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Disk/disc? lock/lok? steering lock . . .


DisadvantagesBulky to stow when not in use.

"... Disklok, the name sums it up, you know what to expect. The device is large, painted hi-viz yellow, and more of a deterrent because it can be seen from a long way off. It cannot easily be removed wihout the key. It is a sign of the times that this firm spells DISK with a K, it is also a sign of the times that these items are a must, as so many alarms are ignored, and other steering wheel locks are simply removed by bending the wheel. I did ..." Read review

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Community Level 4jamez


Heavy Metal Protection Keeps Cowboys Away

AdvantagesThatcham Approved, Visual Deterrent, Best in its class.

DisadvantagesHeavy and expensive

"Website -------- http://www.disklok.com What it is? ----------- It is a steering wheel security device. How much is it? --------------- I purchased mine at Halfords for 80 pounds. I haven't found it on the internet and this seemed strange - anyone any ideas where to look? Why is it so special ---------------------- 1. It is the only selling steering wheel device which covers the entire steering wheel. 2. It is Thatcham approved 3. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2dizzych


Try to rip this off

AdvantagesBest way to protect your loved ones

DisadvantagesHeavy and large in size

"...security. At first i thought the disklok was really heavy and sluggish. I was ensured by the chap behind the counter that if it was really light and flimsy it would be alot easier to get off. Secondly, when i put the disklok on, it didnt seem to fit like the others you can buy. I went back and told him it didnt fit. Again i was corrected. The fact that it doesnt fit properly and spins around on the steering wheel is actually a safety and security ..." Read review

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Community Level 2SNOWY1976


Well Hard

AdvantagesWell hard,Visual deterant,easy to fit,3yr guarantee

Disadvantagesheavy,hard to store

"...to keep it get a Disklok this is one well hard steering lock. If like me your car is your prize-possesion you wash and clean it every weekend all you want is a member of the light fingered brigade to come along and nick it. When was the last time you heard a car alarm go off,did you stop and see if the car was being stolen i bet the answer is NO you probley complained about the noise and couldnt wait for it to be turned off the problem is that ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Rabid


Wheely good anti-car theft device.


DisadvantagesQuite heavy but thats to be expected

"...then you want a Disklok. The Disklok is a very high visual anti-car theft device that fits neatly over your steering wheel and clamps shut very securely in a matter of just seconds, thats not all, the Disklok will rotate around your steering wheel as there is around 1/2 a cm of clearance around the lock so as to make steering your car impossible to anyone wanting to push your car away down a darkened alley to attempt to try and remove the Disklok, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2XTubbzX


Disklok Stands Up To The Test

AdvantagesDurable, Works, Bright Yellow May Put Off Some Thieves, Value For Money

DisadvantagesHeavy, Big, Bulky

"...the help of this disklok. The Disklok had been attacked with something heavy i could tell because of the small dentings and scratches that had been left on it but still the thieves didnt prevail. Dont get me wrong i was annoyed that i had been robbed but at least they didnt steal the car. That was the first time i had ever been robbed and i hope it will be my last thanks to this thatcham and approved by me disklok. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1DreamMachi...



AdvantagesEasy to install, great detterant

DisadvantagesVery heavy

"...and car alarm system. The disklok is essentially a great piece of kit, it stops anyone driving off with your pride and joy. It fits easily over your steering wheel and has a special unique key which only you have, the downside with this being that if you loose the key you have to fork out a further £20 to get a new one! However the whole system is fairly good value at around £40. The only major disadvantage is the weight, being extremely heavy and ..." Read review

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