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4 little ducks went swimming one day...

Advantagescute, simple

Disadvantageshard t get water out

"...now. They were from The Early Learning Centre and I think they cost £6 for the pack. They came in a brightly coloured cardboard box and there wasn't any struggle to get into it so they were a big hit in my opinion from day one! I hate it when children's toys are overly packaged and hard to get into! === What do you get? === In the box you get four plastic ducks which are all a different colour. They are red, green, blue and yellow with red beaks ..." Read review

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Bright bath times! Review with images

AdvantagesBright, easy for small hands to hold, simple and effective

DisadvantagesWater gets trapped inside and can go mouldy

"My twin boys are bathed daily and in the past I struggled as the word bath was met with screams, cries and shouts. To encourage the boys to go in the bath Mr Lools and I found ourselves buying bath toys to make bath times more enjoyable. Like every other types of children’s toys there are a wealth of bath toys to choose from but the old faithful rubber duck toys seemed to be a popular option in most toy stores. So when browsing ELC we decided to buy ..." Read review

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Duck ducking along

AdvantagesBrightly coloured, safe to chew on, soft rubber

DisadvantagesCan get mouldy if not dried

"...and are created by the Early learning Centre, I was happy with the price as even though you can get rubber ducks cheaper these are coloured and I was confident buying from Early Learning Centre as I always find their toys to be great quality. The ducks came packaged in a box with a picture of the ducks on the front, the box states that these ducks are suitable from birth and I would agree with this although I couldn't see a newborn being ..." Read review

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Bath time fun

AdvantagesA classic bath toy

DisadvantagesCan go mouldy

"We purchased these from our local elc store when they were on sale for £2.40 which I believe is a much more reasonable price for these than the regular retail price of £6. We have had them a few years now and they are still going strong as long as you drain all water from the ducks after use. I have replaced the set once from fear of the mould that grows inside and despite sterilising and squeezing water out of them at £2.40 in the sale I felt ..." Read review

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Community Level 9Spottydog11


Bath time ducks

AdvantagesCute, fun


"...this little set from The Early Learning Centre is perfect. We have numerous bath toys in our bath but it is always the ducks that my little girl especially is attracted to. You can play lots of little games with ducks such as finding the mummy duck, a different duck we have in our bath that is a little bit bigger than these ducks, or making the ducks swim which is a great way to teach about swimming and floating and things like that. We let the ducks ..." Read review

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