbies. The Packaging **************** A very heavy 500ml dark brown almost black glass bottle, with a crown cap (the ones you need a bottle opener for) the old fashioned looking label is designed round thistles and has the Crabbies name across the middle, the little label round the neck of the bottle ..." Read review

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