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For babies on the go: a carrier worth the high price tag

AdvantagesRobust, excellent design, machine washable, safe

DisadvantagesHigh price tag

"Ergo is a well known and trusted brand among babywearing parents, and they have a lot of different baby carriers on offer. The Ergo Baby Carrier is one of the more popular styles as it is quite versatile and can be worn on the front, back, or on the hip. I have this classic Ergobaby carrier in black as I thought it would mask baby stains better than the other colours on offer, but it is also available in various other colours. The Ergobaby carrier ..." Read review

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Comfortable baby-wearing fun.

AdvantagesPain-free baby-wearing! Great for bonding.

DisadvantagesExpensive. No outward facing position.

"...£50 for our second-hand black Ergo which we used intermittently for about a year. I see that it is available on Amazon for £85-110 (May 2013). When worn with the infant insert, it is suitable for babies weighing 3.2 - 20kg. ==In use and my opinion== This carrier comes in a variety of gender-neutral colours, and is suitable for men and women to use. We have black, as that was the one available at the time. The pale green colour seems to be the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1barbrella


really worth the money

AdvantagesNo frame, so less bulky, looks better,baby feels really close to you

DisadvantagesThe black cotton one did pick up lots of fluff, so looked messy, I exchanged for a denim one

"I brought the Ergo after my 7 month old got too heavy for the Baby Bjorn carrier we had. I love this as it doesnt have a frame and I didnt want anything too bulky. You can put it in your shopping bag and use it when your little one gets tired of walking as its not very big and its light to carry. When you have them in the front its like having a hug, when you weaar it on your back its like a piggy back ride. It it designed so it doesnt hurt your back ..." Read review

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Community Level 3jonkitlib


Don't leave home without it!

AdvantagesComfortable and easy to use; ideal from 4 months to 4 years

DisadvantagesMay not fit if you're very slim

"...off. When not in use the Ergo can be folded down to a small bundle (about 35cm x 20cm x 10cm) and popped in a bag - some sellers include a specially made tote for this purpose. Fabric: The Ergo comes in a number of different colourways with contrasting (or matching if you prefer) lining and sleep hood. The outer is made of heavyweight cotton which will withstand considerable use and abuse, but is soft enough for comfort and does not feel hot ..." Read review

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Ergobaby carrier.

AdvantagesEasy to use.

DisadvantagesThe price! Worth every penny though!

"The Ergo baby carrier costs around £120. Pricey I hear you say? Yes, it may be..but its worth every single penny. The Ergo can be used from birth with a separate infant insert upto around 3 years (or 33lbs). I have been known to carry my then 3.5 year old in great comfort! The Ergo makes the child feel weightless, their weight is distributed well in the supportive carrier and there is no risk of spinal damage like with similar slings, their bottom ..." Read review

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Community Level 1wef1999


Cheapest Ergo baby carrier in the UK is at www.first-signs.com

AdvantagesComfort for both me and baby


"...the best deal for the Ergo baby carrier in the UK at the time to be www.first-signs.com. They are the cheapest I found in the UK and my friends have bought through them too. (I now notice that they are also giving a 30 day money back guarantee). ..." Read review

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Ergo Baby Original Doll Carrier (Galaxy Grey)

Ergo Baby Original Doll Carrier (Galaxy Grey)

Was ist süßer als ein kleines Kind, welches stolz seine Puppe in der ERGObaby Puppentrage ... more

spazieren trägt? Die ERGObaby Puppentrage wurde
speziell für 3-6 Jährige entwickelt, welche
Rollenspiele lieben. Produziert aus der
hochwertigen Baumwolle des ERG...

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