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Community Level 4macteykith


rumble in the jungle or a tingle.. down there!!

Advantagestingles in places that dont normally! good value for money, discreet packaging

Disadvantagestingle turns to ow ow OUCH!

"...I am looking at the Durex tingle condoms. Looking for freebies on the internet, I came across one for a pack of the Durex Tingle. A promo for a new sex site (lol) sent a trial pack of 3 which I believe retail around £3, and are also available in bigger packs of 12 for about £8.50. On first glance they are wellwrapped. The packaging doesnt make it look like you are some sort of sexual deviant for going away from the original versions at the checkout, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2iwanttobea...


Not a pleasant sensation!

Advantages Often on special offer!

Disadvantages Uncomfortable, not 'tingly'

"...condoms as part of the durex 'pleasure pack' which contains 3 tingle condoms as well as 3 each of the pleasuremax and performa and some lubricant. The tingle condoms are discreetly packaged in a shiny silver-coloured box which is sealed in plastic for extra reasurance. They come in packs of 3 retailing for just over £3 and packs of 12 for about £9 and can be purchased almost anywhere from big supermarkets to chemists to corner shops. The first ..." Read review

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Community Level 3vk-dream


Ever get that tingling feeling?

AdvantagesTingling sensation

DisadvantagesOverpowering smell.

"Durex Tingle are another new product in the durex condom range, they are the same as any standard condom in size and with their easy on and close fitting shape but they are special; in their silver and mint green coloured foil is a special extra addition, the condom is covered in a lubricant which is supposed to help create a tingling sensation thus supposedly heightening stimulation for both partners. When we tore open the packet there was one ..." Read review

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Community Level 5ice_pink


Is it just me, or....

AdvantagesDifferent sensation, makes things more interesting!

DisadvantagesMaybe a bit too strange a sensation!

"...I came across the new Durex 'Tingle' condoms. He was quite suprised when I offered to get them aswell and obviously, being a bloke, was very keen to try them out. Now I'm sure you don't need me to tell you how to put them on, and what happens when they go on, lol. These condoms claim to give both parties a warm, tingling sensation during sex, therefore making it more pleasurable for both parties. The packaging is attractive, for a condom packet! ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Vietnow


Average condom, NO PAIN FELT.

AdvantagesFits 5" - 6" penis well.

DisadvantagesCondoms are too tight for 7" above :(

"After testing the Durex Tingle condoms, i can safely safe that they are not painful and are very comfortable to use. Before i got them, a lot of people said that they felt a burning sensation and that they were quite painful to use. I was a little worried that these condoms may be painful to wear, but I really didn't feel much at all, i did feel a slight tingle, but absolutely no pain. In fact i would say the tingle i felt in the condom was a little ..." Read review

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Advantagesfun , great feeling , spice up your sex life

Disadvantageslittle expensive

"After the birth of our son me and my partner both decided that we woud give condoms a try as our contraception of choice , though they can be a bit drab and halt the moment of passion so after a couple of weeks of using just plain condoms we thought we would give durex's snsation range a go startin with there tingle condoms . We are now converted fans to the tingle brand , they take a while to get te feling but after a minute or two you get a ice ..." Read review

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Community Level 1hillwalker...


Sensitive and tingling.



"...don't have any shares in Durex before anybody asks. I just felt I ought to share my experience with others as these condoms have given and will continue to give me much pleasure. My girlfriend says she likes these too as she has found some condoms a bit 'rough' (ribbed types). We shall continue to buy Tingle and no others! ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jane444


tingle condoms from hell!

Advantagesslight temporary tingle


"right, so we thought lets try these tingle condoms they look pretty good. oh my god, the biggest mistake of my life. my boyfriend put one on n we were going for it, im sure i dont need to go into too much detail here... after a few minutes i started feeling a slight "tingle" in my tummy, which quickly started getting worse n felt more like really bad period pain. it was so painful we had to stop, im serious i was lying on the bed with really agonising ..." Read review

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Durex Tingle Condoms - For Heightened Stimulation x3

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be easier to put on and to provide a better fit
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