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Want to feel delicious? Or simply Be Delicious? Review with images

AdvantagesA little goes a long way

DisadvantagesThe body lotion can drip out of the product tube

"==~Want to feel delicious? Or simply Be Delicious?~== DKNY Be Delicious is a fragrance that I have often bought and is one of the fragrances that I currently have in my collection. My Be Delicious fragrance came as part of a nice gift set that included a large sized tube of the co-ordinating Be Delicious body lotion from the same fragrance range. Whilst the body lotion does share some of the traits of the actual fragrance, in my opinion it isn't ..." Read review

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"DKNY is a fashion brand founded in 1988 (my birth year) by Donna Karan. Although specialising in luxurious clothing ranges, as with any high end brand, DKNY have branched out and now offer underwear, skincare and fragrance lines. ===Delicious=== The Delicious range from DKNY was launched in 2005 and offers a range of fragrance products dedicated to New York City aka The Big Apple! The initial releases included Be Delicious and Red Delicious ..." Read review

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Not the Apple of my Eye

AdvantagesSmells nice initially

DisadvantagesExpensive, doesn't moisturise, smell fades

"...One of my favourites is DKNY Be Delicious, which I have loved since it was released several years ago. There are now a few Be Delicious varieties, but I have to say that the original, green apple scent is my favourite of the lot. I was instantly attracted to this fresh, lightly sweet apple perfume and after inititially purchasing it for myself, it has been a fairly common Christmas present for me over the past few years. As perfume presents are often ..." Read review

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Deliciously Smooth!

Advantagesdoes leave skin softer and smells nice

Disadvantagesdoes not moisturise, very expensive, does not help dry or cracked skin

"...the Be Delicious scent by DKNY for some time now and for Christmas I received a DKNY box set with this body lotion alongside the perfume. Personally, I am not really a fan of these perfume scented / related moisturisers or body lotions as although I do find the scent lovely, I do not feel they do well to hydrate or moisturise the skin. ==~~What is it?~~== This is a body lotion DKNY, which is to be scented the same as their popular perfume, DKNY ..." Read review

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Be Delicious Lotion

AdvantagesLovely smell


"...bought a new bottle of DKNY Be Delicious, one of my favourite perfumes I got the gift set and so got a tube of the DKNY Be Delicious Body Lotion as well. I always like to get the box sets as these are always good value and you get the added bonus of another product thrown in as well and I'm glad I did as I love this body lotion. A 30ml perfume and a 100ml tube of lotion cost £32 from Boots which I thought was a very good price for both of these. The ..." Read review

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Body lotion is as Delicious as the fragrance!

AdvantagesGorgeous smell, lasts for ages, moisturises skin well

DisadvantagesNot a rich consistency

"...fell in love with the DKNY Be Delicious Eau De Toilette as soon as I spritzed a little (actually a lot) on myself! I thought, that would be the perfect Christmas present! Along comes Christmas day and to my surprise I found I had been given not just the perfume, but a gift set with the lotion in too! I was over the moon! I couldn't wait to try the moisturiser out! I have to say, it smelled absolutely amazing! The fragrance stayed on your skin ..." Read review

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DNKY Be Delicious Body Lotion Review with images

AdvantagesLovely smell, doesn't takes ages to be absorbed.

DisadvantagesVery very expensive, not very thick.

"...for Christmas. I adore the DKNY Be Delicious perfume with its fresh and fruity smell, but I assumed that the body lotion was just a normal body lotion, made to look fancy with the DKNY logo. Mine came in a 100ml bottle, which isn't exactly a lot. I know you can buy a 150ml bottle from Boots for £25, so this is obviously very expensive and I wouldn't be prepared to spend so much on such a simple product. You might be able to buy it for cheaper on ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Prirod

Quick review of DKNY Be Delicious Body Lotion

"I love the fragrance! It is so fresh and clean, but I was sadly disappointed by the lotion. The consistency is very thin and not very luxurious at all.

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