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Community Level 2worm1976


A moan about Crone

AdvantagesSteady work

Disadvantagespoor customer service

"...suggests at the end that Crone Corkhill are not as good as they once were. I'm afraid to say that I think this is the case. I arrived in London in April last year and sent out my resume to lots of different agencies, applied for jobs on line anything to get a start in work. The first agency to respond to me was Crone Corkhill, the Hammersmith Office. So I went along and signed up and met my agent to be, Clair, who was lovely and pointed me in ..." Read review

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Community Level 2gorrit


Crone Corkhill

AdvantagesGood rates, good clients, keep in contact with temps

DisadvantagesReputation has got a little jaded recently

"Crone Corkhill are a quality recruitment and temping agency in the West End and City areas of London. They mainly deal with secretarial and office admin positions for blue chip companies, consultancies and other employers who demand high standards. I first approached the company early in 1999 for temporary/part-time positions, having recently temped in the not-for-profit sector. Crone were very courtious and invited me to an interview. The interview ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mogadon


Professional Help

AdvantagesCover many high-brow companies

DisadvantagesLots of people on their books

"I have visited Crone Corkill on a number of occassions, they have a few offices in London (City & West End) and have a searchable website at www.cronecorkill.co.uk They are a very professional outfit who offer top class temporary and permanent jobs in high brow companys, mainly in banking and legal. In the past 5 years, they have found me 2 high calibre jobs at very reputable companies. As a temp, I also found that their pay scale was higher than ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Angua2


If at first you don't succeed - Updated

AdvantagesA multitude of recruitment execs


"...finding the right role and Crone Corkill were the only ones who really came through. I registered with a few agencies of varying sizes, but most forgot about me within a few weeks. Admittedly, I was after quite a high ranking role, but as the agency proved, the right role was out there for me! Most agencies you have to speak to at least once a week to keep you in the front of their minds, but with Crone's this wasn't necessary. In fact, I had so ..." Read review

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AdvantagesClean offices,

DisadvantagesRude, unhelpful, demeaning, dispicable behaivour

"...I have not met from Crone Corkill saying I passed the test well, but because of my hostile behaivour towards the client, they can no longer represent me as my agent! OMG Least to say I have taken legal advice to this end and will definitely post the outcome. Faye Tracey obviously has a problem with me, and because of her disliking me she has now jeapordised my employment opportunities and I'm sorry, but agents like her cannot be allowed ..." Read review

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Do not waste your time at Crone Corkhill


DisadvantagesRude, arrogant, uprofesiona, full of themselves

"I went there 2 days ago and i really regret wasting my time with them. Receptionist very rude, were talking about personal stuff and completely ignored me. After completing endless paperwork, tests etc I had to wait for the consultant called Kelly (80 Cannon Street branch), the first thing that she said that she needs to have references for each of my jobs for the last 5 years and I have to give their work email address, unfortunately some of my ..." Read review

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Waist of time!


DisadvantagesLie to make themselves look better. treat there agency staff like sh*t.

"I was with crone for only a month when I received a call (mon) saying I had to finish on the Weds as the client I was working for was not happy with me. Jackie (who called from Crone) was EXTREMELY rude. I later spoke to the client I was working for who informed me I had done nothing wrong and it was nothing against me that the job was ending. It was in fact Crone they were dissatisfied with and have now chosen to move to another agency. So not only ..." Read review

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Crone more like GROAN!!!


DisadvantagesStaff extremely unfriendly and rude

"I went to Crone and Corkill in Picadilly Circus about 3 weeks ago, and like previous comments they were very quick to get in contact and seemed professional on the phone and via email. However when I arrived there it was a different story! I was told my meeting time over the phone and I arrived 15mins early. When I arrived, not only were the receptionists really unprofessional (chatting to themselves instead of asking me if I needed ay help) they ..." Read review

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