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Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture! Review with images

AdvantagesGreat Fun, Good Work Out, Suitable For Most Abilities

DisadvantagesNone Really At All For Me

"...always be first on a dance floor at a party, I like films about dance and I knew “Dance Central” for the Xbox 360 Kinect would be just up my street. I’ve always been a fan of arcade dance machines and have spent many a penny following the little arrows on screen and jigging away happily. Dance Central is basically a fully body dance machine, but without the crowds to be embarrassed in front of. ==Kinect== To explain the game I shall first ..." Read review

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Dance Central knows you want it Review with images

AdvantagesCleverly designed & varied choreographies, tight presentation

DisadvantagesObvious features cut to make the Kinect launch, including proper multiplayer

"...of rhythm games. Franchises like '''Dance Dance Revolution''' _were_ popular, especially in Japan, but still didn’t come close to behemoths like '''Rock Band'''. The problem is that, as impossibly different a 5-button plastic guitar is to the real thing, games using it succeeded in making you feel like a rock star. '''DDR''' on the other hand, for all its dance-mats and variations, doesn’t really have anything to do with actual dancing, at least ..." Read review

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get funky and fit with Dance central Review with images

AdvantagesFun, Gives you a work out.

DisadvantagesExpensive, hard to navigate menu's

"...what caught our eye was Dance Central, a quick scan of the box and we decided this was the one for us. The game is suitable for 1-2 players, is classed as an active game and requires a kinect sensor, the game is rated pegi 12 as it contains nudity/sex (I’ve not seen any but the back of the box claims it) bad language and is playable online. ~*~*~*How to play~*~*~* Put the game in the Xbox and wait for the kinect to see you the best spot to ..." Read review

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Tiring but brilliant - Kinect Dance Central

Advantagesfun, good songs, good graphics, a good workout


"...seen the TV advert for Dance Central and I thought it looked really good so I bought this to go with it. The idea of the Kinect is that you are the controller and you use your body to play the game. The way to play Dance Central on the Kinect is to learn and copy the dance moves in time with the characters on the screen. At first, it does sound like it will be simple and easy to play, but you soon find out it is not as easy as you first thought ..." Read review

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Will you become the winner of Dance Central?

AdvantagesFun, wide variety of songs, 3 difficult levels, great responsiveness, good longevity.

DisadvantagesMenu can be a little too fast when trying to use your hand to select a song to play.

"...can be downloaded, to learn dance moves to and with easy, medium and hard there should be a dance workout suitable for the whole family whether 5 or 55. === The cost & where to find this === This can be purchased from numerous game stockists and mine was purchased from Sainsburys many months ago for £34.99, however, the price has dropped recently, due to the release of Dance Central 2 and this can now be found for around £25.00. Amazon.co.uk is ..." Read review

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An Incredibly Fun Dance Workout!

AdvantagesExcellent routines, makes for a great workout, fun, great party game.

DisadvantagesSometimes a little too hard, tracks should have been varied a bit more.

"...Central is the first "proper" dance game I have ever played. Whilst there have been plenty before it-think of the Dance Dance Revolution/Dancing Stage series for instance, but for me, this is the first time in which I've actually had to use my full body, rather than just the feet movements that the DDR series adopted with the dance mat. It takes a bit of courage to play a title like this in front of others, but once you've ..." Read review

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Community Level 3hh1983


dance central the night away!

Advantagesgreat for keeping fit, having fun

Disadvantagesyou need th Kinect for the

"...managed to convince hubby that Dance Central would be good fun!! I was not dissapointed! Firstly i should note that you need both an XBOX console and a Kinect which can be bought seperately or together. The Kinect itself is a rectangluar sensor with an inbuilt camera that you need to ideally place beside or on top of your TV arount 8 +ft from space where you can "do your thang". When you set up the game, the instructions will take you through where ..." Read review

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Gonna dance the night away! - Dance Central for Xbox 360

AdvantagesFun!, Gets you moving, accesible

Disadvantagessometimes tracks badly

"...fame. Now on to the product….. Dance central is pretty much what you would expect from the title. It is a dancing game. The player must match the moves that the on screen dancer executes in order to gain points. There are training levels, so you’re not expected to know everything on the spot which is a huge bonus. I found the game very easy to get into, and as a man of limited physical fitness this was of great surprise. My sprightlier mother, however, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Kasaf


Dance Central (Xbox 360) - The Kinect version of Just Dance

AdvantagesDance break downs to teach players, wide range of songs and difficulty levels.

DisadvantagesOnly one player at a time.

"In many aspects, Dance Central is similar to Just Dance on the Wii. The player follows the dance moves shown on the screen and scores points according to how similar his actions are to those shown on the screen. However, unlike the Wii, the Kinect is much more advanced in its motion detection and will look at the movements of the whole of your body. This is especially good when it comes to dancing in the game. When you make a movement to match the ..." Read review

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Fun way to learn how to dance and get some exercise in!!!

AdvantagesGives you a good, fun work out, and helps you learn new dance moves

DisadvantagesA few songs and dance moves are old

"...is one of the best dance games made for a gaming system. One of the best things about this game is that unlike many other dancing games, you get to learn how to do the dance moves before you actually jump in and perform the dance. You have a choice though on whether you want to learn the moves first or not. So if you have already learned the dance moves, you don't have to learn them over and over again every time you want to dance to a song. One of ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Chalmers024


Dance Central, the best dancing game made for any games console

AdvantagesFun game, good dance workouts.

DisadvantagesSome of the harder games are not suitable for younger children

"...is making you do the dance moves properly. The 'Break It Down' feature of this game is very helpful and actually teaches you the individual moves of each song sequence, this allows you to actualy have a chance of doing well in the 'Preform It.' I would recomment this game to anyone who likes to have fun! ..." Read review

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Community Level 1thedannyhall


Dance Central is innovative and fun to play

AdvantagesVery Fun, unlike any other game, never gets boring.

DisadvantagesHard to master dance moves, Frustrating.

"...a bit hard to master dance moves, but once you do its really a blast. It's really funny watching your friends try to dance. The game has many songs, sorted from easiest to hardest with Easy, Medium and Hard difficulties. I would recommend this to everyone. It is especially great for families and party's. It is well worth the money. You will play this until you drop. I did not expect the graphics to be as good as they were. Dance Central includes ..." Read review

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A good dance game for the family

Advantagesgreat coreographies, caracthers and songs.

Disadvantagesonly 2 people at a time can play.

"...it is better than Just Dance 4, because the navigaton is easier and the interface is a lot more clean and simple. ..." Read review

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Kinect Dance Central 3 (bundle Copy) Xbox 360 Game Brand

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Dance Central - Kinect Compatible (Xbox 360)

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