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Dell-Boy's computers

AdvantagesIf you can get hold of a computer they're not bad.

DisadvantagesDell prefer to hang on to your money and the computer!

"...you about our experiences with Dell Computers. Just a little bit of background about the company first. It was founded in 1984 by Michael Dell with the express intention of selling custom-built computers direct to the end-user without the intervention of a retailer. So far as UK purchasers are concerned, they operate out of a manufacturing plant in Limerick and another on the outskirts of Dublin. They still operate on the same principle of offering ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Frayed


A Dell Disaster

AdvantagesQuick delivery; Cheap


"...to invest in my laptop. Dell are admired for their excellent prices which are kept low since they only supply them themselves ie. there's no middle man (so at least you can forget another trip to PC World!) I logged onto Dell's website (www.dell.co.uk) to find no mention of the offer anywhere on the site. Confused, I decided to ring the "if you have any questions" number and confirm I would receive 512Mb instead of 256Mb as advertised in the brochure ..." Read review

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Community Level 6GR-Design


Dell, the best of the best

AdvantagesQuality PC Systems

DisadvantagesSome people may not like Black!

"...a lot of experience with Dell machines....I work as a freelance medical practice IT support bloke (I donít really know what to call myself, I suppose engineer would do!) and a lot of the time Iím asked to install PCís as medical suppliers basically rip practices off with their huge prices, therefore I undercut them and get the work! Now, Iím going to have to tell you to read dave27ís opinion on Dell machines when youíve finished this one, as he talks ..." Read review

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Community Level 2daveylee20


Dell & your money

Advantagesthere high quality & easy to use

DisadvantagesCosts less at first, but costs your more later on.

"Dell are a world wide known computer company. They offer high quality products for a fair price to. We all know how good they are, the savings you can make & the wide range they offer. But some few bits of information you should consider before you consider buying from dell. Presuming your wanting a dell pc. Dell ship there products specially designed for there components. In many cases, you will find that a graphics card in side your pc is in ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mightyaphr...


dell dimension 2400

Advantageseasy to order, quick to deliver

Disadvantagesdodgy costomer services

"...in. A simple mistake by Dell with my name on my credit card meant the payment didn't go through. We ordered this about 4 weeks before Christmas so we were expecting a longer delivery time. However after a week I emailed them as I couldn't track my order, only to be told that they'd cancelled the order as my card had been rejected. They hadn't bothered to tell me this, so I'd been waiting delivery for nothing. We established that they'd made a mistake ..." Read review

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Dell machines in my experience, are good value


DisadvantagesNone that I can think of

"...pass on my experiences with Dell Computers. I'm on my third Dell computer at present, the first one I got was an Inspiron 5150 laptop which was in 2003. I am still using this for work today. The only thiing that went wrong with it was a cable to the CD drive which I haven't fixed yet as it not imperative for work on my laptop. The Second Dell I bought through ebay, it was about five hundred pounds and lasted 2.5 years. It was working well but ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Notacomput...


Distant Dell

AdvantagesCollection and return at a place of your convenience

DisadvantagesCommunication extremely difficult and shoddy workmanship

"My experience with Dell has not been a good one. Encouraged to buy on the basis that if there is a problem, Dell arange collection and return. I purchased a lap top for my 86 year old father who lives 200 miles away. He often had trouble with it, and I must admit that I thought it was him, however, within a few months he was reporting a message regarding a physical memory dump. Dell wanted him to try doing various things on the internet completely ..." Read review

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Advantagescustomise,parts replaced free

Disadvantageseverything else! upgradability,service...

"...OF REVIEW***** I have my 2nd Dell desktop pc now, at present I have a dimension 5100 bought august 2005. I have full warrenty- 3 years at home cover. I am using windows XP service pack 2, home edition- paid extra for a GE Force 6800 graphics card, a sound blaster 5.1 surround sound card, 5.1 speaker set up, floppy drive, modem, and a multimedia keyboard & laser mouse. when I bought this pc- it was the most current model in the '5' range- ..." Read review

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Community Level 1calico852


Portable, lightweight and good specs - TERRIBLE customer service

AdvantagesHas a dedicated Customer Service Dpt

DisadvantagesCustomer Service/Technical Support is AWFUL

"...it lasted. Unfortunately, like the other Dell products I have owned, (See my review on the XPS M1730) it suffered some weird electrical damage which caused my computer to switch off permanently, never to be seen alive again! I had an international, next business day, on-site warranty. So, I called them up (I purchased this computer in Hong Kong on holiday) and asked to speak to someone regarding this computer. It took them 3 months, 50 calls, repeated ..." Read review

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Community Level 1shoppingki...


Disapearing Dell

AdvantagesStarted well, set up easy

DisadvantagesTech Support

"...I was through to a Dell engineer who promptly told me to open up my computer. Again, I don't know my way well enough around a computer, and I don't really want to mess with mine since I'm still under warranty! But, the nice man down the phone told me which wires to tug out and which to reset etc. A diagnosis was made and an engineer was scheduled to come out the following day, at this point I was impressed, except from the 9am - 5pm time slot - ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Dragon17


The biggest cowboys in the IT industry.

AdvantagesLots of choice to customise systems.Good website.

DisadvantagesExtremley bad customer service.Poor support.Nightmare company to deal with.

"...the misfortune to deal with Dell computrs several times in the last 2 years and the level of incompetence I encounter never ceases to amaze me. On the surface they look like quite a good company but please remember that a good website does not maketh a good company. The only reason that Dell are in such a dominant position in the industry is their website. I admit of all the PC retaillers, Dell has the best website I have probably used. It is fast, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1dragfoot


customer services poor lacked english


DisadvantagesCustomer service play pass the parcel with you as customer

"...given after purchase of our dell laptop. The CD rom drive did not work so I e mailed customer service about it. After 18 hours I had not even had a reply from customer service, so I then phoned Dell were I was kept hanging on for over 20 minutes. When I finally got through I tried to explain the problems but it was a bad telephone line. the dell engineer phoned me back It took a further 1 hour to diagnose that the problem could not be fixed over ..." Read review

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Community Level 5claireydea...


Bring a new dimension to your desk top

AdvantagesGet what you want

DisadvantagesNew Windows package to get used to.

"...spec. This is where Dell came in. We decided to look at the Website and see what was available, and settled on a Dimension 2200, as the product fitted both our needs and our budget. The basic system starts at around £585.00 (including VAT and Delivery) with a printer, scanner or digital camera, although when we ordered we were able to chose a system without any of the above as standard, which was what we wanted as we already have a printer and ..." Read review

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Quick Delivery. Great Service.

Advantagesquick delivery, good choice to customise pc

Disadvantagesnone for me. All good

"I ordered a PC from dell last year and didn't have any problems so when my wifes laptop died last month I decided i'd buy another desktop PC. I did a lot of research on the components I needed and checked around as I buy where the best price is so after checking on some bigger companies like dabs and overclockers i found that for a video editing PC for £1100 I got more for my money from dell.Parts I ordered-------------------Intel ..." Read review

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Community Level 1civilservant


Well done Dell - faultless service!!

AdvantagesExcellent helpful service and speedy delivery

DisadvantagesTip - Place order by phone not online - it's quicker

"We bought a Dell Dimension 2400 this week(256MB RAM special offer); 17" monitor; 48xCDRW/DVD Combo; Windows XP Home. £538.30 inc VAT and free delivery(special offer). www.dell.co.uk has a very easy to use "configurator" where you can design your machine in detail and get an instant price. We looked at it over last weekend and quickly decided what we wanted but had a couple of questions (mainly about the bundled software). You can save your configured ..." Read review

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