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Crash Bandicoot - Platinum (PS) Review with images

Advantagesmost entertaining game I have ever played on

Disadvantagesgraphics let it down but good for their time,difficult and ages between each save point

"Crash Bandicoot was one of the first games that came out when the play station 1 was first introduced back in the 90's I don't think anyone anticipated just how big Crash bandicoot would be, several games were released on the play station one such as 2 and 3, crash team racing and more along with a few games on game boy advance and also on the Nintendo DS and Crash is still a loveable character and game. The whole Crash bandicoot games revolve around ..." Read review

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Taking The High Road

AdvantagesGood graphics, simple to play, challenging

DisadvantagesDifficult, strange save system

"*A review of Crash Bandicoot [SCUS-94900] for PlayStation* It's not been a good day for Crash Bandicoot. The evil Dr. Neo Cortex has been mutating the local island marsupials with an Evolvo Ray to form an army of super animals - which Crash finds himself rejected from. Worst of all, this leaves him separated from his girlfriend Tawna - but in the name of love Crash will defeat the doctor and rescue her! While Crash Bandicoot can move in all ..." Read review

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The beginning of Crash Banicoot!

AdvantagesGood for those childhood memories


"== Crash Bandicoot == Who'd have known that the ginger bandicoot would get so far and become so big in the gaming industry? Originally realeased on the playstation one console it was no surprise that people would want to try out this game - and the rest when they followed over the years. As a platform game this game involves adventure and basic game play which is fun for all of the family and the main idea of the story is that Crash Bandicoot's enemy ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Jess99


The kids love it

AdvantagesGreat game, great graphics, hours of family fun

Disadvantagescould be difficiult for younger children to play

"...simple, you take control of Crash a strange looking creature that was gentically altered by Dr Neo Cortex (the bad guy)who is set on taking over the world. Seperated from the love of his life Tawna (another bandicoot) after being ejected from the main Island, Crash is none too happy and like a tazmanian devil whirls around in a flurry of action. The game is for one player and can be saved onto a memeory card at certain times of the game. You can ..." Read review

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Community Level 1TimBachmann


Crash Bandicoot strikes back

Advantagesnice to play, fun


"...like to play. Its called Crash Bandicoot. The main character of this game is a little fox named Crash who has the order to run through several levels full off enemies. To reach the finish he has a lot of weapons to liquidate the several fishes, dogs... which have the aim to stop him. He can jump, fly and also swim in some levels but always has the possibility to defeate himself from the attacks of his opponents which are also armed with a huge ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Toady


Crash Bang Wallop

AdvantagesExcellent graphics and loads of levels and cheap to buy


"...food and opening boxes. Crash gets to ride polar bears and water hogs. You can collect a mask and become invincible. There are 32 levels and all are very different with different enemies to kill on each level. You get bonus levels as well which have to be completed in a certain amount of time. The graphics are very good and it’s a fun game to play also very colourful. It has a good tune and it really goes well with the game. I thought ..." Read review

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Community Level 4SecretForm...


who can't like crash!!



"...a big platform game fan Crash Bandicoot is excellent. I have every crash game that there is including crash racing which me and my partner have great fun with as you can split the screen and it gets really competitive!!! The last crash bandicoot is just as addictive as the first, and i can't say there is any that i don't like!!! The graphics are great and all the characters are wonderful!! Its very easy to operate, you don't have to remember loads ..." Read review

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Community Level 3MikeScoates


Yeah Baby! Yeah!

AdvantagesGreat fun and great graphics usually make a good game

Disadvantages2 sequels now, you may want to get them instead

"Crash was the most original game of its day, and the graphics brought a new era of programming to the gaming world as other gamers strived to match the quality of the graphics produced by this game. Crash is a Bandicoot, and he spins, slides, jumps and runs along a series of paths collecting bits and pieces as he goes, but the fun is in the playability and, for its day, the jaw dropping cartoony graphics. The character himself is endearing, ..." Read review

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Community Level 4saintsfanuk


crash the little fury animal


Disadvantagescant get all gems

"Crash provides great fun especcially for ages 7-30. Crash is a litte fury bandicoot who got chucked off an iosland for not being bad. He has to save his girlfriend from the evil dr neo cortex. This game is great fun it has plenty of levels but getting all the gems is very difficult. G G G G G GG GG GGGGG RRRRRRRR EEEEEE E eE eee e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e a a a a aa a aa a a aa t t t t t t t t g g a a m mm m e e e. Surly there isn't any one out ..." Read review

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Community Level 2matt___r60


Eat those pies!!!

AdvantagesMany different levels

DisadvantagesGets repetitive.

"This is a timeless classic that i will never tire of. The idea at the time was original and very successful. It was very popular, hence the reason that there have been 2 sequels. The game is about a bandicoot called 'crash' and you have to guide him round loads of levels, kill enemies and collect things in order to progress. The graphics are excellent with very few glitches. In my opinion this makes really good use of the Playstation's capabilities. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Franzkill


A great platformer to debut on a console

AdvantagesPlatforming at its best, Superb graphics, Great sense of homur

DisadvantagesA little too short, more mni games would have been nice

"...is about a guy called Crash Bandicoot who actually used to be a normal animal until the evil, nefarious Dr. Cortex experimented on him and gave him human qualites such as speech and the ability to stand up on his own two feet! So begins the adventure where you as the player have to control Crash through the many levels of the game collecting wumpa fruit and extras such as tokens which allow you to enter the bonus rounds to collect even more wumpa ..." Read review

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Community Level 2kitkat





"Crash Bandicoot is an excellent platform game. The only way i could actually finsh the game is by using a cheat which means you have finished the game and then go back and play all of the levels, missing out all of the levels i couldn't do. It is an original game which includes going on a hog ride and fighting the bad guys. You can get masks which protect you from creatures and fire etc. and when you jump on the box and they come out they say UG A ..." Read review

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Community Level 3poodu


Forget Bishi...grab Bashi

AdvantagesImmense fun in multiplayer

DisadvantagesSingle player mode is limited

"...venture away from the normal Crash Bandicoot games...in this one, instead of platforming around opening boxes and riding polar bears, you play a series of mini-games in control of one of several Crash characters including Crash himself, of course. The games vary, but will all look familiar in one way or another...Crash Ball is a pong style game, Pogo Painter makes you hop around on pogo sticks on a grid of squares..when you land on the squares, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Madmama


Crash Bandicoot

AdvantagesEasy to Play

DisadvantagesNot as good a graphics as the ones that follow

"As with the other Crash Bandicoot games you are trying to defeat levels to get to your ultimate enemy Cortex. Too get round the whole game and complete it you must do every level and collect all the boxes to collect gems and keys that you will need to open levels later in the game. Also collect the wumpa fruit (they look like apples) as for every 100 of these you will get a another life. At certain stages in the game you will need beat other baddies ..." Read review

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Community Level 6craigy_bab...


Crashing into first place

AdvantagesFun, 3D, original


"...The only thing is that Crash 2 and 3 have really beaten the standard of the original, giving more variety and more characters to the game. However, this game is definitely still worth a play. It is not only interesting and fun, but also original. If you can get this game for cheap then it is a real bargain. However, if you want to spend anything more than £10-£15, then go for one of the sequels, as this game will soon become repetitive and is not ..." Read review

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