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Community Level 5CherryBlos...


A designer in the making

AdvantagesAvailable at almost all DIY stores

DisadvantagesCan't think of any

"...the walls belonged to the Dulux range. Sugared Lilac. After a quick trip down to our local DIY store we were ready to start the transformation. Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen, eat your heart out! I may not wear velvet and frills but I can sure as hell swing a paintbrush! As coverage for Dulux emulsion is “up to 13 square meters per litre” and the room is small, I figured that one 2.5 litre can would be sufficient for 2 coats and hoped ..." Read review

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Colour me happy!

AdvantagesLovely consistency, easy to apply, almost fumeless


"...just really tired! I chose Dulux Coloured emulsion because of past experience. We have done a lot of decorating during the thirteen years that we have been homeowners, and so obviously tried many paints, but after a lot of hard graft and sweat, my only conclusion is that you get what you pay for. Let's face it, painting is dull and time consuming, but I personally want to find the easiest way of carrying out the arduous task and Dulux has never ..." Read review

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Good quality paint

Advantagesgood quality

Disadvantagesa little doesn't go a long way!

"...not cost the earth. I chose Dulux emulsion because mainly I liked the colour- sugard lilac- and also because I know that Dulux is a trusted brand. I have used shop's own brands before and not been happy with the quality- the paint has taken a lng time to dry, the colour looks nothing like the picture and about three coats have been needed. There were a lot of choices from Dulux in terms of colour. We wanted a pale purple and the paint sample ..." Read review

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The only paint I buy

AdvantagesNice consistency, good range of colours

DisadvantagesExpensive, like most paints!

"...should be more adventurous, but Dulux is the only brand of pain I use. I once tried B&Q’s own brand of paint for my kid’s bedroom which was okay, but I went straight back to my Dulux for further projects. For a start they have a vast array of colours to choose from, even many variants of white which are absolutely ideal for just that slightest hint of a colour. If you have a colour in mind it is highly likely that Dulux have a paint that matches ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Udo1


Not just once

AdvantagesGood quality, good choice of colours


"...in my house decorated with Dulux paint. The colour is very rich, does not smell as much as the competition and is very easy to apply. The Dulux-Once range is suitable for every room and only needs one coat. My living room is decorated with their "Sugared lilac" colour and looks still fresh, even after 3 years. Their "Kitchen and Bathroom" range is suitable for most rooms and is usually cheaper than Dulux-Once. However, there is not much difference ..." Read review

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Community Level 6GR-Design


Dulux Once, brilliant paint

AdvantagesCovers in one coat, consistency


"This paint is excellent. When i opened the pot, i was being really careful not to spill it everywhere, as it felt loaded up to the top. When i got into it, i found that the paint was of a very thick nature. Even if you tipped it to the side it didnt moved (a bit like satin, but thicker). I read the instructions, which were good and clear and di what it said. I then started painting with it and found it excellent to paint with, it won't drip as ..." Read review

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Community Level 2jet14


Deluxe Dulux

AdvantagesGood coverage, nice colours


"I've never used Dulux paint before until this week, mainly because it is more expensive than others, but now I'll never use anything else. I've just painted my living room in Rich Red and it only needed one coat! Admittedly it was going over terracotta so it was the same sort of shade but it wasn't even slightly patchy.I've always used B&Q's own brand before and had to use two or three coats, so although I was saving £4 on the initial cost I was ..." Read review

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Community Level 2kimdonna


Paint for any occasion

AdvantagesEasy application and multitude of colours

Disadvantagesa bit pricey

"...in my hand. I have used Dulux paint extensively throughout my house inside and out. It must be the easiest paint to use with smooth application and the fact that two coats is all that is needed - I have frequently not bothered with an undercoat. Most times I will sand down the surface to be painted with a course sand paper so that it just takes the gloss off the surface and then paint. The variety of colours is absolutely astonishing every colour ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Bren801


Dulux emulsion coloured

Advantageseasy to appl.y, goives great coverage each and every time


"I have recently painted a large double bedroom using two different colours from this range of paint. As the brand name suggests it is one of the leading brands and as a result of this you can expect quality from the outset. It comes in a whole range of colours that can easily be identified from a colour chart available from pretty much and reputable diy store. If you still cannot find the desired shade it is possible to customise the colour even further ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Anita120958


dulux paint

Advantagesgood coverage

Disadvantagescan't think of any

"I have just decorated my living room in this paint in soft truffle and truly sand colours, definitely will stick to this for decorating in the future as worked out cheaper than the cheaper paints as only needed half as much paint, gave a really good finish and came out the the colour it gave on the tin which a lon of the cheaper paints dont. Also got good deal as on offer at 3 for 2 in Homebase in Focus at present. Focus slightly cheaper at £14.99 ..." Read review

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