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Community Level 7paulpry118


Plasters in a Spray Can.

AdvantagesConvenient and easy to use.

DisadvantagesQuite expensive

"...though now, I have found Elastoplast Spray Plaster. Elastoplast are well known for making plasters and recently when walking around my local Tesco on my regular weekly shopping trip I spotted this great little addition to my first aid kit. The Plaster comes in a small aerosol can, yes a small can. The can size is 10cm tall including the lid x 31/2 cm (handbag size). The can is made of metal, (recyclable) silver in colour with a dark blue lid. ..." Read review

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No more plasters? It must be magic!

Advantageseasy to use and really works


"...home one day with an elastoplast spray plaster. We hadn't heard of this before, but he had just happened to see it on a shelf and thought it might be very useful to have - and he was right! You can use the spray plaster in most cases where you would use a normal plaster previously. You simply spray it on to the cut or graze and within seconds it seals itself over the wound and foms a very flexible breathable film which is transparent so you do ..." Read review

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Skin In A Can?

AdvantagesCan be sprayed in awkward places and is waterproof

DisadvantagesThe spray is difficult

"... I bought a can of Elastoplast Spray Plaster, it wasn’t cheap! It cost £6.20 for a small 30g can, but if it stayed in place I thought it would be worth it. The can comes in a cardboard sleeve which is navy blue and red, it has Elastoplast written across the top. It claims to give “instant action against bacteria”. The front of the packaging also tells us that it is waterproof, transparent and the small can contains 50 applications. The back of ..." Read review

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Plastic Fantastic!



"I'm a bit of a sucker for new innovative products, and when I saw this spray plaster on one of my many small- child induced trips to the first aid section, I was intrigued. It seemed very Space Age. I didn't buy any for a while, as at around £6 it seemed a lot to pay for a small 32ml can. As the product's name would suggest the can contains a product that contains a protective film that you spray onto wounds, it dissolves over time. In a rash ..." Read review

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Community Level 3qwerty30


Goodbye plasters, hello spray plaster

Advantagesno pain of plaster removal, easy to apply, waterproof, breathable, promotes quick healing,

Disadvantagesslight sting on application

"***What it does Elastoplast spray plaster is just that. Spray it onto grazes and minor cuts to form a transparent flexible and breathable film that seals out water, dirt and bacteria. ***Likes*** One of the best things about this product is that it removes the 'aaaaargggh!' factor of ordinary plasters as it wears off naturally over a couple of days once applied. This is the product for anyone that doesn't like the pain of removing an ordinary ..." Read review

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Elastoplast Spray Plaster 32ml

Elastoplast Spray Plaster 32ml

Sprays on and stays on even in awkward placesRecommendation for use:One solution for all ... more

minor cuts and grazesSkin friendly - suitable for
all skin typesLasts a few days before gradually
disappearingProduct properties:Transparent,
breathable and flexib...

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