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Community Level 8dynamicnurse


Not the normal run on the Mill shop.

AdvantagesSee text.

DisadvantagesSee text.

"...to write a review on Dunelm Mill, a home furnishings shop that I went to for the first time today with my parents. They have been there before and were raving on about it, so I thought that I would give it a try. Where is this store? Well, it is a part of a nationwide company that has many stores. But this particular one is in Plymouth, on the outer part of the ring road that goes around the main inner city centre shopping area. It is based ..." Read review

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Rug and cushions for me .... happy now. Review with images

AdvantagesGood choice of home items, good service, reasonable prices

DisadvantagesLack of space for walking round

"The nearest Dunelm Mill store to us is on the Northern edge of York, at Clifton Moor where there's a wide variety of home / DIY / electrical and other assorted shops as well as a very large Tesco supermarket. Dunelm Mill has been there for quite a number of years and we've made a fair few puchases there. == The York store == I'm reviewing the York store as I haven't visited any others! First, there's plenty of free parking at Clifton Moor. There ..." Read review

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Community Level 5blondgem


I Want Fluffy Cushions

AdvantagesReasonable Quality, Nice Store


"...want at that current time. The Dunelm Mill shop in Fenton, Stoke on Trent is a huge open planned shop, very well lit and give a nice welcome when you walk in, and to be honest it makes my eyes light up, and my purses feel a lot lighter unfortunately. Broken down into sections Dunelm Mill sell more or less everything to accessorise your home. Curtains, rugs, bathroom accessories, kitchen accessories, bedrooms accessories, linen, pillows and much ..." Read review

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One Of My Favourite Shops

AdvantagesThe fabric

DisadvantagesNever have enough money to buy everything I see

"I really like Dunelm Mill. We have two that are quite near to us although you need a car to get tot hem both and I dot drive so have to cadge a lift. One is in Maidstone and the other one is in Sittingbourne. My favourite one is the Madistone one as this one has a coffee shop and seems to have more items. The shop is brilliant if you are looking for something for the home to make it look nice. They sell everything you can think of for home furnishings ..." Read review

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Community Level 5josarah


Dunelm, for all your homeware needs

AdvantagesSells Fabric, Cheap and varied stuff

DisadvantagesSometimes you get overwhelmed with it all

"...East Midlands. In latter years Dunelm has grown to incorporate the more convenient out of town 'superstore' shop. Dunelm stores usually provide free parking for customers, although the store I normally frequent does not have that many spaces attached to it. It is what I would class as a high street shop however, so there is plenty of parking nearby. There are around 70 Dunelm stores around the country and I would seriously advise you to check them ..." Read review

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Community Level 2missmarple...


What else do you need to go to bed with?

Advantagesbig choice

Disadvantagesno online shopping

"...new products and found the Dunelm Mill. First I have to confess two things. First I was never quite sure how to pronounce that name. I guess being german didn't help so I always ended up calling it the "dunno mill". And second. I loved that shop. My experience will be based upon the Dunelm Mill shop in Coventry, Midlands. Dunelm Mill is mainly found in the Midlands. But they do have over 75 stores nationwide. There is one in Northern Ireland, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2CLAWSON0810


Everything under one roof for under your roof

AdvantagesGood Quality and Good Prices

DisadvantagesSome Aisle can be a bit of a squeeze because of the amount of goods on display

"...the demise of haberdashery shops Dunelm Mills has become one of my favourite stores. Based on a 'supermarket' type store Dunelm Mills holds everything you could think of to furnish your home. It doesn't matter if you are loaded with cash or are on a bit of a budget, you can always find items well within your price range. Let's start with the bedding. All sizes are catered for - from cots, through single, double, king size and extra king size sheets, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1chiefcookn...


Definitely recommend it for bedding

AdvantagesIts a stuff emporium

DisadvantagesBecause its stuffed with soo much, it looks cheaper

"Dunelm Mill has the best price babies bedding I've found. My children have slept (1 still does) on 100% brushed cotton fitted cot sheets bought as a pair for less than a fiver, so I've just bought some for my friend in Southampton because Dunelm Mill haven't reached that far south yet (they have a website were you can do a check on where your local store is, the futhest south I could find was Reading or Swindon). My Daughter is physically attached ..." Read review

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Advantagesgood choice


"There has been a Dunelm Mill in my local town for the last couple of years and I am in this shop often. It sells things for the home and it isn't that expensive as well. What does it sell anyway? Things like Duvets Bed Sheets Towels Kitchen Wear Curtains Storage Mirrors Candles Pictures Bins And so the list goes on ...... I'm sure you get the idea! Sometimes there is offers on in the shop, as I got a Mirror from here ..." Read review

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Dunelm Mill the place to find all your home accessories

Advantagesgreat shop great products

Disadvantagesnot very spacious

"Dunelm Mill is a soft furnishing store and they have shops all over the country. I have purchased several items from this shop over the years and I have always been pleased with the look and the quality. The store sells things such as kitchen equipment( pots and pans, crockery, bread bins etc) bedding, cushions, bathroom towels and accessories, curtains and nets, and decorative accessories such as photo frames, pictures, vases, candles and artificial ..." Read review

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Great shop!

AdvantagesGreat value and selection

DisadvantagesQueues especially at weekends

" The Products Dunelm is a great store for every household product under one roof, the stores vary in size it is the York store which I have visited and it has just about everything! I cannot walk past without buying something, even if it's ust a couple of scented candles. It sells furniture, bedding, cushions, curtains, kitchen utensils, rugs, mirrors, bathroom things, lamps, fabric, nets and they also have a department where they have something ..." Read review

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Community Level 2natashalov...


from rubber ducks to luxury custom made curtains

Advantagesgreat selection and quality

Disadvantageswould be great if they sold carpet aswell

"we've just had a dunelm mill move into the area and i must admit i absolutely love this place , the prices are fantastic , we've just decorated our living room and i brought all our cushions and curtains from dunelm mill. cushions are a great selection and the curtains you can have custom made here too. its great quality, i love the storage solutions they offer like the wagon baskets i have these as there so easy to use and very uselful only £7.99 ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Dave_E


Half way between budget and pricey

AdvantagesCurious little items you never find anywhere else

DisadvantagesNeed to shop around for best price, customer service very good though.

"Review of Dunelm Mill in general (and a couple of product-specific ones too)... I'd rate Dunelm Mill as a big step up from places such as Wilkinsons, but not as wide ranging (and with significantly less beech furniture) than Ikea. Please remember to check the items before you pay for them, we've had a couple of breakages that we only discovered when we got home, and some items are nearly £10 cheaper somewhere else, so shop around first. Unfortunately ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Bankben


Lovely place

AdvantagesQuality products at affordable prices, good returns policy

DisadvantagesStill a growing company

"Dunelm Mill has approximately 80 stores nationwide, mostly situated in the northeast (Catherine Lansfield to name one) at rock bottom prices and it is the genuine stuff. There is a strong customer focus at dunelm, particular attention is given to assisting the customer, after all they are the ones who pay our wages. Deliveries are weekly, so you wont have to wait too long for your goods, although the companies that they deal with often do not tell ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Tekuk


Low grade goods at low prices !!

AdvantagesLarge range. Cheap (Mostly) packaging looks good

DisadvantagesCheap and low quality manufacture. products badly made

"Dunelm do not know how to make a straight pair of curtains. They know how to fob off though. One member of staff actually admitted the quality lately is bad and getting worse.!! We had a pair of curtains made to measure. Cost over £200. The quality was shocking. They are eyelet curtains. Each ruffle, when drawn, varied in height by as much as an inch. The effect was up and down right the way accross. They just looked dreadful. We took them back ..." Read review

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