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Community Level 4flossy


Easy does it...

Advantagesvery simple process, save you lots of money


"...of borrowing. Over the years Direct Line have got our business. Both our car and home insurance is cheaper than anywhere else we have found and we did find it the cheapest place for a loan a few years ago. I decided to have a little look at their website to see what they have to offer. They have a handy little calculator on their site that means you can find out very quickly how much your repayments will be. You just enter how much you think ..." Read review

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Community Level 5mandyhaley


Directly competitive

AdvantagesInterest calculated daily

DisadvantagesThey didn't pass on all the 0.5% interest rate cut

"...the donkey work), and chose Direct Line. I had two main reasons: 1. At the time they were offering a competitive interest rate, below many of the leading High Street banks and building societies. The current standard variable rate is 5.71% with some discounts available. 2. They calculate the interest on a daily basis, and allow you to repay more anytime you wish. Again, this was in place 4 years ago, long before some of the building societies ..." Read review

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Community Level 1raymie


Keep away from these people


DisadvantagesLies, poor service, unhelpful

"...can I say about the Direct Line service without resorting to expletives. Basically they almost cost me a property. Very poor and slow customer service and been know to stetch the truth on more than one occassion. An example of this would be with regards to a survey I had done. The property being an old church was fairly non-standard and Direct line told me the surveyor recommended a 100% retention. I spoke to the surveyor and he advised me ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Mingmogmug


Is it worth it?

AdvantagesWill lend large amounts of money

DisadvantagesWill lend large amounts of money!!

"I have a Direct line mortgage and took it out just over 2 years ago. The big advantage with them is that they will lend on the basis of affordability and not just simple multipliers like most lenders. However, this can cause problems. Me and my missus earn somewhere in the region of £40000 a year between us, not a huge amount of money. However, Direct Line said in principle, they would lend us £300000!!! I never went for it but you have to be concerned ..." Read review

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Community Level 2bounty


Not really that competitive

AdvantagesNone really

DisadvantagesA jack of all trades - and not really a mortgage big boy - thus the rates are not that competitive

"I called Direct line a number of times for a quote as I was moving my mortgage over the last two months. I found that the service was slow and the products weren't that innovative or competitve. The brand is definately good but I think that they should stick with insurance as that is the field that they have really made there name in. Diversification is good if you can offer the consumer something new along with variety - from what I have ..." Read review

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