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What, or rather Who, is Dead Until Dark? .....Vampires! Review with images

AdvantagesVampires. Addictive reading.

DisadvantagesTook a little while to get into the story.

"...as members of society, albeit dead members of society. A large part of this acceptance is due to the Japanese coming up with a product "True Blood" which is an artificial blood which enables vampires to live among humans, or as they call it 'mainstream' without needing to feel off or kill the humans. Sookie Stackhouse is your average young woman from a small town named Bon Temps in America. She lives with her beloved gran and works at the local bar, ..." Read review

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Community Level 5kayleaf


Dead Until Dark

AdvantagesA good read, a good horror, not too frightening yet page turning

DisadvantagesWish it was longer!

"...similar content. I began with Dead until Dark and it took me a while to realise this was the first book in the series, afterall there are 10 of them I believe, although I may be mistaken, there may be nine or eleven but there are a variety of spin off books to go alongside the series. All of the books in the True Blood series have the word Dead in the title which is a morbid yet quite characteristic way of keeping the reader knowing the books are ..." Read review

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Come alives at night!

AdvantagesAnother great vampire book.

DisadvantagesNot too sure on the extra characters yet!

"After watching the entire first series of “True blood” the latest vampire offering featured on the channel FX, and now just starting to be shown on channel 4, I was intrigued to read the books. The series in my opinion was ok, but not the best I have ever seen, so I was desperate to read the books to see if they were slightly better. My younger sister, has also developed a real penchant for all things dark and vampy (thanks in part to me!), so ..." Read review

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Who's the killer?

Advantagesa hell of a lot look at review!

Disadvantages1 slightly little bit, look at review!

"...her co workers ends up dead and suspicion starts flying around the small town. Maybe being a vampire's girlfriend is not such a great thing. This book reminds me a bit of the Point Horror books, as you get to try and guess (yes it's a guess and definitely not an estimation) who the killer is. So I presume this book opens your mind a bit, and make you believe that everyone is capable of anything, in theory. But this book is pure escapist entertainment, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1shegoesbye...


Has Some Positives and Some Negatives

Advantagesgripping plot, addresses uncomfortable situations

Disadvantageswriting style, some characters

"Synopsis: It is fair to say that Sookie Stackhouse hasn't had the best life to date - living with her grandmother, Adele, after losing her parents, and having a distinct gift - telepathy. With 19 deaths in this first book alone, you would be forgiven for saying that it is a very dark novel, full of vampires and danger and many many murders - but who is the culprit? Thoughts / Opinions: After True Blood was made into a TV series, I thought I would ..." Read review

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Community Level 5frankiefro...


Trouble of the murderous kind is in town

AdvantagesGreat fantasy read packed with action and suspense

DisadvantagesLots of silly parts, didn't empathise with any characters

"Sookie Stackhouse, a waitress in the small town of Louisiana, has the gift of being able to read people's minds. But when the very handsome Bill walks into her bar for the first time and she can't hear a word that he's thinking, Sookie immediately takes a liking to him, if only for the silence that she would have from his company. But Bill has a gift of his own - a deadly gift that means he can only come out at night and blood is the only type of ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Charlee1993


Fabulously fangtastic

AdvantagesIts gripping and fun- the perfect mix of humour, crime the paranormal and romance

DisadvantagesA bit hard to keep up with at times

"...pardon the pun). I found dead until dark on the shelf, initially drawn to the cover and when reading the blurb I decided it was the perfect book for me to chill on the Egyptian beach with. The mixture of humour, violence and sex in the novel create a fast paced and grabbing storyline. I couldn't put the book down after reading the first chapter, which is a tad slow to start up. In my opinion the true blood novels are the perfect vampire fiction for ..." Read review

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Community Level 1carley311


Starts well and just gets better and better!

Advantagesonce you finish 1 book there always seems to be another to pick straight up where it left off

DisadvantagesSome of the characters dont run true to each other with the books and tv series, but no biggie

"i decided to have a look at these books once i'd seen a couple of episodes of True Blood, which is a TV series based around these books. I must say i was an instant fan of the TV series so thought the books would make a good addition. So, i started reading and to be honest was disappointed to start with, it didnt seem to live up to the TV series and some characters in the series werent in the original book BUT i continued reading, and i'm so glad ..." Read review

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Community Level 1busybee333


Dead until Dark is addictive , good mix of humour and romance

AdvantagesThere are 8 books in the current range and this could go on.

DisadvantagesI hope the author doesn't stop writing

"In my opinion this book is a really good read after watching the first series and finding it quite humorous I tracked down the books in my local library. I am now completely hooked , I think that the vibrant characters are very endearing and I love the romance element. In my opinion the stories are easy to read and packed with the right balance of humour and romance. I would definitely describe this as an Adult version of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' ..." Read review

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Community Level 1matty2k9


dead until dark is an absolute must read.

Advantagesgreat all rounder

Disadvantagesdefinaetly not for younger readers there isnt any

"Dead until dark by Charlaine Harris is an absolute must read for all you twilight lovers its quite a lot like twilight but in a lot of other ways its definaetly not. its like twight because of the way its all planned out and written a male vampire wants a female vampire and has to protect her ans so on and so on. but the ways its definaetly not like twilight is: it contains a lot of adult humour. it has a lot of rude (sexual) details in it. it ..." Read review

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