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Community Level 1cosworthbabe


The Diet Chef hamper...an easy weight loss solution? Review with images

AdvantagesEasy, minimal preperation, convenient

DisadvantagesFairly expensive

"...you who read my Cambridge Diet review, you’ll know by now that I love a detailed review!). I understand that ‘short and sweet’ reviews are normally preferred but I wanted to ensure that I captured everything necessary in this review for anyone thinking of trying Diet Chef. I have included everything that I would have liked to know before I started out and even if it helps just one person make an informed decision, then the time spent writing will ..." Read review

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Community Level 4paulathoms...


Diet Chef? You will lose weight as the food goes straight in bin!

AdvantagesYou don't really have any cooking to do

DisadvantagesEverything, horrid food, expensive

"===Diet Chef Hamper=== I seen the diet chef website online and thought i'd give it a go. I've been trying to lose weight for about a year now since i had my daughter Sky and thought it would be a good way to try and get the weight off. I was wrong! ==What is Diet Chef?== Diet Chef is an online service that prepares all your healthy weight loss meals for you and sends them to you via courier. You are then meant to heat the food up in a microwave ..." Read review

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The most successful diet I have done Review with images

AdvantagesThe weight came off.

DisadvantagesGot bored with packaged foods.

"...been signed up to Tesco Diet on the internet, but found that I strayed too much, as it was too tempting to forget. In desperation in August, I went onto the Diet Chef website. I was able to assess my BMI online and then put in how much I wanted to lose. I was actually at the top end of 'normal', but wanted to be closer to the bottom end. You have a 2 stone window of normality .For instance, my actual weight was 10stone. I could weigh 10st 1lb and ..." Read review

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Diet Chef Danger!

AdvantagesGood food, easy to cook

DisadvantagesDangerously low calorie intake, doesn't work!

"...and tired the weight watchers diet again- but wasn't losing anything- I then saw the 'Diet Chef' diet- recommended in the daily mail, it sounded so easy & reasonable I thought I would try it. The way it works & What you get for your money You can order online or over the phone- either a week's worth of food- or a month's worth. They advertise a full instant money back guarantee if you are not happy, so I thought it was worth a try… I ordered ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Joseph_85


Horrific Food

AdvantagesYou can cancel.

DisadvantagesThe taste, rat meat, smell, price, everything!

"I used diet chef 1 year ago to lose 1 stone. It worked, no question, but the food was not great, but hey, I lost a whole stone! Over Xmas I put on some weight (like most people), and decided to give diet chef a go again, BIG MISTAKE. Unlike the first time, when I could just about stomach the food, this time it was absolutely horrendous. Let me break it down - Shakes - Vomit in a carton. Chalky, terrible aftertaste, just grim. Soups - I tried ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ThatBloke


Great option - effective if you understand how it works

AdvantagesVery, very simple - great for those too busy (or lazy) to cook healthy food while dieting

DisadvantagesYour first hamper options could be hit or miss - you wont like everything so plan accordingly!

"...my 2nd month on the Diet Chef programme, and for me at least, it has been extremely successful so far. I'm a 6'2" 30 year old guy, which may be of interest to some as many reviews of these weight loss programs are from women, so I thought a young males perspective might be useful. I started out at 19st 10lbs (~127kg), and have thus far dropped to 17st 9lbs. Thats a lot in two months by anyones reckoning. I have a largely sedentary job being ..." Read review

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Community Level 1silversurf...


Misleading at best - dangerous at worst


Disadvantagescosts money and still leaves you having to count calories

"...would have to bulk my diet out by about another 600 calories per day in order to just consume about 2100 a day, which means I would lose a steady 1-2 pounds a week. So far , so good. At least that's what I thought. First few days of diet and I felt pretty lousy, headaches, light-headed. On the third day i decided that something was not quite right so I decided to check out the calorific intake for myself. I was shocked to find that the meals that ..." Read review

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Community Level 1cammy789


Diet Chef -first diet that I have found easy

AdvantagesThe food is tasty; easy to prepare, portion controlled and does not contain a load of preservative

Disadvantagesmore expensive than cooking from scratch , a very small proportion of meals not tasty

"...newspaper articles and compared different diet sites but decided to take the plunge as this seemed the best value for money. The lunch and dinner food is pressure cooked and sealed in individual pouches to preserve the food. The breakfasts are sachets of porridge or Granola in a variety of flavours. The snacks are either healthy snack bars or oven baked crisps. I only ordered one weeks menu which I could customise to my taste as I still wasn't too ..." Read review

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Community Level 1cashbacking


AWFUL, Disgusting food.

AdvantagesCheap and tasteful IF you eat VERY poor quality food.

DisadvantagesDisgusting food, high price for below standard quality food.

"...to return immediately. I've contacted Diet Chef who have told me I won't be receiving a refund for the food I had returned! SHOCKING. I'll be contacted my bank and getting them to cancel the transaction. ..." Read review

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AdvantagesIts colourfu

DisadvantagesALL OF THE ABOVE

"...undertand how tempting something like Diet Chef can be: lose weight, someone else does all the hard work. WELL IT"S ALL BULLCRAP!!!! I implore anyone out there to not let their desperation take the better of them and join DietChef. Now as a foodie, I can tell you the food is less than satisfactory. It's practically overrated microwave meals. I made the grave mistake of applying for the 12 week plan. Of course as any sane person (who isn't completely ..." Read review

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Diet Chef - definitely worth a try

Advantages'No brainer' calorie counting

DisadvantagesA bit on the bland side

"...I thought I would give diet chef a try. It is an online diet service that you can order direct and is also available through QVC. You order a hamper online and the food is delivered direct to home or work. A day's food would consist of Porridge or granola for breakfast, soup or a shake for lunch, and a hot meal at night, all delivered in pouches to heat up in the microwave. You also receive a selection of snacks, fruit bars and oatbakes. You can either ..." Read review

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Community Level 1prill62


Definitely one that works

Advantageseasy to follow and works

Disadvantagesstoring 5 weeks worth of food

"Hi I have been on this diet for nearly 10 weeks now and have lost 20lbs. The diet has been easy and I havent had to do lots of exercise to consistently lose weight week in week out. Yes you do have to pay for your food upfront, but comparing the cost makes it very affordable. £5 a day for 3 meals, when I was easily spending £3 each working day popping to the shop to pick up a sandwich, drink and a choccy bar. I have tried lots of different diets over ..." Read review

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Community Level 1princessju...


Diet Chef disappointment

Advantagestaught me to never buy diet hampers again


"...buy pre-prepared meals on a diet plan, and in future will stick to a balanced portion of healthy foods that I fancy, drink at least 2 litres of water a day and do plenty of exercises.. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1beetleweetle


Diet Chef is absolutely marvellous!!

AdvantagesEasy - it's all done for you plus great supportive forum

Disadvantagesvegetarian meal choices are limited at the moment

"I started on diet chef almost 5 weeks ago and so far I have lost 13 pounds - I have another 2.5 stones to go. I cannot believe how easy it has been so far! The food is delicious - and being low GI it keeps you feeling full up for a long time - it es easily prepared in the microwave and needs no refrigeration. What I have found particularly helpful is the online forum - full of supportive members - it's like one big club of people all chasing ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Buoyfun


Diet Chef - An abuse of the word 'Chef'

Advantagesidentifies portion control

DisadvantagesPoor recipies and product quality.

"Diet chef is good for one thing only, and that is to identify single portion control. I've tried the diet for two months now, lost just over a stone in weight and aiming to round up (or down) to 2 stones - but whats wrong with that you may ask. I am now bored with the whole concept, in my opinion there cant be an "executive chef' involved in the production of the ready to cook sachet food, surely just a couple of catering cooks with a certificate ..." Read review

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