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Community Level 1soozypie


No happy endings with Endsleigh

AdvantagesCheap, straightforward, offers good rates for students

DisadvantagesTerrible customer service, incompetent, departments don't communicate with each other

"...had so many problems with Endsleigh that I really want to share my experiences. I chose them for my first car insurance provider as they offered one of the cheapest rates and I knew the name as I had used them in the past for student contents insurance. For the first year and a half all was well until a had a minor bump on a roundabout. The accident was not my fault, there was no damage to the other vehicle and as as the only damage to my car was ..." Read review

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Community Level 2oranges76


Endleigh's cheap..shame about the stealth charges

AdvantagesCheapest quote

DisadvantagesStealth charges

"...just so happens that it's Endsleigh at the moment..i suppose it will change at some point. Getting a cheap quote is a bit of luck really. Companies like Endleigh are dependent on the prices offered by the underwriters which can vary considerably from month to month. Obviously the length of time you've been driving, the car you drive, cover required and no claims bonuses are the main factors. Even given these variables, though, there is a significant ..." Read review

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Community Level 2drummingbu...


Endsleigh, maybe - updated and discounted

AdvantagesPrice, discounts available if you ask

DisadvantagesOnline vs Telephone quotes' prices

"...else) I decided to try Endsleigh as they have links to the NUS and offer student discounts. In the past I've always narrowed the list of companies and brokers in the following manner: 1) Only call those with freephone numbers. 2) Look for brokers/insurers who say they'll beat any quote and then play them off against each other This year I've decided to use websites as this means that I can appear to be working when actually I am not! A visit ..." Read review

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Community Level 2LouisaNott



AdvantagesNone whatsoever that I found

DisadvantagesToo many to list! Read the op...

"I hate endsleigh and will never insure with them as long as I live for many reasons of which there are probably too many to write in this opinion without my falling asleep or working myself into a rage due to endsleighs incompetence all round. Where shall I begin.... For starters, I can only talk for one branch, namely the one in Warwick University which has been the bane of my life for a year now. And...I'm not even insured with them! I'll ..." Read review

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AdvantagesGood customer service, good price matching

Disadvantagessee op

"My Experience ************* I joined Endsleigh because they were being promoted by universities as being good for students, and they undercut my last policy by £50 so I decided to go with them. By this time I already had 1 years no claims bonus. I was 9 months through my policy when I decided to get a new car to replace my existing banger. When I went to change my insurance I was told that I could'nt because they were in a law suit with my ..." Read review

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Community Level 1gmadden


Quote Me Happier

AdvantagesCheapest Quote I Found

DisadvantagesPhone Calls

"...parked on the road. I joined Endsleigh last month, after being with Norwich Union for 2 years. I had just received my Norwich Union Quote of about £810 fully comp, so I started doing every online quote I could find. The best 3 were Endsleigh (£458), Churchill (£465), then AA (£495). Within 10 minutes I got a phone call on my mobile, I ignored it because I was at work and it was a unknown number (I don't answer unknown numbers). I found out later ..." Read review

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Community Level 2danbell


Good for Students

AdvantagesFriendly Service

DisadvantagesCan be disorganised

"...been on and off with Endsleigh for my car insurance over the years since ive been a student. Endsleigh are good in some aspects: as long as you know exactly what you want they can help you but if you do not that is where the trouble starts. One hand doesnt know what the other one is doing at times. I am not with Endsliegh at the moment, even though im a student, another company called Direct Choice and they beat Endleigh by over £100 and increased ..." Read review

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DisadvantagesPoor service, unfair small print.

"...highlighted by Watchdog. I thought Endsleigh might be better as i had heard good reviews. Sadly not, they are just as bad. Although I should have read the small print, this is a sly and underhand way of not providing cover. Avoid! ..." Read review

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What a rip-off

AdvantagesNice website

DisadvantagesAny excuse to take more money from the customer !

"My partner Insured with Endsleigh in September 2011. She retired in November of the same year & contacted Endsleigh to inform them of this,hoping that her insurance would be cheaper. Instead they said they would charge her an extra £71.22 because they said, wait for it...THEY THINK SHE WOULD BE USING HER CAR MORE, BY DRIVING AROUND RANDOM STREETS SHE DIDN'T KNOW,WHILST LOOKING FOR JOBS & THEREFORE WOULD BE MORE LIKELY TO BE INVOLVED IN AN ACCIDENT ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Print-In-L...


Paid for Business Insurance that didn't cover anything


DisadvantagesMissleading in sales, Conveniantly loose information when they need to, Incompetant

"...took out Business Insurance with Endsleigh last year. At the time of taking out the policy, we made it very very clear to Endsleigh exactly what we required from out insurance. We told them exactly what all of our equipment was (inc makes and models), we told them exactly what we use our equipment for and what our business does, and we told them that we wanted the fullest level of cover. We are a printing buisness, and we even made sure that we got ..." Read review

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Community Level 3ali99


Shame about the customer service

Advantagescompetitive premium

Disadvantagespoor service

"...me to the offices of Endsleigh a couple of years ago where I was pleasantly surprised by my quote - so took up a policy with them. Big mistake. Then began a year of cover notes and policies just not arriving. At one point it got so bad I was fined because I couldn't buy a tax disc because these people wouldn't send me a cover note for a period that I'd paid for and been covered for. I have no way of knowing whether it was the fault of the local ..." Read review

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Community Level 2saxon


I rather take the bus

AdvantagesQuick and simple

DisadvantagesOutrageous premiums

"Admittedly, Endsleigh was amongst the cheapest when I looked for my first insurance about 15 months ago. Still - what I actually paid was kinda over the top. I was 28 then, was driving motorbikes and cars for about 13 years - but that didn't count, since I only moved to the U.K. about 2½ years ago and exchanged my D/L for a british one. And because I never had a car insured in the U.K. I didn't have any no-claims-bonus either. So I insured a G-Reg ..." Read review

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Community Level 1elliesgold


Endsleigh Endlessly.

AdvantagesVery fast service

DisadvantagesBad service, dont give all financial figures upfront, poor customer service, too pushy.

"...policy £100 cheaper. This guy at Endsleigh then says they might be able to reduce the premium...I had already asked for them to trim it down on the initial phone call...and the answer had been no...so I asked him how come suddenly I could get it cheaper? He replied because they would refer it to the underwriters and they could reduce it. Yeah right...he can do that now but not then? I said no thanks..I want the policy cancelled. He then gets snotty ..." Read review

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Community Level 1davidvwood


Web, Email and Telephone service


DisadvantagesPorr web, telephone and email service. No really empowered customer service staff.

"...prices of my existing provider. Endsleigh came up in my search and I had a very favourable impression from my "Travel" Insurance of last year. I tried filling in the detailed quotation but came across a few problems with filling in the quotation form. A duplication of entry of my address and then a complete stop with looking up my car from the registration number. I abandoned the task and renewed with my original company. However, I have subsequently ..." Read review

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Community Level 1archaic73


long time Endsleigh customer!

AdvantagesService, nothing is too much trouble

Disadvantagesnone yet

"I have been with Endsleigh for quite some time now (probably around 5 years!) either through sheer bone-idleness, apathy and just a general feeling that all insurance companies are pretty much the same. They have always given me competitive quotes which obviously I have accepted and continued with them. My car insurance was due for renewel recently, and partly due to the credit crunch and a distinct lack of money (why has everything gone up!?!?!) ..." Read review

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