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Black Beauty Review with images

AdvantagesAppearance, Durability, Sound, Well Priced

DisadvantagesLead Jack, Finish

"The Les Paul Model Studio Epiphone guitar is a sight to behold, bloody gorgeous. What's great about its appearance is that it suits various kinds of genres, like punk rock, heavy metal, alternative and even classical. Not only is the LP Epiphone one of the prettiest guitars, it is also one of the best sounding, especially in its budget like price between £200 - £300. Plugged or clean, it hits the spot with rich tones and incredible rhythmic sounds. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Joseppi


Epiphone Les Paul Studio

AdvantagesSweet clasic sound of truck Rock & Roll

DisadvantagesQuite heavy

"...have to be the best Epiphone Les Paul i have played. Which is uppose is why i bought it. At £260 reduced from £350 it is a very nice second or third guitar, depending on your finacial posision. I think out of all the mainsteam guitars on the market has the largest could variety i have ever seen. At least 15 Different shades of sunburst, not to mension the different shades of hardware. It gives a perfect soud unique to the Gibson and Epiphone ranges. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1onlineguit...


Epiphone Gothic Les Paul Studio

AdvantagesGood, playable and easy to use standing or sitting.

DisadvantagesWhat disadvantages?

"The Epiphone studio guitar that I own is the "limited edition, Gothic ,studio ,les paul" and therefore unsurprisingly this is the guitar I am reviewing. The Epiphone Gothic les paul is not to distant to it's Gibson cousin, it contains the same electronics and additional metal-wear (machine heads, dial heads etc.) the only major difference is that the Gibson is handmade and so costs a fortune! The Epiphone is a body heavy guitar but is also still ..." Read review

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Community Level 1KB4000


legendary epiphone gothic

Advantagesgreat sound

Disadvantagesneed a decent amp to go with it

"Well what a guitar this has to be my favourite guitar that i own. It looks great, sounds great and lets just face it its great. On stage it has never let me down it never sounds bad though this may because of my marshall amp but the two go together nicely. You may say that its the cheap version of the Gibson you would be right but it uses basicly all the same things its just the gibsons are hand made. The clean sound on this guitar is great sounds ..." Read review

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Community Level 1guitarmaris


Epiphone Les Paul Studio

Advantagesmahogany neck and volume knob for each pickup

Disadvantagesa bit heavy

"This guitar is amazing and it's the first thing I want to say. I bought my instrument about three months ago and this guitar is really worth money I paid for it. Guitar has 2 humbuckers, 22 frets, 3-way switch and a tone and volume knob for each pickup. I usually play rock, blues, punk and this guitar is awesome at every style. From classic Led Zeppelin to punk'rock. In the first big concert in my school I was very impressed! Guitar has really ..." Read review

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Community Level 1seemewheelie


Epiphone Les Paul Studio, a little too evil?

AdvantagesBuild quality, Bridge pickup, Hardware

DisadvantagesWeight, Finish

"Firstly i'd like to say that for me this guitar looks rather drab and boring, as it is so plain and all in black. There is no contrast in colour and doesn't really stand out. But with that now said, i will go onto the other aspects. It has the standard les paul fittings, which are sturdy and reliable, and the tuners that hold their tuning very well. The pickups are high output and sound very heavy, which is ideal for hard rock and metal. The neck ..." Read review

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Epiphone Les Paul: Almost feels like a proper Gibson!

Advantagesplayability, design

Disadvantagesstring wear

"I purchased on of these guitars a year ago now, and I've got to say, I am very impressed! The fretboard is a delight to play on. My fingers rest very nicely on the strings, and easily slide up and down the fretboard with what seems like no effort at all! The tone is rich and great for the pop-rock sound I like to achieve! The strings do need replacing pretty often on mine, but then again, you should be replacing the strings pretty often if you're ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mrmeng


epihone not bad guitar

Advantageswarm tone

Disadvantagespickup need to be change

"...do and replaced the feeble epiphone pups with a pair of original 1982 stamped patent number cream Gibson 'buckers/surrounds I got off Fleabay and the tuners with Gibsons Deluxe 58 reissues. Sounds like everything you could ever want it to be. Beautiful. I tend to play guitars to death, so I'm pretty sure this will stand the test of time. Body seems prone to the odd ding, or two, but it gives the thing character (so they say!) I've no real problems ..." Read review

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Community Level 1joe_darkside


Epiphone Les Paul Studio

AdvantagesValue for Money, Built Well

DisadvantagesNot as good sound quality as bigger budget models, Plain Design, Frets can be hard to navigate

"Lets get some things straight. This is a solid guitar. For the money its built very well and plays sweetly. This is a not quite cheap as chips but not too out of budget range guitar so it can't really be expected to play like some of the higher end models. Nevertheless its still a decent bit of kit. The design though, falls short for me however. The plain black I think suits a more metal orientated (shred) type guitar but not really the Les Paul. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1euan2004


Epiphone les paul standard

Advantagesgood build quality, great sound, nice look

Disadvantageswas not the right shape of neck of playing syle for me

"...like it. having played an epiphone SG for the past 10 years it just didnt feel right as soon as i got to the tenth fret. dont get me wrong it is a very well made piece of kit with a great sound however the thickness of the neck combined with the restrictions due to the body made it not the right choice for me. however the sound from the instrument was of a different league to any instrument within its price range. when i went to sell it there was ..." Read review

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Community Level 1peppermint91


Epiphone Les Paul Custom

AdvantagesSturdy, looks great, sounds amazing

Disadvantagesstigma of being epiphone and not gibson

"...to the highest quality of epiphone standards being its top of the range. Having played the cheapest gibson les paul and most expensive epiphone les paul custom i would settle for the epiphone every time, which is why i own one of those over the cheapest gibson les paul. The quality of build, i feel, is very superior to the quality of all other epiphone electric guitars and the binding and inlay is just beautiful. The sound of this guitar is fantastic, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Metalmaste...


Epiphone Les Paul Studio

Advantages Fabulous clear sound great for all types of playing

Disadvantages a bit heavy :-(

"First of all i would like to say that this guitar is the bees knees! The shape is good and fits comfortable to your body but does dig in sometimes, there are four knobs which control various aspects of the tone and volume which makes it really easy to get the sound you are looking for, the fretboard has 22 frets making it possible to play screaming high solos or those dark mellow notes that make your bowels rumble. The pickups are brilliant and responsive ..." Read review

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