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A Crashing Sucess.

AdvantagesMy 9yr old son loves it!

DisadvantagesWay expensive.

"...write this,because in his opinion Crash bash playstation game is the nicest thing since his dad bought him an icecream so big he had belly ache for 2 days! Right then-gulp,here goes... PRICE: Enough to put you off for a start! We bought this in Italy last june,and never looked back.(Visiting the in laws,cousins,etc..) The price there was £20 cheaper than the terrible £54.99 it is now on the web. You might get it a lot cheaper elsewhere?? (premium ..." Read review

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Community Level 4tomhughes


The furry lil orange beggar returns once again

AdvantagesGraphics, Fun, Multiplayer

DisadvantagesArduous Single Player, Frustrating

"I've gotta admit that Crash Bandicoot (the mad marsupial and star of 4 previous games on PS1) is a very productive cash... um... bandicoot... for Sony. They know that whether they publish a good or a bad game, people are gonna buy it because of Crash's reputation. Branching away from its original platform roots, Crash Bash is primarily a party game, consisting of a variety of little sub games ranging from a weird pinball/football hybrid to simpler ..." Read review

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Community Level 3fluffy-bub...


Bash that Crash

AdvantagesMultiplayer aspect

DisadvantagesVery repetitive

"Crash Bash is the fifth outing of the Crash Bandicoot series of games for the Playstation. It’s the same old story of good versus evil. The story follows a challenge between Uka Uka (evil mask) and Aku Aku (good mask) who use the old familiar characters from previous Crash games as their pawns. Aku recruits the loveable but stupid Crash Bandicoot and Coco (Crash’s bit of stuff), whilst Uka bandies around the ‘baddies’ with ..." Read review

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Community Level 3sarah.ship...


Crash Bash

Advantagesplenty of levels

Disadvantagesnothing really

"Yet another came with Crash and yes this too is brillant. I was watching my nephew play this the other week and thought it looked good so since then I have bought this for my son (4). Course I let him play first but once he had gone school I just had to have a go. I started playing this game at 9am and I don't think I stopped until it was time to fetch my son from school at 11.30am. I am now quite addicted to this game, I prefer the pogo bits myself. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1tom.com


Crash Bash - A Review

Advantagesit is fun for most people

Disadvantagesit is a bit boring

"Crash Bash is not one of the best games on Sony Playstation. You can use all the Crash Bandicoot characters on four mini games that include a pinball game. Gameplay is not very good however and graphics are not good either. Still, the game is enjoyable and people of all ages, kid to adult, can have fun playing this game. As well as the pinball game, ther are three other games. Firstly, there is a game where you throw boxes, second, a game where you ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Gossip_gold


crash warped ps1

Advantagesaddictive and easy to play


"...better games on ps1 but crash has its advantages to, i bought crash 3 ages ago, but 1 day i was really bored and happened to get cheats online, since then ive been more addicted to the game and trying to get 100% instead of like 25%. this game has 5 levels and 25 games( 5 games per level) it also has a secret level in the middle of the room if u jump on it and press the up botton it will take you to a secret place. if you have this game my advice ..." Read review

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Community Level 2WeymouthBoy


Great Even on a Demo

Advantagesgreat fun, superb graphics and really playable

Disadvantageslimited movement and timelimit

"...and up came the great CRASH BASH. When i first played it you can play some quality games like POLAR PANIC which you have to push all the other players off the cliff and survive. When you win you get a trophy and when you get 3 trophies you win the round. the game is really good with excellent graphic and its satisfying taking revenge if somebody pushes you of the edge. Even if you get it on demo you can have great fun and its worth buying.Sorry ..." Read review

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