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Take Note

Advantagesinteresting a complex, great character depth, nice illustration

Disadvantagescomplicated if not used to right-left reading.

"Death Note (Desu Nōto) manga series first serialized in the weekly 'Shonen Jump' magazine in December 2003. It ran until May 2006, with 108 chapters in total. Written by Tsugumi Ohba, with illustrations by Takeshi Obata, the series is incredibly popular, and its 108 chapters have been published in their entirety in 12 volumes in Japan. There have also two part live-action films released, an anime series, and last year a novelized version, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2BTlover


Death Note: NOT a collection of suicides.

AdvantagesAmazing depictions of the situations, wonderful storyline

DisadvantagesLike the rest of the future series, not for the little ones.

"...all. Ryuk is a shinigami, or Death God, who lives in the Death God world. Death Gods carry notebooks which are called Death Notes. These Death Notes are what let shinigami kill humans who are meant to die or just kill them anytime and anywhere, by writing the soon-to-be-deceased's name in the notebook. However, Ryuk is bored in the living world, tired of all silence and bad apples in their world. So, he drops his Death Note in the Human realm intentionally, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1theorah


Death Note, clever compelling, good example of a comic for adults

AdvantagesDetailed artwork, compelling story, very interesting charcters

Disadvantageslong story not for everyone, squished pacing/text, sometimes hard to read

"Many will know Death Note only from its group of hyper active and crazed teenage followers! But don't let this image created by the comic's popularity deter you, this is no Twilight Saga! Death Note is an incredibly compelling story. Its themes rotating around human nature, morality and life/death are weaved into a very simple premise that creates a narrative both thought provoking and entertaining. The story builds up slowly as we watch our main ..." Read review

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Community Level 4rob1001


What would you do?

AdvantagesA great horro manga

DisadvantagesNot for everyone

"...poularity is justified. Also expect death note to really take off in a few months time. There is a live action movie that is going to come to britain soon! Anyway lets get down to it. Death note isnt your standard story. First of all the main character - Light yagami - is not a hero. We meet him and find he is very intelligent and popular. Unfortunately for him his world is about to be turned upside down because of a notebook! This of corse is the ..." Read review

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Community Level 2iToast


Death Note - Superb!

AdvantagesBrilliant plot, characters, and drawings.


"...it. Time and cause of death can be specified, but the default death is from cardiac arrest, ie a heart attack. What Light proceeds to do is to make a start on eliminating cruelty from the world by killing all criminals. After having had the Deathnote for 5 days however, he is visited by Ryuk, the Death God that the book belonged to. Ryuk is not intereted in getting the book back though; he just wants to watch as events develop on the human world. Naturally, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1the7thwind


a good comic to read

Advantagesvery intelligent comic

Disadvantagesnot alot of action

"...got a book - a death book from a Death. He has an ideal to make his dream comes true. He can use the book of Death to kill all the crime just by seeing their faces and know their name. Of course the police have to find out who killed all the crime. And the fight began between the boy and a detective. This comic doesnt have alot of action, but the reader would palpitate about what is going to happen. It is kind of voilent. but I am sure you're gonna ..." Read review

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Community Level 1myway2421


Death Note (vol 1) - You won't be bored for long.

AdvantagesGreat graphics, interesting plot, interesting characters.

DisadvantagesPlot can get complicated and it gets hard to understand the underlying reason for things.

"Death Note, a manga by Tsugumi Ohba, is about an intelligent 17 year old high school boy named Light Yagami. Light, bored with life, seems to live the ordinary life of any high school boy. He has a stay-at-home mother, a little sister, and a cop for a father. His normal life changed when he noticed a black notebook outside when he was in class. On the cover of the notebook was written _Death Note_. He took it home with him and met the owner of the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1heart_drops


Soon to be classic : Highly reccomended

AdvantagesStoryline,Characters,Morals,Art,Sutiable for both sexes and if your a bit older.

DisadvantagesNot for 12 and unders they might get funny ideas

"Fast-paced, Thought provoking, Dramatic and exciting Death Note doesn't disappoint. Basic Plot: Guy gets to play God Simple but effective, Unthoughtunatly after you buy the first one you will want to buy the next one...and the next one.....and the next one The characters are developed nicely and new characters for example Misa are added to keep it interesting. Although it appears to be a bit of a macabre guys book I think anyone could read this. I'm ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mq1982


A Classic Manga Series Begins

AdvantagesDeep story, not childish, great graphics

Disadvantagestoo short only being 12 books long

"...School boy stumbles upon the Death Note, he's thrown into a World of lies, exploration, cat and mouse and death. Light, the main character, finds a Death Note from another world and promptly starts using it to rid the world or criminals. However, Light's actions are soon seen to be as bad, if not worse, from the authorities who enlist there best investigators to track Light down. Will Light use the book to try and stop those after him, even if ..." Read review

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Advantagesexcellent story and artwork

Disadvantagesshame it had to end

"...dropped by the gods of death (shinigami) after discovering its purpose he sets to use it to rid the world of criminals and make it a better place. However soon the japanese police catch onto the similarities of death and set master detective L on the case to catch Kira. This series follows that epic battle of wits and morals. This series is both beautifully drawn and written with a gripping plot that unlike many manga series will really make you ..." Read review

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Community Level 2tee-chan


Death Note vol. 1-check it out

AdvantagesManga-action, any otaku's must-read

DisadvantagesNone, unless you're not a fan of manga

"...the kills caused by the Death Note or will the power remain in his hands? Well, read the manga and see for yourself how everything comes into Light...and drops down dead with a line in the DEATH NOTE. ..." Read review

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a little about death note

Advantagesinteresting story

Disadvantagesnot recommended for everyone who likes easy reading

"I have read this comic. generally, it tells about a book which is called "death note". one you should know that this book is a book of death. when a name is written in this book then the person will die with exactly the same details like has been written in the book. this book previously belongs to a shinigami named Ryuk. then it is found by a japanese best school student named Light Yagami. after experimenting with the book, he plans to rule the ..." Read review

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Death Note - keeps you glued to the book

AdvantagesThrilling, interesting characters and mindblowing situations and tactics.

Disadvantageslong series manga

"Death Note is a action, fantasy, psychological packed series by Tsugumi Ohba that would keep you turning the pages. The series focuses on a brilliant young man, Yagami Light, who one day comes across the Death Note, a book when one's name is written on dies. This book is accompanied by a death god (Shinigami), Ryuk, who dropped the book onto earth. The race thus begins when Yagami as LIGHT starts killing criminals for justice and the government hires ..." Read review

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Community Level 1shinggo


The best

AdvantagesYou'll learn alot

DisadvantagesToo short

"death note one of the most best anime I've watch. The main character here name kira. The stroy is about a guy with justice want to kill all the abd person by using a notebook.. this notebook has a special power once you write and think of the person name n face he/she will die in heart attack. My friend recommend me this anime I was impress and got excited to finish this anime. I remember that I almost can't sleep because of the excitement of every ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Konoshika


DeathNote: Definitely One of The Best Manga I've Ever Read..!!!

AdvantagesSuper Duper Great Story Plot

DisadvantagesI dont quite like how DeathNote end its story, but that's just ok to end the story 'like that'.

"...that name will obviously be death in just few minutes. Yagami found that with that DeathNote he might be can re-arrange the world to become good as it have to be by kill all the bad guy in the world. And then Yagami take this as his responsibility and do the Kill-With-DeathNote everyday. That’s the main plot of this manga. But the story grow bigger and bigger as people starting to know that there’s someone behind the massive killing that have been ..." Read review

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