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Community Level 1Bellatrix20


Don't be seduced by looks

AdvantagesAcademically impressive, breathtaking city, cheap drink

DisadvantagesSpoilt brats, city far too small

"I used to tell people Durham was the best three years of my life, but having been somewhere else for my MA, I now see I was misguided back then, trapped in the bubble that is Durham University. Academically, when you say you went to Durham, people say 'Wow, really' or something to that effect. Great reputation, small classes, top-of-their-field professors, help available from lots of sources. However, the IT service is an UNMITIGATED DISASTER, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2mouse1


Durham - great if you can endure the cold


Disadvantageswhat disadvantages

"Durham University is a fantastic institution, for which i only have praise. The University is set in and around the idyllic city of Durham, unlike other Uni's that use the name of a place though not really anywhere near it - Warwick University, is in fact, closer to coventry and is actually in the middle of nowhere. Durham is one of the top academic universities in the country and has been rated in the top five for the last few years. The university, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1beckyg



AdvantagesTeaching staff, cheap alcohol in college bars

DisadvantagesPosh students, the nightlife

"...a warning not just about Durham University, but about any university in the country - make sure you find out what you're getting yourself into before you apply! The reason I know what I'm talking about is because I not only applied, but went to a univeristy that I knew very little about. After not getting accepted to Oxford (yes I am one of those well-known Oxbridge rejects!) I then got accepted to Durham University after an interview. My first thoughts ..." Read review

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Community Level 1vicsta19



AdvantagesGreat facilities, I.T., labs, halls

Disadvantagessnobbiness by other people from durham, ares can be rather industrial but thy are lessening

"...into my second year at Durham ,studying Environmental Management bsc hons. It is held at the universitys new campus at Stockton on tees. Many people especially other "Durhamites" not at stockton, tend to put there noses up when they find out a person claiming to be at durham is at stockton college. This degree is not for somebody who wants to spend 3 years dossing and doing nothing but socialising, there is an awful lot of hard work, at regular ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Metaphysic...


Graduate Society

AdvantagesPost-Grad Community

DisadvantagesPost-Grad Community

"...can't face living in a Durham college that has an undergraduate population (and all the colleges are 95%+ undergrads) then Grad. Soc. is your alternative. The different sites all over reasonably relaxed self-catering accommodation with your fellow post-grads. So you get a higher class of corridor party and more more developed petty rivalries. And people around you who know what suffering doing a masters degree or writing a thesis brings about. It's ..." Read review

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Community Level 1kafka1


Durham is excellent and probably the best

Advantagescollegiate system works well and makes this place a lot of fun despite the work

Disadvantagesthe high grades needed to get in, and the demanding workload

"Durham university has been a wonderful time and choosing it was the best decision i have made. The lecturers are world class and leaders in their field but they are accessible, contact hours are 30+, and the tutorial system is very useful in keeping you on track. The library is one of the biggest in england. The facilities have all been refurbished recently (especially in the spanking new parts of the science site) and the whole place is very well ..." Read review

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Community Level 1tarryn


Why apply?

AdvantagesAcademic excellence

DisadvantagesSnobby reputation

"Durham University is most commonly known as the Oxbridge reject University as many of the other opinions have stated quite clearly. And yes, there are many snobs. There are also many normal people who manage to have a great time. If you are from a state school, do not let the University's image deter you from applying as the conflicts of interest tend to lie with a minority of loud, balshy pupils, rather than the admissions tutors. Durham is afterall ..." Read review

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Community Level 2megafu


St Hild & St Bede college

AdvantagesTradition, small number of students

Disadvantagesdepends on your outlook

"...spent three great years at Durham University from 94-97. I studied classics and St Hild & St Bede was my college. Durham is a small town in the mould of Oxford and Cambridge and tradition plays an important part in the whole collegiate life. I don't know who will be reading this posting but if you are looking for advice on whether Durham is a good university to attend I would say that if you are after a traditional degree education in a beautiful ..." Read review

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Community Level 1andymilhouse


Stockton Campus?

Advantagesgood courses...high quality lecturers...everything needed is at the college...very good halls of residence...nice atmosphere due to the college's fairly small size...all buildings and facilities are new...very good at sport

Disadvantagesnot in durham itself...the town is less nice than durham...main student union is in durham...no sporting facilities on the college grounds

"...is based at a new durham college - stockton. the majority of lecturers for this course are taken from the durham business school. the course is very interesting and covers a wide variety of fields of business. it is particularly good for this reason as if you are not yet sure exactly what field of business you want to work in after graduating then this course teaches you about many things. from marketing to accounting to management and much more besides. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1faustus123


Durham is perfect

Advantagesbest mix of attributes of any university in britain

Disadvantagesnot a good place for slacking off

"Durham is a beautiful experience from the moment you arrive on the outskirts and see the awesome cathedral and castle towering over the countryside. Five things in favour: (i) collegiate system with 16 unique college experiences ranging from traditional on the bailey to modern on the hill; (ii) highly ranked science and humanities departments with world reknowned faculty that cares about undergrads; (iii) purpose built science site with amazing modern ..." Read review

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Community Level 1DavidG


Stockton Campus

AdvantagesReputation, Job prospects good, Good facilities

DisadvantagesDistance to Durham city itself, Mentality of students

"...studying Biomedical Science. I think Durham has to be one of the best universities in England but beware of the pitfalls. If you come here, there are numerous things to beware of such as...THE STUDENTS. Durham has a very large number of students who come from privileged backgrounds based mainly in the south of England as well as overseas. Another generalisation is they are mostly people who failed to obtain the grade at Cambridge or Oxford. However, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1saundej


Hatfield College

AdvantagesEasy access to the Cathedral for evensong

DisadvantagesBar closes at 10.30pm (or at least it used to)

"...under the watchful eye of Durham Cathedral, Hatfield College is one of the finer Durham institutions. For a long time it has suffered from a reputation of testosterone-induced over-indulgence in beer, rugby, and table-top urination. However, times are changing, and a "new Hatfield" has begun to emerge. I studied there during the happy days of 1991-94, and have many a fond memory of strolling to breakfast whilst the cathedral bell tolled (as it did, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1caramel218


Trevelyan College

AdvantagesFriendly, fun, good (cheap!) bar

DisadvantagesTHE FOOD!!!!

"Obviously everyone is going to be biased towards their college, but i really do love Trevs! The people, including the staff, are so helpful and friendly. The moment i arrived in my first year about 8 third years came to help me unload and show me round, and throughout the scary first week there were so many people around to help. The college building is easy to get lost in for a few weeks, but you really do find your way round quickly, the gardens ..." Read review

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Collingwood College

Advantagesfriendly atmosphere, cheap bars!

Disadvantagescollege food can be a bit dodgy!

"...at or has been to Durham University, they will all tell you that their college is the best - and I'm not going to break that tradition! Collingwood (although situated at the top of a rather long hill!) must be one of the friendliest, most relaxed and fun colleges in the whole of Durham. It even has its own pizza parlour to take away those late night munchies! The bar is one of the biggest, and probably best, in Durham and is also very cheap (which ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ibex


hild and bede college

Advantagesgrounds, people


"Hild and Bede college is one of the bigger colleges in Durham, which means that you're bound to find some like-minded people, and don't have to put up with the rowers/rugby crowd. It also means that there are plenty of facilities like tennis courts. The college is set in quite large grounds, which makes it one of the prettiest colleges, and is a more relaxing place to spend your time cramming for exams. One of the biggest problems with the college ..." Read review

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