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For Capturing Creativity

AdvantagesGreat for little ones and good quality

DisadvantagesNone really unless someone invents a non rolling version!

"Crayola Pip Squeaks MiniMarkers I bought a packs of these for my ex Homestart family as the twin girls just love writing and drawing. Their favourite toy of all time is a slide across wipe off slate which they got for their third birthday and they are going to be four in November. They are the most delightful little girls and I still love popping over to see them about once a month. I usually try to find some little gift to take with me an in return ..." Read review

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For my little pip squeaks

AdvantagesBright colours, squash resistant nib, last for ages, great value


"...currently have a lot of Crayola items on 2 for £3 which is decent value and you can buy them online from the likes of Amazon, a 7 park which is what we got is £2.39, a 14 pack is £3.09 and a mega wallet of 25 complete with colouring pad is £11.99. The pens came packaged in a on a small cardboard backing which was bright yellow in colour which is Crayolas colour along with the dark green in the Crayola logo. The pens are encased in plastic so you ..." Read review

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Funky colours for the budding Van Gogh

Advantageseasy to hold

Disadvantagestakes a while to dry

"Little things are always cuter than big things and these felt tips are no exception. They are small making it easier for the children to hold and look very dinky being so small! I regularly look after my niece and nephew so always have crayons and colours so we can colour and draw together. ==Price and availability== A packet of these pipsqueak pens will cost around £2.20 and they are available at most supermarkets in the stationary department ..." Read review

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Community Level 9Spottydog11


Pip-squeaks for your pip squeaks

AdvantagesThin, nice colours, small


"...pip-squeak markers are made by Crayola but are smaller that regular markers. I like them because I think they look quite cute and I knew my little girl who is just turning 3 would like them too because they are just her size, small and easy to hold and come in a lovely variety of colours. They are definitely the same good quality Crayola markers that you come to find with the regular sized ones. Each marker is white but then has the same coloured ..." Read review

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Crayola comes first for us! Review with images

Advantageswashable and lots of fun!


"===The Crayola Pip Squeaks=== ============================== At Christmas time, I always try to buy little items to bulk up the presents under the tree. I had some Amazon vouchers left over from buying the bigger items so I decided to get Hollie some new felt tips as she was old enough now not to use them to colour on the walls and anywhere she shouldn't. I Paid £2.89 for these in December 2012 and bought some other lovely Crayola things to go with ..." Read review

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Crayola Pip-Squeaks - Mini Markers (14 Pack)

Crayola Pip-Squeaks - Mini Markers (14 Pack)

This pack of 14 Crayola Pip-squeaks Mini Markers in assorted colours, contains markers in ... more

small sizes, making them perfect for little
fingers.       Each of these high quality markers
provides intense colour, has a crush-resisting,
long life nib and ch...

Postage & Packaging£3.30
AvailabilityUsually dispatched within 2 to 5 weeks...
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Crayola Pip-squeaks - Mini Markers (14 Pack)-cy03.8343-01
Postage & Packaging£0.00

Crayola Pip-Squeaks Mini Washable Markers-26/Pkg

Crayola Pip-Squeaks Mini Washable Markers-26/Pkg

Pip Squeak Markers, Nontoxic,

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Postage & PackagingFree!
AvailabilityUsually dispatched within 1-2 business days...
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