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Community Level 7Fruity_Tart


Classier than Hugh's Divine! Review with images

AdvantagesTastes delicious, classy wrapper, Fair Trade


"...Hugh Grant I didn't meet Divine on a kerbside in LA, instead I was mooching in The Body Shop browsing their body butters and natural soaps. Waiting behind a couple of people in the queue to pay my eyes started wandering over the counter and I noticed a box of chocolate bars. Chocolate bars in The Body Shop? What's going on? It was boredom that made me pick a bar up, the lady in front was being awkward so I idly reached for a bar just for something ..." Read review

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Community Level 7stuleg


Divine by name, Divine by nature Review with images

AdvantagesNice chocolate with the cocoa producers getting a fair price for their goods.


"...I happened upon the Heavenly Divine Milk Chocolate bar while doing my shopping in Tesco. It looked good, and had the Fairtrade logo prominently displayed so into my trolley it went. ●The Ethic● So what’s all this Fairtrade malarkey then? Well, www.divinechocolate.com description is as follows “Fair trade aims to build beneficial trading relationships between consumers and producers in developing countries. This involves changing ..." Read review

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Community Level 1LIZSEAMAN383




DisadvantagesMoorish enough to eat the lot...

"This chocolate is a purely indulgent treat. A group of farmers in Ghana formed the Kuapa Kokoo under which they asked fair trade price for their farmed cocoa in 1993, however by 1997 they decided that rather than going for a niche market they would go out against mainstream brands. I have been trying to buy more fair trade products as although the rates farmers are paid are still much lower than they should be, it is a better rate than for non fair ..." Read review

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Community Level 4nigeofnewb...


Not so Divine

AdvantagesValue for money, quality wrapper

DisadvantagesPromises, promises

""Divine" chocolate is made by The Day Chocolate Company which was set up by a co-operative of farmers from Ghana with the help of Twin Trading, Comic Relief, The Body Shop and Christian Aid. The company pays it's suppliers (i.e. the cocoa farmers) a fair price for their products and also contributes towards improving their social facilities and general quality of life. It is part of the "Fair Trade" world - putting the farmers needs above that ..." Read review

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Community Level 2hola2233


A bar of goodness, divine at any time!

AdvantagesSoft, rich and indulgent!

DisadvantagesQuality costs that little bit more.

"...often as I can with Divine chocolate making a regular appearance as well as my latest venture with drinking chocolate; both brought to us by the established ‘The Day Chocolate Company’ and their Divine brand. You may have noticed Divine chocolate bars on the shelves in your local corner shop, garage or supermarket as well as Oxfam. The brand has grown in range and strength in the past year with tremendous support from Christian Aid and Comic Relief. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1barb1263


Heavenly choc bar

AdvantagesIt taste wonderful

Disadvantagesyou may want to eat too much

"...It is very classy with Divine written in gold with a heart in place of the v. Under this is written "Heavenly Chocolate with a heart". This certainly is heavenly. Being fairtrade means that it is paying a fair price to the farmers for the cocoa beans and that can only be a good thing butt also the taste is Divine. It is a smooth milk chocolate that is equally as good as the top brands and better than most of the others. I am treating myself ..." Read review

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Community Level 2sidneyb79



Advantages delicious

Disadvantages none

"I am a bit of a chocolate fiend and so when I was wandering the aisle at Co-op I noticed a bar of chocolate in a gold foil and a blue wrapper...I was curious about the logo marked fairtrade...I read through the information about the organisation and thought it sounded expensive, however,when I checked the price I was pleasantly surprised. At 0.99p for a large bar (150g) I was certainly going to do my bit for charity! I really enjoyed the bar. The ..." Read review

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