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Knickers like new



"...I whiten them , using Dylon Lingerie Whitener , which costs a little under 2quid a box, and is available in most supermarkets . This box contains enough powder to whiten 5-8 items according to the instructions on the back. Inside the box are two sealed sachets, a whitener and an activator. To use this, put some hot water into a bucket, open the sachets, chuck in and mix. Then chuck in the greying undies, leave them to soak for half an hour, and ..." Read review

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Dylon keep my lingerie looking white & fresh!

AdvantagesEasy to use, works very well, cleans my lingerie up brilliantly.

DisadvantagesNone really.

"Sometimes I notice that some of my favourite white underwear just isn't looking as white as I would like. This is despite me using soda crystals and tablets specifically for these delicate whites. Of course this isn't something that I like and when I am wearing white underwear underneath a white blouse or T-shirt I don't want slightly greying underwear to be showing up underneath and making me look like I don't care about my appearance. Dylon lingerie ..." Read review

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Take underwear from 50 shades of grey to white in 1 wash!

AdvantagesMakes white underwear look new again, can use on silk

DisadvantagesNone for me

"...all away, I use the Dylon Lingerie Whitener to get them looking new again. I don't spend a fortune on underwear but have a few favourites from La Senza and don't like to throw them away, especially when there is a product on the market that works. The gentle formula was what made me a little dubious at first, as I wondered how something so delicate could strip the pale grey tinge from my delicates and turn them white again, but it actually works! ..." Read review

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Community Level 7randy_edith


These give clean and bright results

AdvantagesWorks very well


"... This is why I use Dylon Lingerie Whitener because it makes my things look nice and white and new again. Also, it is cheaper than having to buy new ones when there is nothing wrong with the old ones except for their colour. The box I buy costs me £2.19 and I think it works very well indeed and making my things look lovely and smart and new and bright again. They are little sachets of powder. One is an activator and one is a whitener. I put the water ..." Read review

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Airing my washing in public

Advantageswashes greys white


"...to try a pack of Dylon lingerie whitener. A pack of this costs £1.74 from Tesco. This pack contains enough for two treatments. There is also a pack available for 1 treatment. Dylon suggests this is enough to treat 5 to 8 items. The one treatment box that I used contained 2 sachets one an activator, one a whitener. One Saturday morning I decided to turn my grey's white. I put some hot tap water in a plastic bucket (the pack suggests 60c is ..." Read review

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