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Community Level 6SRowlands


Dentyl Innovation That'll Take Your Breath Away Review with images

AdvantagesA really great toothpaste...

Disadvantages...that's really hard to get hold of !

"...see it in the basin". The Dentyl P. H. Toothpaste was introduced at the same time as the mouthwash, but was not as successful. Consequentially fewer and fewer shops stocked the product. ''Why then," you are probably asking yourself, "are you writing this review - if you can't get hold of the product?" Whilst it is extremely difficult - if not impossible - to find this in stores today, the manufacturers continue to produce and sell the toothpaste ..." Read review

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A Fresh Mouth without the "Burn"

AdvantagesFreshens the mouth but tastes pleasant too

DisadvantagesWorried about what it does to plastics!

"...bottle of mouthwash from the Dentyl ph range. These were all labelled alcohol free. I find some mouthwashes almost burn they are so strong tasting so I opted for the new product in the range which was ULTRACLEANSE with a freshmint flavour. The price was on a par with other branded products of the same size (about £3.70). This Dentyl mouthwash is presented in a triangular shaped bottle. It is a lovely blue/green two-layered product that needs to ..." Read review

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Community Level 9Amy69


Fresh for life!

Advantagestasty, good value


"...use, and amways go for Dentyl pH! The mouth wash comes in three colours: green, pink and blue. The one I always get is pink - seeing as it is my favourite colour, its what you could expect!. As far as my tastebuds go, they do not taste any different from each other, but the colour itself is pretty! The mouthwash itself comes in a clear bottle, like any other. You can see through to the pink fluid with the blue bit on the top. Reading the back, you ..." Read review

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Community Level 2sugarspuns...


Microcapsule Toothpaste


DisadvantagesOnly comes in one size of tube

"I've recently taken a liking to gel-type toothpaste and I was tempted to buy this one because it has unusual antibacterial micro-capsules. And it was on offer. It comes in 2 varieties: Mint (which I bought) and Clove. It says on the box it is "Microgel CPC Toothpaste" the CPC sound very technical but it actually stands for...  Cleaning: 3 antibacterial agents, gentle stain removal for whiter teeth  Protection: helps prevent ..." Read review

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Dentyl mouth wash

AdvantagesVery good quality, fresh breath and protection for hours


"I am always keen on making sure I look good and smell good. Bad breath is quite an embarrasing condition and this is why I always have a pack of chewing gum with me. I have considered using mouthwash but after hearing stories about the connection between mouthwash and mouth cancer, I completely put off the idea until I found this brand. It is believed that using alcohol mouthwash can increase your risk of mouth cancer and there is not a lot of ..." Read review

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Community Level 1MC1972


Dentyl ph - squeaky clean oral hygiene

Advantageslong lasting minty fresh, really deep cleans

Disadvantagespricey so look out for offers

"...'the one' I came across Dentyl ph a few years ago and thought I would give it a try. I decided to try the smooth mint - the half blue/half green coloured one, although there are other flavours but I haven't tried these. At around £3.50, I wasn't impressed with the price but not to be put off I reasoned that at that price I should expect some sort of mouthwash miracle. A miracle did not happen, but it came pretty close. You're instructed to ..." Read review

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Mint are the newest Dentyl pH products. Icy-Fresh
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of Smooth Mint and Refreshing Clove, but are
formulated with Z...

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