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Core, what a Crisis! Review with images

AdvantagesVery pretty game. Unique aspects

DisadvantagesUnique does not mean good.

"...name. So we come to this. Crisis Core. I'll be honest here, this isn't the first time I've tried to review this game. I had a review half written but scrapped it because I found the game too painful to play. If that isn't enough of an indication towards my feelings on the game and the tone of the rest of the review, then read on. Crisis Core follows the adventures of Zack who, due to various events that I can't be bothered to explain, is ..." Read review

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Community Level 2JWarner88


Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core - Blimey!

AdvantagesThoroughly enjoyable game.

DisadvantagesThe script is too American influenced - the diction, spelling and pronunciation

"...series, making Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core the fourth in the compilation. Crisis Core is the prequel to the original, and the game mainly focuses on the familiar character (for those of you that have played the original game) of Zack Fair, a SOLDIER 2nd class. It is only available for the Playstation Portable Console and is a must have for RPG fans and owners of a PSP! Crisis Core is the story leading up to the events prior to the start of Final ..." Read review

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Community Level 4rob1001


Prequel to Genius


DisadvantagesCan be confusing

"...that were not explained fully. Crisis core is a prequal tothe original game. It ends where FFVII begins and it answers most of what fans have been asking for the last 10 years! Story - The plot is very good. You play as Zack who is a second class soldier for an organisation known as Shinra. Shinra are using the natural energy from the earth aand using it for electricity. They are quite influenial and powerful and so have an army to protect their ..." Read review

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Community Level 3will29666


Crisis Core - A good game with unnecessary baggage.

AdvantagesBattles are fun and missions tend to be short

DisadvantagesStory is silly at times

"Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is a prequel to Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII and tells the story of Zack as he rises through the ranks of SOLDIER and the events prior to Final Fantasy VII, and how these shaped Cloud (the main character of FFVII). Or they would if they didn't get bogged down in a pile of nonsense. The fans of the series are interested in the past of Zack, Cloud and Sephiroth. What they don't care about are the likes of Genesis (basically ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jbsk2009


Final Fantasy Crisis core makes a blast onto the psp.

Advantagesfav characters return, great story, excellent graphics

Disadvantagesfiddly gameplay, predictable to loyal ff7 players

"...where you go! Final Fantasy Crisis core is actually a preque to one of the world's most famous RPG (Final fantasy 7) Therefore, you may see the return of some of our favourite characters like Cloud, Aerith and Sephiroth. With a new combat system and an emotional story. Will this game be a blast? *First impressions* I must say that i was awed my the fantastic opening scene which introduces Zack, the character who you'll be playing with. As ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Mr.Shin



AdvantagesStunning graphics, immence gameplay, totally worth your money, lives up to the final fantasy franchise

DisadvantagesCan not think of one

"This is an absolutly fabulous game. An absolute PSP must have. If you have not played this on your PSP then your PSP has failed to make its purpose for purchase. The game has excellent graphics, the videos are breathe taking for a portable games console. Totally rivals the playstation 2. It is so good that i do not want to spill out too much infomation and ruin it for those that want it to remain a secret until they find it out themselves. This ..." Read review

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Crisis Crap

AdvantagesFFVII tunes and characters

DisadvantagesPoor camera and controls

"I've seen Crisis Core being described as an action RPG, but the game suffers from too much staticness! There are too many sequences showing battles being set up, and in-battle too much time spent watching slot reels fall into place. Then there's the accompanying naff action sequences. Also, not being able to skip sequences sucks. Some positives and negatives: [+] The ending wasn't bad [-] The best music in the game are the classic FFVII tunes. Much ..." Read review

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Community Level 1empowering


Final Fantasy Crisis Core

Advantagesgreat video scenes

Disadvantagesrandom generator

"Introduction: Ask the serious final fantasy gamer 'which Final Fantasy game was the best one?' and they will immediately tell you that Final Fantasy VII was by far the best one ever produce. Now this incredible game is going to be on our handheld Psp. Gameplay: You control Zack throughout the game as he travels through the vast world tackling puzzles and slaying monsters. Zack at first was a dissapointment because I am a Cloud fan. But this ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Ronnie_2008


Final Fantasy VII (PSP)

Advantagesnew abilities, very enjoyable, a game for everyone

Disadvantagesnothing much

"Never played Final Fantasy VII? No problem. Although this is a prequel to the classic PS2 role-player, loaded with fan-pleasing references, its also an engaging standalone adventure. And its massive, with a huge main story battling a rouge super soldier and his army of mutant clones - thats bolstered by over 100 side missions, like treasure hunting or helping a cowardly soldier get promoted. Like Final Fantasy XII, combat is almost real time. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2wass007


Brilliant Prequal To The Best Final Fantasy Game

AdvantagesVisuals, Gameplay, Cut-Scenes

DisadvantagesLack of other playable characters

"I was looking forward to this game so much that i had to import it. Let me tell you that it was definately worth it. The game is absolutely gob smacking!!! The visuals for the game is the best ive seen by far on the psp and the gameplay is similar to that of kingdom hearts. The cutescenes in the game is breathtaking similar to watching FF7: Advent Children The story takes place before final fantasy 7, you play as Zack a second class Soldier ..." Read review

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Community Level 1galatico1


Who said Final fantasy 7 was over

AdvantagesBattle system, cut scenes, insight into the beginnings of ff7


"...tarnish the ff7 series, however crisis core has destroyed those beliefs and has brought me closer to the series than ever before. The game follows the actions of Zack Fair, who you rarely see in ff7 but do hear about often, and his adventures which lead pretty much right up onto ff7 story. The battle system is inivative and new for squaresoft, putting complete control of Zack in your hands. Familiar faces re-appear and shows you such things as the ..." Read review

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