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Colour catching is not a given

AdvantagesWhen they work they are great

DisadvantagesDon't always work which defeats the object to me

"...result, when I saw these Dylon colour catcher sheets in Tesco, I bought them to see if I could combine washes and cut down on our washing machine use to save time, energy and water. I have purchased these quite a few times now, the best price I've paid being £2 when on special offer in Tesco, I think they usually retail for around £3 and are available in all of the supermarkets and a lot of the discount stores too. The Sheets The packaging is nothing ..." Read review

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Catch the Rainbow

AdvantagesIt really does catch the colour

Disadvantagescan't use it for everything

"...been using colour catcher from Dylon for quite a while now. The main reason for using it is I often only have a small load of light colours and whites compared to my giganormous load of darks (I wear more dark clothes than I do light for some reason. It probably stems from the fact that black is meant to be slimming). The point being – it always seems such a waste to put a load on when it’s never really a fully load so I combine all my clothes, darks, ..." Read review

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Stop getting those pink boxers and grey knickers

AdvantagesStops those laundry accidents!

DisadvantagesYou have to remember to put them in the wash!

"Dylon Colour Catcher Sheets The first time I tried these I was given a sample from one of the many freebie sites I subscribe to. I have to admit they probably are not a product that I was looking for or would have thought I needed but having tried them I became hooked. These colour catcher sheets come in Colour catcher sheets come in a cardboard box and are available is three size packs including 12,24 or 40 sheets. They costs obviously vary a bit ..." Read review

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Community Level 4izzy-gratton


Dylon Colour Catcher - Keeping Your Whites White

AdvantagesStops loose dye staining clothes during the wash. Easy to use. Does not add chemicals to the wash.

DisadvantagesA bit pricey. I wouldn't trust it to work on mixed dark / white washes, but I've not tried it.

"...seen a TV ad for Dylon Colour Catcher, I thought I would give it a go. ===What is Colour Catcher?=== I bought a box of 20 Colour Catcher sheets for about £2.50 in Sainsbury's. Dylon claim that Colour Catcher "prevents colour runs and allows mixed washes." The idea is that you place a sheet in the back of your washing machine, and it will pick up any dye that comes out of your clothes whilst they are washing. You can use up to 3 sheets, depending ..." Read review

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Colour catching miracle

AdvantagesNo colour runs in mixed washing loads.


"...She recommended that I use Dylon colour catcher when I washed mine to avoid the same misfortune. I’d heard of this before but never thought that it would be worth buying – I couldn’t see how it could work effectively, but not wanting to have to hand wash this rugby shirt at frequent intervals I decided to follow her advice, and I’ve not looked back since. It really has been a revolutionary product for me and one of the most useful things that I have ..." Read review

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To prevent all them colour runs....

Advantages"The proof is on the sheet" as they say!

DisadvantagesPackaging should be able to reseal!

"...is mainly red, with the Dylon logo at the top. There is a distinctive rainbow on the front highlighting its colour catcher abilities. The box opens easily on the back via a perforated edge. It would be better if there was a clasp to close the box after use. On the back there is information regarding how they work and instructions regarding their use. All very straightforward. On the sides there are ‘Hints and Tips’ as well as ‘Precautions’. Personally, ..." Read review

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Catch that colour Review with images

AdvantagesEnables mixed loads of washing

DisadvantagesDoesn't always work 100% of the time

"I've been using a Dylon Colour Catcher sheet in every wash since I had a box given to me that someone no longer wanted. The variety I have is a double action box containing 24 sheets. It is supposed to prevent the colours from running which allows a mixed load. Also, they are meant to protect colour intensity "wash after wash". A box like this cost around the £3.20 mark but are often on offer. This makes them about 13 pence per sheet which I think ..." Read review

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Save money and mistakes.

AdvantagesExcellent for doing the laundry in one load of the machine.


"I do my laundry as I go along, as soon as I have enough to load the washing machine I tend to wash them so I do not have a build up of clothes etc and so to make my life a little easier but a couple of months ago I was not too well and my hubby had to load the machine but he took no notice of what instructions I had given him to do the laundry and he placed some whites with the colours and the coloured clothing ruined my whites and I was not too well ..." Read review

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I love Colour Catchers - They work for me!

AdvantagesEnables me to wash mixed loads of washing with no unwanted colour runs

DisadvantagesThey are expensive unless you stock up when they are on offer

"I have been using Colour Catchers now for quite a while, a lady I worked with suggested them to me or conveniently dropped it in conversation about how good they were. (I think it may have something to do with the fact I was wearing a dark grey top which had a built in white shirt underneath, which had gone slightly grey)! I was quite sceptical in the beginning and didn't think they would be that amazing, especially for the price but I now wouldn't ..." Read review

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Colour Catcher

AdvantagesSaves on energy bills

DisadvantagesNone for me

" After my last electricity bill I decided we really needed to think about cutting down. My washing machine is usually on twice a day. I have tried to only wash every other day but we both have to dress smart for work and we were always running out of clothes. My mum suggested I give Colour Catchers a try. At least then I could do 1 load a day and still get everything washed. Colour Catcher are impregnated sheets that catch any stray dye from your ..." Read review

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Brilliant at catching runaway colours

AdvantagesEffective, simple idea, cheap


"I buy my Dylon Colour Catcher Sheets from Home Bargains where they cost only £2.25 for a box of 24 sheets. This is the cheapest I have found them and I always ensure I have a spare box of them underneath my kitchen cupboard, alongside the rest of my laundry products. I don’t use them every time I do a load, but if I am washing colours and I’m a little bit unsure if colours are going to run, then I will often use one. Last week I washed a whole load ..." Read review

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Whites & Darks - Now You Can!

AdvantagesDoes what it claims to do

DisadvantagesStill can't fully rely on it

"Colour Catcher........... Having seen the adverts for these Colour Catcher I didn't really believe they would work as well as they claimed and mixing my colours and whites was something I would never have done as I like my whites to sparkle and not look grey. However after I received a free sample of these sheets through the post I decided I would give it a go. The Colour Catcher sheets are made by The Spotless Group and sell all over the ..." Read review

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Keeps the colours where they should be

AdvantagesHold onto the colour, can actually clear my washing

DisadvantagesCan buy similarproducts cheaper

"I try to keep on top of the washing in our house but often find that I will have half a dark wash and half a light wash sat waiting to be done which is why i decided to try out colour catchers. There are three different packs of colour catchers you can buy, there is the normal pack containing 24 sheets for around £2.90, an economy pack of 40 sheets for around £4.70 and a pack with 5 sachets of the product with added oxy stain removal for around £2.60. ..." Read review

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Community Level 7randy_edith


These are very handy for catching colours Review with images

AdvantagesAbsorb colours well


"...time I like to use Dylon Colour Catchers as I mix up my colours and whites accidentally. I buy the box of 12 sheets for £1.59 from the Co-op in the village and I think this is a very fair price to pay. All of the sheets come inside a red cardboard box and they are quite plainly packaged. The box can be recycled. I have some darker clothes which I have put in with some lighter ones and sometimes I don’t want to have to do two washes as it costs more ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sammiegallie


colour catcher really catches colour... shocked much?

Advantagessaves alot of washes saving money from washing power.

Disadvantagesnone i can think of.

"in my honest opinion, WOW THIS PRODUCT REALLY WORKS ASIF LOL! when i first heard about colour sheets i laughed thinking colour would never be caught from going on lights, but oh my god i tryed it and it does what it says on the box catches colour, nice and very simple. sounds expencive roughly 3 pounds for a packet of 20 sheets from most super markets but if you think how many washes it saves you, and think less use of washin powder, its pretty ..." Read review

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dylon colour catcher (24 sheets per pack)

dylon colour catcher (24 sheets per pack)

This Dylon Colour Catcher is a great way to protect your clothes from colour running in ... more

your washing. Each colour catcher anti transfer
sheet has been treated with special ingredients
which act like a magnet, removing loose dyes and
dirt during the washing process.

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Dylon Colour Catcher 24 sheets 100g

Dylon Colour Catcher 24 sheets 100g

Maximum colour protection; New ultra absorbent sheet; Prevents colour runs, allows mixed ... more

washes; Suitable for hand and machine washing and
safe for the dryer; Suitable for use at all
temperatures and for all fabrics; Colour Catcher
does not put any chemicals in the water; The proof
is on the sheet!­®; HOW IT WORKS; Every time you
wash bright or dark colours, traces of dye bleed
into your laundry. These can ruin your wash or
build up over time to leave clothes looking dull
and grubby; Colour Catcher­® is a clever little
sheet that prevents colour runs, allowing mixed
colour washes. It acts like a magnet, protecting
clothes by trapping any loose dye and dirt in the
wash; Reduce sorting and wash loads with Colour
Catcher® - saving time, water, energy and
detergent. Better for the environment and your
budget; Have you tried?; Tackle tough stains &
prevent colour runs with 2 in 1 Colour Catcher® &
Oxi Stain Removal sachets.

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Caraselle Dylon Colour Catcher (12 sheets)

Caraselle Dylon Colour Catcher (12 sheets)

Removes loose dye from the washEliminates the risk of colour runs ruining clothesAllows ... more

mixed wash  wash with confidenceReduce the number
of washesEffective even at 30cThe proof is on the
sheet!12 sheets per packWhat is Colour
Catcher?Every time you wash bright or dark
coloured clothes, traces of dye bleed into your
laundry. These dyes may completely ruin your wash
or leave your clothes with a dull, grubby
appearance.COLOUR CATCHER® is a treated
antitransfer sheet with special ingredients which
act like a magnet, removing loose dyes and dirt
during the washing process. Now you can wash with
confidence, prevent discolouration to your laundry
and keep your colours bright.Thanks to Colour
Catcher you now can:Prevent colour runs, washing
in total confidence.Mix your coloured and white
clothes together without having to worry.Reduce
the need to separate clothes prior to the wash and
therefore the amount of washes needed, which saves
you time and money.Keep colours bright and whites

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