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Community Level 6Martinscho...


The Joy of Work. A joy to read

AdvantagesGreat book

DisadvantagesDid you find yourself in it?

"The Joy of Work. Dilbert's Guide to Finding Happiness at the Expense of Your Co-Workers has to be one of the best books Scott Adams has ever written. In my, opinion, of course. But then, that's what Ciao reviews are all about, our opinions! This book should be required reading for every business student and businessman and businesswoman in the world. For this book is more than just hilariously funny. It is also a deceptively subversive book, too. It ..." Read review

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The workplace has gone mad

AdvantagesFinding pranks you can use at work

DisadvantagesSome parts can be a bit boring

"I came across this book when I borrowed it from my brother two years ago, I seem to still have it......oh well I'm sure he has another copy by now. It is written by Scott Adams who is the author of three other books, The Dilbert principle, Dogbert's top secret management handbook and The Dilbert future. This book is split up into 10 chapters each having different parts, they are - 1 - The joy of work - Happiness creates money Happy people ..." Read review

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Community Level 3JaySee


Great fun!

AdvantagesFun and interesting

DisadvantagesHeavy on reader emails

"Everybody wonders how they can best play tricks on their workmates, and thanks to the Joy of Work's magnificent office pranks chapter, we now have dozens of fun pranks to use. Scott Adams is witty and sarcastic as usual, and it is great to read. However, I felt that Adams had not put his usual effort into this book as he had with the Dilbert Principle and Dilbert Future. He has actually written very little (most of the pranks are reader's emails) ..." Read review

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Community Level 3toneboy7


In the words of Homer Simpson - "That's funny because it's true"

AdvantagesVery accurate, plenty of laugh-out-loud moments

DisadvantagesGood luck trying to read it at work during lunch!

"“The Joy of Work” is simply one of the funniest books I have ever read. Furthermore it was given to me at a time when I was really fed up with my job, so a light-hearted look at the workplace was very much needed. The book has it all. Filled with laugh-out loud moments and cartoon illustrations of what he is saying, Adams draws an accurate picture of office-life worldwide. My favourite part happened to be the tales of workplace pranks. Lots ..." Read review

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Community Level 2mikegray


Funny and true.



"For all of us who work in an office every day, this book is going to ring just a little bit too close to home. This is a hilarious take on modern office life, expounding the idea that the worst rise to the top, and giving strategies for avoiding those awful assigments you're always stuck with. Basically, this is a narrative with a collection of cartoons to illustrate the points. Scott Adams isn't just an excellent, cartoonist, he's also a brilliantly ..." Read review

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Community Level 1onlineguit...


The Joy(?) Of Work

AdvantagesA fantastic book

DisadvantagesIt's not free for office workers

"“The Joy Of Work” is a brilliant look into the world of the office, giving practical and funny advice on how to remain sane during office hours. If I ever actually bother to get a job, then a copy of this book will sit in my desk draw all day and be used just when I feel like killing the next person I see to diffuse my rage and give me ideas on delightful pranks to pull on my fellow workers. The section on “Boss management” is essential for any office ..." Read review

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