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Community Level 7costas1234


Emerge Energy Drink Review with images

AdvantagesRefreshing, sweet and effective energy drink

DisadvantagesNot overly impressive color and texture but still a good energy sports drink

"...interest in this drink called Emerge is higher. The design of the can is not that interesting though it comes in a red colored triangle, V shape and silver grey in colour. The can is easy to open. One of the differences is that Emerge drink when poured into a glass is slightly yellow in colour compared to a darker coloured Red Bull drink. Recently with the hot weather I bought some to get some additional energy for practising football, as I joined ..." Read review

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Community Level 7thebigc1690


This could "EMERGE " as the best energy drink!

AdvantagesOk tasting and seems to give a little energy boost.

DisadvantagesFull of sugar and calories.

"...never a good thing but Emerge does at least counter this somewhat with the addition of vitamins B5, B6, B2 and B12. The other things that go into this drink are nowhere near as positive as the added vitamins however, the drink also contains, sugar, Glusose-frutose syrup and Citric acid (all at high levels) and lengthy list of colourings and additives. The taste as I mentioned is similar to red bull which for those of you that have not tried red ..." Read review

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I'm glad this one emerged!!!

AdvantagesTastes just as good as other stimulation drinks at a fraction of the price

DisadvantagesRelatively new in the UK market so only sold in a limited number of stores e.g Asda

"...dismay the contact address for emerge is: 97 Heather Grove Wigan Lancashire WN5 9PN United Kingdom how incredibly odd I thought to myself but oh well. So it seems that the drink is actually of Eastern European origins if I have my geography correct but has recently managed to make it's way into UK markets to our advantage or disadvantage? All will be revealed.... ===THE PACKAGING=== As previously stated the Emerge packaging ..." Read review

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Community Level 6char2011


Who Says Energy Has To Be Expensive!

AdvantagesCheap and Cheerful


"Emerge is one of the many cheap version of the more expensive energy drinks like Red Bull, Relentless and Monster. Emerge is on the market for 39p in Tesco but prices can vary between 35-40p for a 250ml can which is definitely a bargain considering the ridiculous prices of the more expensive energy drinks I named earlier. Is the bargain worth it ?? Answer: YES Emerge taste pretty much the same as the more popular energy drink Red Bull but is ..." Read review

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Bring on the boost while paying only afew bucks

AdvantagesProvides a short term energy boost, cheap

DisadvantagesNo nutritional benefits , all effects are short term

"I first was introduced to the world of energy drinks around 14 years ago ( I was only 6! I wish! ) I was a student on a college course who signed up to volunteer at a music event. I cant even remember whether the event was being sponsored by Redbull at the time, but they had cans of the stuff in barrels everywhere. We were free to take as many or as little as we wanted. Never having the is drink before and not knowing much about it ( and knowing it ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Geddes-i


Emerge Yourself !

AdvantagesPRICE - 29P, Taste, Nice Packaging, Much like more expensive makes

DisadvantagesNot very good for you, gassy

"! Emerge Yourself ! Introduction ---------------- Emerge is a cheap alternative to Red Bull energy drinks and tastes almost exactly the same. I always have a few in my fridge and would always choose it over Red Bull simply due to the difference in price. Emerge is sold mainly in Asda but I have also heard it being for sale in Tesco. I am going to write a brief but accurate review here on Emerge and let you decide if you will buy it in the future. The ..." Read review

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Emerge - Cheap and Well, Cheap

AdvantagesCheap and Tastes Pretty Good

DisadvantagesHealth Effects and Undesired Crash Feeling

"...recently, I have only seen Emerge sold in Netto and a few different Pound Shops usually sold in bulk. But recently and hence my aspired interest in the drink, I have found it in my local Tesco being sold for 26p, now since Tesco Kick has gone up to around 44p per can, I thought Iíd give this drink a quick run around a see if it tastes like crap or not. The drink as Iíve said is one of the cheapest on the market and can be found in a good variety of ..." Read review

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Community Level 6marcellep2


Energy drink at a great price Review with images

AdvantagesCost, Taste

DisadvantagesNot available in pubs's and club's

"...final thoughtís== Personally I think that Emerge compares very well to the likes of Red Bull, Itís so much cheaper but does what it says on the can. Looking at the ingredients I tend to think your paying the higher price for red bull just because of the name. Given the fact we are in a credit crunch and all out to save a few pennies I would certainly recommend this drink to anyone that normally drinks red bull. I have been drinking this particular ..." Read review

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Advantagescheap tastes nice


"...my university for a 24p Emerge the money i save can go torwards a drink on a night out! What does Emerge contain? Emerge contain Carbonated water, sugar, Glusose-frutose syrup, Citric acid, Taurine, Glucuronolactone , Flavouring (including caffeine , Acidity regulator (sodium citrates), Inositol, Colours (sulfite, ammonia, caramel, carmoisine), Vitamins (niacin, B5, B6, B2, B12)), Preservative (sodium benzoate). As you can see from the list of ..." Read review

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Community Level 1themaninth...


Budget Red Bull Review with images

Advantagesvery cheap and very refreshing

Disadvantagesleaves a sour after taste if you drink too much

"...it must be said that Emerge easily comes the closest to imitating that taste. It's got the sharpness, the refreshingness, the sourness. Perhaps a bit too much of the sourness actually, the only thing that detracts from Emerge is the acidic after-taste that it leaves in your mouth when you drink too much. However to the casual consumer this needn't be a problem as they won't be downing 3 cans in rapid succession like I am prone to do. ==Cost/Value ..." Read review

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Emerge Yourself In Energy

AdvantagesCheap, Gives you energy, Nice mixed with other drinks

DisadvantagesNot the nicest energy drink

"Emerge is one brand of energy drink that is a cheaper version of bigger brands such as Red Bull. There are many other brands of energy drink as well, the market is full of them all and sometimes the choice isn't easy. Whilst Red Bull is the leading brand there are others such as: Monster, Rockstar, Full Throttle, Gatorade, Tesco Diet Kick, Lucozade Sport, XS Energy Drinks, Zappa Energy drink and Relentless to name, but a few. I would say that somewhere ..." Read review

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Asda Emerge energy drink

AdvantagesTasty drink, refreshing flavour.

Disadvantageslow price encourages children, the ingredients list is of some concern.

"Everyone will have heard of the drink Red Bull and their extraordinary claims that it 'Gives you wings', well, Asda have their own version and instead of it costing a couple of pound per can it costs just 29pence! Asda's 'Emerge Energy Drink' is a very similar tasting drink to its more expensive rivals' drinks and is a well presented alternative. Packaged in a red and silver can it contains a carbonated mixed fruit flavour drink. Taurine and caffeine ..." Read review

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Not so stimulating...but cheap it is!

AdvantagesCheap, nice flavours

DisadvantagesDoesn't give me a boost (but I do like it lol)

"...the front that it is Emerge Stimulation Drink. On the back of the can I'm told a little bit about the drink, ingredients are listed and nutritional information is given, size is stated, I'm told the drink is best served chilled, Contact details for Beverage Ltd are given (the manufacturer of this product) and finally a bar-code is on there. Nice enough packaging, doesn't scream cheap and is sort of in keeping looks wise with other energy/stimulation ..." Read review

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Community Level 1M1ssT


Cheaper alternative to RED BULL - don't overdose though

Advantagescheap, increase awareness, alertness, energy.

Disadvantagescan give you a come-down the day after

"Emerge is an energy stimulation drink and a much cheaper alternative to red bull. There are a fair few alternatives knocking about the supermarkets, i believe this is one of the cheapest. It is not only available in ASDA, other smaller supermarkets sell it too, such as Lidl. At 24p you cant go far wrong when bigger brand names such as RED BULL are charging up to 4-5 times more per can! I personally got mine at COSTCO, which reduced the price a ..." Read review

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A cheap, effective Red Bull alternative

Advantagescheap, good taste, effective stimulant

Disadvantagesunhealthy, fattening, to be drank in moderation

"Emerge is Asda's own brand of energy drink that comes in cheap and cheerful looking silver and red cans and bottles that are very similar in style to those of Red Bull, with the product effectively marketed as a cheap Red Bull substitute. It has a fruity, sweet and tangy taste that is largely identical to that of Red Bull, but whereas four cans of Red Bull will set you back over £3 at a supermarket, individual 250ml cans of Emerge retail at only 24p ..." Read review

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