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Community Level 6jedimaster...


A peachy tale of a reviewer, his other half & a bottle of Dove ! Review with images

AdvantagesA quality product that delivers !!! Wonderful aroma, generous suds and leaves skin feeling great !

DisadvantagesThe price ... please shop around as the difference I have discovered ranges from £2.59 to £1.67 !

"...(glancing at the laptop) Erm, Dove Beauty Care Bodywash Burst ... Claire: Is this something to do with that bloody website you've been on ? Gray: No !!! Claire: You do know that Dove is for women ... Gray: Yes, but I thought you might like it ! Claire: We don't need any more shower gels ... Gray: Well just have a look, it's the Nectarine one I want ... it's important ! Claire: Why ??? Gray: Just is ... Claire: So you can write a review about ..." Read review

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** Burst Your Way Into The Bathroom! ** Review with images

AdvantagesGlowing citrus scent, skin moisturising, long lasting.

DisadvantagesPrice varies depending on where you shop.

"...I went looking for the Dove Burst Body Wash and headed to the counter to pay. So a little treat for myself and something new to write a review about. I’m a genius at multi-tasking! ==** Top Dog **== Well, Dove is pretty much up there with the other Top Dogs when it comes to health and beauty. To be fair I am quite a fan of the Dove range and I find them to be extremely trustworthy. They are definitely a brand leader. I think they have upped ..." Read review

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Smells gooood!

Advantagessmells great, easy to find

Disadvantagesbottle doesn't sit upside down

"...despite having bought just this Dove beauty body wash and a bottle of red wine and I had Baby B with me and my car keys in my hand so when I got home i was too bemused by telling Mrs B about it that I forgot about the bodywash sitting in the bag along with the bottle of wine. Eventually I decided to unpack the shopping and very proudly handed the bottle of Dove to Mrs B who looked at me with a questioning look. She asked why I had bought it her, ..." Read review

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Community Level 3cocorocky


The God they called....Dove

Advantagessmells good! Good effect on skin!


"==Introducing Dove BodyBurst!== And as we can see Dove has surprised us, yet again with another fabulous product which makes us feel good about ourselves. Even on our fat days- and admit it girls, we ALL get them… I have been using the Dove brand for a while. Well, I say I’m been using it but I never purchase it, I usually just nick my mother’s shower gels. So this one must be PRETTY special for me to go and buy it… ===Where do I get me one ..." Read review

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Nothing out of the ordinary

Advantagesgreat fragrance, lathers up well, 1/4 moisturising cream

Disadvantagesnot cheap

"...sample of this on the Dove website. I’m usually quite on the ball with free samples but I’d missed this one. (I think it was D_i_a_n_e who put me on to this one – my apologies if I’ve mis-remembered this!). I sent off for my sample and a few weeks later it arrived on my doormat. I received a little 55ml bottle which I thought was rather good for a free sample. With this in mind I’ll definitely keep a closer eye on the Dove website from now on! '''Bottle ..." Read review

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A Brief Burst of Scent and Lather

AdvantagesLovely smell, nice consistency, moisturising qualities

DisadvantagesNot as rich a lather as comparable products, the aroma doesn't hang around for long

"...was in Morrisons and spied Dove Beauty Care Body Wash in “Burst" nectarine and ginger scent available for just £1 for 250ml, which was too good a price to miss in my opinion. Dove products are famous for two reasons – they contain “one quarter moisturising cream” and they have an advertising campaign which features “real women” – which in advertising speak means that not every single model featured in their campaigns looks in need of a good meal ..." Read review

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Gotta love dove

AdvantagesAfter trying this sample I will buy the product without a doubt


"...about this new range of Dove body washes on several review sites and thought it sounded quite nice. As almost everybody who was reviewing it seemed to have gotten a small sample bottle through the post I thought 'I want one!' and lo and behold out of the blue a few days later one popped through my letterbox; hooray! The body wash is part of the Go Fresh range that Dove has been slowly introducing and this one - 'Burst' (Nectarine and white ginger ..." Read review

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Go fresh...for half an hour!

AdvantagesLathers up quickly and the initial smell is lovely and it softens skin

DisadvantagesSmell fades off skin so quick

"...cream as do all the Dove products. On the back of the bottle ingredients and size is stated amongst a few other things and of course contact details for Unilever are given. Nice enough bottle and to the top of it it has a flip-top lid concealing a small hole. It's a nice quality looking bottle and it's easy to handle etc. The Product: Well I was rather impressed with this to be honest! It's a light orangy, creamy looking shower wash which simply ..." Read review

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Burst of Fragrance!

Advantagesfree, nice smell and hydrating

Disadvantagessmell could get sickly

"...on the mailing list for Dove and they seem to be sending me out free samples every other week recently. It was quite a surprise to receive considering I have had so many over the last few months and I do like a freebie popping through the door. ==The Product== Dove Burst is a moisturising cream body wash which is scented with nectarine and white ginger. It is housed in a plastic bottle and the free sample that I received was only a 55 ..." Read review

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Community Level 3gia12345


A great body wash

Advantagessmells lovely


"...often buy Dove, I associate Dove with soap at my gran's house! I would recommend it especially if you like fruity smells! I think it was good value for money at £2.00 from my local supermarket. ..." Read review

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Community Level 8SusanLesley


Burst into the shower with Dove

AdvantagesSmells lovely, my skin feels good after washing

DisadvantagesNone for me

"...have signed up to the Dove website at www.dove.com to receive free samples. I love all the Dove products so I figured if any were going for free I would have them! I didn’t really expect anything and to be honest I had forgotten all about it but last week I received my first freebie! The free sample concerned was a 55ml bottle of Dove Beauty Care Body Wash Go Fresh Burst which is the Nectarine and White Ginger fragrance. The packaging of the ..." Read review

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Dove - Made to make your mouth water!

Advantagesgood rich lather, moisturises, good value for money

Disadvantagesmeant to be peachy but smells of orange!?!

"...received a sample of Dove Go Fresh Burst Nectarine and White Ginger Body Wash through the post!. I am always willing to try something new so I thought Id give it a try! THE PRODUCT Dove boasts the best moisturising products due to their 1/4 moisturising cream, which can be seen on every product. The Go Fresh Range seems to be emerging as a break through in body care. I have tried the deodorant and reviewed that so i thought I would try out the new ..." Read review

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Dove Beauty Care Nectarine and White Ginger Burst Body Wash

AdvantagesLovely smell, lathers well, doesn't dry my skin out at all

DisadvantagesCould smell stronger for me

"...up with a lot of Dove products as my family always buy them for me as they are very moisturising and my skin is always so dry. I am trying frantically to use them up before my next batch is given to me at Christmas, so the next product to come out the product was the dove go fresh body wash in nectarine and white ginger fragrance. The bottle is a lovely light orange colour which is really cheerful in the shower. It has a lovely picture of a juicy ..." Read review

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A very fruity body wash

Advantagesfoams well, smells fabulous, treats my skin


"...received a little sample of Dove Beauty Care Body Wash Burst (55 ml). It took them a few weeks to send, so as I'm getting low of my old shower gel I went out to buy a new one and I decided to try this one. I wasn't sure what kind of sample will they send, so it was a coincidence that I bought exactly the same type. You can also ask a free sample if you visit http://www.dove.co.uk and click on the free sample link then fill in the quick registration. ..." Read review

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A juicy start to the day!

AdvantagesSmells delicious, leaves skin moisturised

DisadvantagesA little expensive when not on promotion

"...the other washes in the Dove range that I have used. The smell lasted most of the day, though obviously did fade with time. Overall I really liked the new wash, mainly because of the smell, but also because it is quite moisturising too. I'll definately be heading down to Mr T's to get a bigger bottle once this has finished, whilst it is still on promotion. I'm not sure whether I would buy the wash if it wasn't on promotion though - £2.50 seems a little ..." Read review

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