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I ain't DAFT, this game's got PUNK. ...no, I don't know either!

AdvantagesInteresting game

DisadvantagesNo multiplayer

"Yeah, so I'm reviewing DJ Hero in 2014. Sue me. Pros - Unique music game experience (mostly) - DJ Turntable is actually quite fun to use and fairly intuitive - Difficulty range means anyone from noobs to pros can have a challenge - Lots of songs of...interesting mixs - Considering what they were working with, they pulled of something surprisingly good - Can play with both a guitar and a mic - Music actually alters based on how you are playing the ..." Read review

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Community Level 5stephbond89


Become a DJ for a day!

AdvantagesA great game whcih can be played by all and has great multiplayer options!

DisadvantagesA little pricey at its RRP, not as good as Guitar Hero!

"DJ Hero (XBOX) This Christmas my brother had some money which he had received in gifts from various people and he decided to buy himself DJ Hero for his Xbox console, I must admit I didn’t think it was going to anything special, been a big Guitar Hero fan, I didn’t think the DJ Hero game could live up to it. Especially when I saw the “set list” of songs which comprised of selections of two songs mixed together (for example a Jay Z song with Jackson ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Simoncox75


Caution highly addictive!!

AdvantagesFun, easy to pick up, great tracks.

DisadvantagesSlightly expensive.

"...in to the world of DJ ing. A couple of the levels allow you to play along with someone else on the Guitar from Guitar Hero, the whole game can also be played with 2 palyers, however 2 decks will be required. The online mode is another nice little Jem you can play against any one else who has this game and is on line, I have had a few on line battles which are good fun, this helps you raise your game and improve you DJ ing Skills. Although a little ..." Read review

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Community Level 1LadyGaGa


DJ Hero surprised me!

AdvantagesJust great fun, very easy to pickup and play!

DisadvantagesTracklisting could be better.

"I received DJ Hero for Xmas last year. I was highly surprised on how much fun the game is! The turntable that comes with the game is quite roburst and doesn't feel cheap at all. The thing that really got my attention early on was how surprisingly easy the game is to pick up. I saw kids in a few retail shops playing that game and was very confused to say the least! HOWEVER...The tutorial the game has to offer is just brilliant, all the crazy buttons ..." Read review

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Community Level 1T.E._Purga...


DJ Hero...Good but Inaccurate.

AdvantagesVery good mixes, Good character selection, Fun to play, Recognition towards Dj community

DisadvantagesTurntable controller highly inaccurate, does not successfully simulate Djing

"DJ Hero is a game by Activion. This game is produced to simulate a DJing experience for most age groups. This game comes equipped with DJ Hero The Game, and controller. This controller is attempting to simulate a turntable and mixer. However the game controller fails to do just that. Key differences being that there is only one vinyl platter. The controller also portrays that DJ's control cue's by simply tapping the vinyl and you can scratch by simply ..." Read review

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Community Level 1eazyr30llin


Almost The Best Music Game

Advantagesengaging no matter how or what song you play

Disadvantagesespecailly made for only the turntable,guitar totally optional

"After the whole Guitar Hero/Rockband era started, the thought of different music genres(such as rap) having their own new game and way to play has been highly anticipated. From scratching to crossfading,this is a must have game for all music and game lovers. If you like guitar hero, you know hitting notes with Smooth and hard beats, movements and feelings is why you play the game. While hitting guitar hero like notes and like guitar hero, this game ..." Read review

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DJ Hero - Game Only (Xbox 360)

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