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Think my machine needs a Surgeon, not this Trainee Doctor!

AdvantagesSmells pleasant, left the machine smelling nicer

DisadvantagesNo major difference seen, only one application per bottle, not cheap

"Im not the best person when it comes to the upkeep of items. The hoover tends to get emptied when its bursting at the seams, the oven gets a clean when I think it resembles the inside of a cave and the fridge gets emptied when I realise that what I think was last nights left overs in my Lock and Lock, is more like last weeks leftovers that Ive completely forgotten about! I have improved a lot to be fair, but one of the appliances Ive neglected in ..." Read review

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Cleans, freshens and maintains your washer

AdvantagesEasy to use, very effective

DisadvantagesTakes around 2 ½ hours. Stainless steel drums only.

"...deodorants, and Blanx tooth-whitening products. Dr. Beckmann is himself one of the owners of this family run business. More information, together with a very interesting company history covering 89 years, can be found at www.acdoco.com. © lml888v 2008 ..." Read review

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Wash away the dirt...

AdvantagesGood for cleaning out the old drum for a brighter washing machine!

DisadvantagesDefinitely not for mould

"I am currently private renting my property so when we moved in almost 2 years ago it already had most appliances including a washing machine. Last week we noticed we are getting more and more build up of mould around the rim of the washing machine and as a newbie to all this I trotted off to sainsburys in search of some solution to our washing machine problems. Have to say was slightly disappointed as there wasn't much on offer, perhaps if I had gone ..." Read review

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A Service with Dr. Beckmann!

AdvantagesCleans and freshens the machine, prevents the need for regular servicing, good price

DisadvantagesNone in my opinion

"...I located a box of Dr. Beckmann Service It washing machine cleaner. Now I haven't heard of this brand of product before but reading the back of the box the product promised to clean, freshen and maintain my machine (all qualities that my neglected machine was now lacking in). So I chucked a box into my trolley with excited anticipation to see how good it would really be. --The Product-- This product looks rather nondescript in appearance, ..." Read review

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Community Level 4katherineh...


Good for a Clean Machine

Advantagesleaves machine smelling fresher

Disadvantageschemical smell, not too many visible results, hard to apply to soap drawer

"I don't really ever think to give my washing machine a wash. A quick wipe around now and again on the external surface maybe but not a full wash, after all it washes all the time, how could it get dirty? Well, that's what I thought until recently I opened the door after a wash had completed and noticed a stale water smell. That's when I set out to find something to freshen it up a bit. Having looked around a few shops I soon realised that there wasn't ..." Read review

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Not Really Necessary

Advantagesgets rid of stale water smell

DisadvantagesBit of a waste of cash

"Dr Beckmann Service-It Washing Machine Cleaner is an okay product but not something we went out looking for. It was going cheap at only 75p in Home Bargains so we bought one thinking that our machine was beginning to smell a bit stale from old water, we thought and also due to the fact that we use it a lot and it is an old machine anyway. It cost as I say 75p but I have seen this in Tesco for £1.95 so I thought we had got a bit of a bargain. One ..." Read review

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