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A powerful vacuum cleaner for pet hair but extremely expensive!

AdvantagesAttractive design, Powerful, removes pet hair efficiently, ball technology for good mobility

DisadvantagesBin is a bit on the small side, pedals a bit loose, quite heavy

"...market. There is a silver Dyson logo to the far left of the rectangular flat brush bar at the base of the vacuum cleaner. ===Features=== The product features a HEPA filter which was advertised as good for allergy sufferers, the HEPA filter is also washable. As mentioned the purple ball to the bottom of the product allows good manoeuvrability and control, and despite its rather long shape, it is quite agile provided you have modest strength. The handle ..." Read review

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Superb at sucking sand and spaniels Review with images

AdvantagesEfficient, pretty, exciting attachments

DisadvantagesHeavy, expensive and a little noisy

"==~~*~~*~~ Dyson DC25 Animal ~~*~~*~~== I live with 3 very hairy dogs so the reason for purchasing a formidable hoover is blatantly obvious. Every morning we go to the beach and on return an hour later, half the beach is deposited in my kitchen Labradors are notorious for retaining sand and mud in their feet until their brain decides it has no dietary use. On return from work a mere 4 hours later (Im a dog walker: possibly the best job in the ..." Read review

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This vacuum has got balls! Review with images

Advantagescleans really well, pivots on the ball to make going round corners easy

Disadvantageshose doesn't stretch all that well, expensive

"I bought my Dyson DC25 around eighteen months ago. My last vacuum cleaner was absolutely rubbish and it got to the point where it didnt seem to be picking up at all. I chose this one as I had actually seen another model the DC24 on QVC and one of the features was that you can turn the rollers off. I have very long hair and one problem Ive always had with uprights is that any hair would get wrapped around the rollers. When I went to Amazon to ..." Read review

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Community Level 2lisajay


Dyson DC25 Animal - Having A Ball!

AdvantagesLarge collecting bin and great suction!

DisadvantagesNot so Lightweight, and Power Cord could be longer.

"I bought my Dyson DC25 Animal about a month ago now, and have been very pleasantly surprised by the results. My old vacuum worked perfectly and I was more than happy with it, but once it started emitting smoke during use, I knew it was time to purchase a replacement. I did a little internet research and as we have a cat, the animal dyson appeared to be our best option. I was intrigued by the "ball" by Dyson and went to Curry's to have a closer ..." Read review

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Have a Ball with the Dyson DC25

AdvantagesGreat suction and maneuverability

DisadvantagesFairly heavy, and loud. Expensive

"...decided to go for the Dyson DC25 after our previous vacuum cleaner lost the will to suck. Since our then defunct vacuum was a cheap and rather poor model, we decided to splash out a bit and go for a Dyson. We had always heard good things about them, and at the time Curry's had a promotion on all Dyson cleaners. We decided to go for the DC25 All-floor model as we have various floor surfaces in our flat, from carpet, to lino and tiles. At the time, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2sue40


Not the answer to life the universe and everything.....

AdvantagesPowerful, will manovere well with a bit of practice

DisadvantagesStill quite heavy, not that easy to follow instructions

"...My old machine was the Dyson Animal (not the ball version) and it was heavy and a bit difficult to manovere very easily. After seeing the ads on tv which showed how effortlessly it seemed to glide around, I was very keen to buy it. I am happy with the machine, but there are a few things that are not so good. Firstly when I got it out the box to put it together, I found the instructions are not that great. Mostly they are just pictures showing ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Blossom-uk


Dyson All Floors DC25 is the business

AdvantagesSuperior vacuuming power, easy to empty

DisadvantagesHard to use the hose

"After my my Animal Dyson workhorse died I wondered whether after 8 years with my old faithful, I should look at another breed of vacuum. After all, the Animal did indeed do as promised and I never had to scrape left over cat hairs off the carpets with my foot ever again. But - it was a heavy and clumsy beast to push around, and I'm not getting any younger. So I looked at other vacuum brands, compared cost, power, length of cord, weight, looks, ease ..." Read review

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A lifesaver for pet owners

AdvantagesImpressive suction, roller ball for easy manouverability

DisadvantagesQuite heavy and expensive

"...searching I decided on the Dyson animal DC25 which supposedly had the great suction of a normal Dyson but it also had a motorized brush bar designed specifically for pet hair. At just under 300 pounds it wasn't exactly a bargain so I expected great things from it. I was surprised to realize there was some assembly to be done with the hoover, now I have no idea why I was so shocked at this but I just assumed that it would come ready to use out the ..." Read review

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Dyson DC25 Multi-Floor Vacuum Cleaner

AdvantagesFabulous suction, easy to use

DisadvantagesLittle heavy to lug up/down stairs

"...partner brought home our first Dyson a few years ago, I swore from that day that I would never use another brand of vacuum cleaner again and I have stuck to that. We had owned our previous Dyson for a good while and although it still worked, it was starting to near the end of its life so we gave it to my partners son and daughter in law who were just moving into their first home and decided to upgrade ours to a newer model. We opted for the Dyson ..." Read review

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The Dyson ball, a fantastic machine.

AdvantagesSuction, easy to store and it is easy to empty and very very easy to maneuver.

DisadvantagesA longer lead would have been nice

"Performance: The Dyson DC25 all floors ball has a lot of suction to hand as it pulls dirt out of the carpet even though it may not be visable. The motor seems to be very powerfull making cleaning effortless because you dont need to go over the same bit of carpet again after already doing so. Durability: Although we have only had the Dyson for about one week we can say in all honesty that Dyson has obviously been built to last as it seems well construcet. ..." Read review

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Cat hair? Not a problem.

AdvantagesManoeuvrability is brilliant, as is the suction.

DisadvantagesWeight might be a problem for some.

"...round the house with the Dyson and it is soon shifted. I much prefer the bagless cleaner's, easy to empty, straight into the dustbin. The attachment's that the DC25 comes with, all built in, are excellent. Getting into those nooks and crannies is a doddle. I also find the ball makes manoeuvring around things really good. By far the best cleaner we have ever had. ..." Read review

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Dyson Ball DC25

AdvantagesVery light and very manoeverable.

DisadvantagesBit too light and moves around a lot.

"The Dyson DC25 all Floors vacuum cleaner is a revolution in houshold cleaning. Not only is very good at picking up small pieces of dust and dirt,but the filters are washable which makes it cheaper than some other types of cleaners. I love the way it manoevers around furniture and as it has a small and low head it can get under the edges of furniture as well as under my radiators. Something my old Dyson couldn't do. It's very light weight, weighing ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Updator


Dyson DC25 - If you've got pets it's brilliant

AdvantagesManouvreable, easy to use.

DisadvantagesQuite expensive

"I have a number of pets (almost too many to count) that leave hair all over the house and after my vacuum cleaner gave up the ghost i started looking for a new one. I was originally drawn to the DC25 because of the fact it will pick up animal hair. After using it for the first couple of times i noticed that it had far better sucking power (alright that probably isn't the technical term) than any other vacuum cleaner i have ever owned. My carpet ..." Read review

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Community Level 1bethhorlick


Top quality dyson product

Advantageseasy to use


"...bullet and buy a decent dyson and im so pleased I finally did. its FAB :) I have had it for about 6 months now and its still as good as the first time i used it, in fact the suction on it is so strong i can actually see my carpets lifting slightly as i run the hoover over it. My mum had a conventional dyson which was great but this is so much better the ball just makes it so easy to get it into smaller places which saves moving around the furniture ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Jselwood


Derek the Dyson

AdvantagesGlides around the corners and really gets pet hair up

DisadvantagesThe crord, heavy to push aroundand the cylider is a lot better

"...this recently as my old dyson was on it's way out, I didn't have a animal one before and I have a dog so I knew I wanted a animal vaccum cleaner, I loved my old dyson and you can't beat them!! I waned a change so I got the upright, I had a cylider one before and a knew I wanted a ball too. So that was it the DC25 animal was it!! I am so pleased with it but I think the cylider one was better, the cord was longer and easier to get around!! It had ..." Read review

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Qualtex Lower duct hose to fit Dyson DC25 Ball

Qualtex Lower duct hose to fit Dyson DC25 Ball

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Dyson DC25 Multifloor Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC25 Multifloor Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Dyson DC25 Multi-Floor Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner.

Dyson DC25 Multi-Floor Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner.

Dyson DC25 Multi Floor Argos Exclusive is a full-size Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner engineered ... more

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