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AdvantagesQuick and easy paid online surveys

DisadvantagesLack of actual surveys

"...website address is http://www.panel.dialego.co.uk. The Dialego Access Panel has 40,000 members participating in their paid online surveys from all around the world. ***WHERE CAN I JOIN UP?*** Should you decide to join their panel and participate in their scheme, then please log onto http://www.panel.dialego.co.uk/ - they will give you 40 Panel Points (worth approximately £2.66) just for joining the panel. The whole process is very simple with ..." Read review

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Big con - avoid like the plague!!!


DisadvantagesWasting your time for no reward!!!

"What they dont tell you about this site is as soon as you get to 290 points you will receive no more surveys allowing you to reach the 300 points for a £20 payout so in essence you will have wasted all that time and effort for absolutely nothing!!! Unless of course you are altruistic and prefer to donate your points to charity - hevean knows if they even bother to send the points to a charity anyway? Their helpdesk is useless and they are in ..." Read review

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Community Level 1parkersages


Dialege=complete and utter waste of time


DisadvantagesThe fact that it is a waste of time

"2 of us have monitored surveys for over a year and despite completing every one offered have accrued at a rate that would take over 50 years to obtain a reward. Having decided to cut our losses and leave we thought we would take the option to donate points to a charity but that link doesn't work so all in all diabolical would describe them I am a member of other survey companies and despite some not being very good none anywhere near approach this ..." Read review

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