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Dragon Age: Origins

AdvantagesCharacter customisation, Decisions that effect your play through.

DisadvantagesCombat may leave some players bored.

"Dragon Age Origins is brought to you by BioWare, if BioWare brings out an RPG game you can bet it's going to be brilliant. They created the Star Wars Knight's of The Old Republic series and the Mass Effect series, which are both unbelievably great RPG's. ===Story -- 9/10=== The story is similar to Lord of The Rings, a quick sum up is that weird Orc looking things that live underground are being lead by an evil god in the form of a dragon. They're ..." Read review

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Dragon Age Origins, OHMIGAWD

AdvantagesExcellent storyline, character depth, romance

DisadvantagesCertain aspects are difficult to understand, text too small, fighting may seem simplistic

"== First Impressions == === Character Creation - 7/10 === Okay, so at first, this game was kind of daunting. I think it's kind of similar in the way it's set out to tabletop RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons, so when I selected New Game and got directed to the character creation screen, I saw all these different options and descriptions and statistics like - * Strength - 10*(6+2) * Dexterity - 12/(base will*base str)-(enemy def) * Magic - 11+pi * Resistance ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Orion94


Dragon Age Origins some pros and cons.

AdvantagesGood Story, multiple stories to delve into

DisadvantagesNo multiplayer, Cost money to continue game after finishing quests.

"Dragon Age Origins seems to have some several unique factors about it that make the game great, and others that in my opinion, ruin it. It is a great roleplaying game in which you can use multiple styles of melee, ranged, and magic attacks. In addition the choices you make determine what occurs in the world around you, making for an overall better roleplaying experience. However the sad part of this is that the game has no online mode. Even worse ..." Read review

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[Import Anglais]Dragon Age Origins Game (Platinum) PS3 - PlayStation 3

[Import Anglais]Dragon Age Origins Game (Platinum) PS3 - PlayStation 3

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comes an epic tale of violence, lust, and
betrayal. The survival of humanity rests in the
hands of those chosen by fate. You are a Grey
Warden, one of the last of...

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