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Community Level 6ShoppingGirl


Reading material for one

AdvantagesIt was cheap. And quite readable.

DisadvantagesLeft me so unsatisfied I had to have chips on the way home...

"If you’re wondering what kind of an author Mike Gayle is, then look no further than the titles of the books he writes. ‘Mr Commitment’, ‘Turning Thirty’ etc. Yes, we are firmly in the land of bloke-lit, a kind of Hornby-Lite, if you will. Gayle’s characters are meant to be instantly recognisable – attractive and successful young professionals with relationship issues aplenty, lots of designer jeans and ..." Read review

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Community Level 6liz1102


What a disappointment Review with images

Advantages Didn't take too long to read

DisadvantagesNot a good read

" When I picked this book up, for some reason I thought it was written by a woman. Instead it turns out a man wrote it (the big 'Mike Gayle' across the front should really have given it away!) and I didn't like his writing style at all. The title of 'Dinner for Two' suggested that this book was going to be a story about pregnancy (the whole 'eating for two' thing), but I turned out to be completely wrong! Plot Dave Harding and his wife Izzy are ..." Read review

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Perfect for a lazy night in

AdvantagesVery funny

DisadvantagesThe print makes your eyes go a bit fuzzy

"This book is written by Mike Gayle who has also written for FHM, Sunday Times style and Cosmopolitan so he must be doing something right. This book is basically about a guy called Dave Harding who is quite happily going about his life with his girfriend Izzy, when one day a girl writes him a letter claiming to be his daughter. He then has to juggle getting to know her, with maintaining the same life with Izzy. I won't tell you anymore of the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1RomaniRose


Emotions and comedy from a male point of view.

AdvantagesFunny and light-hearted.

DisadvantagesCan be slow at times.

"This Mike Gayle book is interesting reading, looking at the relationship between father and daughter and husband and wife. The book shows teh consequences of a one night stand and how they can surprise you years down the line. The book kept me gripped and was a good page turner without being too heavy. It is refreshing to read a book about emotions written from a male point of view. Both funny and heart-renching at times, with sad and comic moments ..." Read review

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Community Level 3jakes-mum


Bloke Lit, good for a rainy afternoon

AdvantagesHumerous, with a dollop of life

Disadvantagesdidn't captivate me as much as other Mike Gayle Books

"I have been a fan of Mike Gayle for a while now, and have read most of his books. Though I enjoyed this, it wasn't up to the same standard as Mr Commitment. This is the story of Dave Harding, who writes for a music magazine, whilst his wife Izzy works for the trendy womens magazine Femme. They have the life of their dreams, the nice flat, the cushy job, and the freedom NO KIDS! Then Izzy finds out she's pregnant, after the brief shell shock, they ..." Read review

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different to his others but still a fab read!

Advantagesgives an insight into how men are affected by things

Disadvantageswouldn't be good for you if you don't understand his sytle of writing

"i thought this book was great as with all mike gayle's other books. he tends to have quite a dry humour and sometimes states a fact more than anything but if you are into the book enough you can pretty much imagine the guys face as he says things so it will make you giggle at the dryness of some of his staements. i'm not saying this book is filled with humour as the storyline of this one isn't meant to be a comedy but this book along with his ..." Read review

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