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Still surprisingly few dragons... Review with images

AdvantagesEnjoyable, well scripted, technical improvement on first game

DisadvantagesThe plot seems disjointed and a bit slight

"...actually forgotten a lot about Dragon Age: Origins by the time I got round to this. That doesn’t really matter, though, as this is an expansion of the world of the first game, rather than a direct sequel. ==The world== It’s one of those ‘like Tolkien only fun’ vaguely D&D style worlds full of elves and monsters and such. You play as a young hero named Hawke, who can be a fighter, a mage or a rogue in typical RPG fashion – you don’t play as anyone ..." Read review

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Review: Dragon Age II Review with images

AdvantagesBrilliant engaging story, Improved combat, Visually superb

DisadvantagesStrays away from the pure RPG aspect a little bit.

"...give a similar treatment to Dragon Age II and we all know that they certainly know how to weave a fantastic story to rival some of the biggest franchises out there. I admit, when I first played Dragon Age: Origins, I was impressed and yes, there were imperfections such as the visuals being slightly dated and lip syncing being almost nowhere to be seen, it was the story and the choices that made it so engaging. Even now, before Dragon Age II has been ..." Read review

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Community Level 2space_cat


Dragon Age 2 feels surprisingly tedious and claustrophobic

AdvantagesGreat combat system, improved model animations and stunning effects

DisadvantagesLoses the sense of scale and movie-like storylines achieved by other Bioware games

"...the sequel to the brilliant Dragon Age: Origins. What I actually got, however, felt like a claustrophobic exercise in fundraising and very minor politics. You can still expect the same level of gory, enjoyable and beautifully straightforward combat in Dragon Age 2, which seems to have been tweaked and diversified since the first game. Thankfully your character has a name and a voice this time around, upping the immersion factor considerably on the ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Tomrock101


Dragon Age 2 is amazing.

AdvantagesVery long game and good story.

DisadvantagesToo hard at points.

"In all fairness, the first Dragon Age (Origins) Was an absolute flop in my opinion, I hated that game and got bored of it really quickly. I decided to rent this, I really don't know why when I KNEW I hated the first one. And I absolutely loved it, The story was great and the graphics were amazing. The gameplay was fun and fluid, unlike DA1. And it is the best RPG I've played in a couple of years. Except Fallout New Vegas. This is a really good game ..." Read review

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