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Re-Cycled Engine Oil! Diamond review


DisadvantagesTurns you into a human greaseball

"...the start, because in appearance Dax very closely resembles Vaseline, and has a sort of sweet, sickly smell that didnít particularly appeal to me. I was later to discover after looking at the tin that this is most likely coconut, the oil of which is one of the ingredients. ~ ~ Anyways, did Dax cure my bad hair problem, and will I continue to use it? The answer to the first part of the question is a qualified yes, and to the second part an undoubted ..." Read review

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Community Level 3jonathanw3


Dax wax (red tin)

Advantageskeeps your hair where you want it

Disadvantagestakes a while to get out of your hair

"...your fingers. I recommend dax shampoo to remove it from your hair (I have written a review on this if you would like to take a look). I find that the best way to get it off your fingers is to run them under a warm tap (careful not to burn yourself). The wax turns very soft and you can easily get it off with a towel but it is no good simply trying to use soap. My hair is short and spiky and a little wavy too. I find that this keeps my hair straight ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Celia86


Dax Wax leaves Trax!

Advantagescheaper than most products, long lasting

Disadvantagesvery sticky, specific shampoo required

"My first memory of Dax Wax - I had been with my partner for less than a month when I began to notice trails of stickiness on my pillows...greasy marks on my towel's and every surface around by room seemed to have a sweaty wet feel to it... No...it was all innocent - this is the trail that Dax wax leaves in it's wake! I had actually purchased this for my partner as it was cheap in a shop called QLM, only £1.69 for a full sized metal tub. As he's ..." Read review

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Community Level 1JimmyMack1...


Dax Wax Red

AdvantagesGreat hold - can last for ages, tub lasts for ages, cheap

DisadvantagesCan leave hair looking a little greasy if too much is used or if build up has occured

"...I have tried the other Dax products, and the red variety is definitely the best for my hair. I use it after I have towel dried my hair thoroughly, rub a small amount onto my fingers and then work it through. It's quite solid wax, but it still allows you to shape it once it's in your hair. Rubbing it through your fingers first softens it up a little and means its easier to work with. As others have mentioned, the hold is tremendous, especially if ..." Read review

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Community Level 1SadGamble


All Conditions wax Dax!

AdvantagesA product that every student should have to control his/her hair

DisadvantagesA pain to wash out of your hair and hands

"...week so when I found Dax Wax it was a total life saver (a bit more cash to go to the night out funds!). Wax Dax seems to be one of those mysterious products that has been around for ages but is a total secret and is VERY hard to find. It has no advertising campaigns that I have ever seen and is a very low-key company. After hearing about it from a friend that had got one through a friend in America! I managed to track it down. My first tin was ..." Read review

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Community Level 5pennii


Faking it again

AdvantagesIt's brilliant in calming down big hair

DisadvantagesIt's a nightmare to wash off your hands

"...haven’t been able to find Dax in any chemist, I had to go to an Indian shop in town that specialises in products for Afro hair. It costs a quid 39, which is an amazing price as it lasts for ages and is a brilliant wax. The ingredients are Petrolatum, coconut oil, caster oil, mineral oil and parfum. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2val18229


The best

AdvantagesCheap and works


"At aroud £2 per tub this hair wax is extremely good value for money and is also an effective way of keeping flyaway hair looking sleek and shiny. It comes in either an easy to use squeezy tube or the traditional metal tin ( I personally perfer the squeezy tube for ease of use). Only a small amount is required which means that one tin lasts ages for the unbeatable price of around £2. If like me your hair can be very flyaway I would recommend this product, ..." Read review

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Community Level 3chunkieuk


You couldn't get a firmer hold

AdvantagesPrice, firm hold

DisadvantagesDoesn't wash out, clags up hair over time

"...yourself from long-term disaster. Dax hair wax is one of them. Don't get me wrong. In my heady, university days, I suffered from a wide range of ailments: poor hair cut, thick, uncontrollable mat on my head, desperation - all of these contributed to my resorting to Dax. And over the years, as my hairdressers have improved, so has the obvious discomfort on their face whenever I've slapped utter rubbish on my head in a last-minute lunge for a respectable ..." Read review

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Community Level 2jamesdavie...


Dax Wax, Short and neat - OR NOT!

AdvantagesKeeps natural hair coulor, Unlike gel

DisadvantagesVery thick, Very greasy, Hard to get out of your hair

"...I had had enough of Dax wax I tried to wash it out of my hair only to discover you're supposed to buy special shampoo from Dax. I eventually managed to get the product removed from my hair with out buying the ridiculously priced "special" shampoo. This product left me wondering what's the point? Your paying more money then you would for better easier to use hair products and then you can wash it out with out buying more products? Crazy and so ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Al


Used by proffesionals

Advantagesgreat shape

Disadvantageshard to get off

"There are hundreds of hair products in the market but none of them really say which is good for what hair type. This wax is good all round but red tin is specially designed for short hair. This is a very strong wax and its good for short hair but its even better if you have very strong straight hair. Oriental men will discover their hair are very straight and it makes it a nightmare to style it anyway but this can be a good solution, The only ..." Read review

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Community Level 2gav-o


Dax Short and Neat... What a lie

AdvantagesNone at all

Disadvantagesleaves you feeling and looking greasey, terrible to remove

"...product produced by the company Dax am appalled at how disgustingly useless it is. For a start the product is just like grease. in fact it would probably be better for you to go dip your hands in a tub of grease and style your hair with it. I am astonished by the idea of anyone wanting to use this product it is plain simply foul. Its basically vaseline for your hair, Note the main ingredient PETROLEUM JELLY. it doesnt even hold your hair properly ..." Read review

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Community Level 1adamski122


King of wax a la dax

Advantagesit may be old and traditional but it has more strength than superglue

Disadvantagesit simply takes four washes to remove it

"Dax Wax is not your usual hair product. There is no glitz and glam about it. There are no bill boards or football players desperate tp advertise it. But dont be fooled. Dax Wax is the most reliable wax you can buy. It is super strong. It will mould your hair into the most delicate of styles. It will hold for days and i mean days. You could wash your hair and it would be about the same strength as shockwaves. Yet there are disadvantages. It is ..." Read review

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Community Level 2cynara


hey cool hair man

AdvantagesGood for starting dreads and creating unique styles

Disadvantagesnightmare to get out!!unless have shampoo

"...same mistake I did...Buy the Dax vegetable shampoo at the same time!!. This is a must. I first found out about dax when i was at a friends and decided that it would be a cool Idea to have dreads,as you do when your sixteen and listen to grunge music. So we found this red tub of dax wax,which belonged to my friends grandfather, and thought it would be a good idea to plonk loads of it on my head,which was not a good idea as it made me look like ..." Read review

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Community Level 2spikytom


spikytom's secret

Advantagesvery, very strong

Disadvantagesdifficult to wash out

"...nothing. if it wasnt for dax wax id be more like 'lacklustre tom'. this stuff is hardcore, industrial strength wax. a side effect of this is a rather unsettling smell, but it certainly does the trick. once youve scooped a glob of it onto your hand and worked it into your hair, which takes a while, you are free to do whatever you like with it... big spikes, little spikes, mohawks, or just a sustained wet look. it pays to go easy on the amount of wax ..." Read review

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Community Level 1hiphop600


Dax wave and groom

Advantagesget the look you want

Disadvantageshairdresser's nightmare!

"...Because of this i use Dax wave and groom, the stronger of the Dax products. I personally feel this wax is great, it is the strongest wax you will find. I think it is great as it moulds your hair just as you want it and does not give you that greasy look like most other products, it puts a really strong hold on your hair keeping it how you want through out the day and as it is wax also alows you to mould it if you want to change it unlike gel which ..." Read review

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