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Community Level 5ultrafrosty


Great quality scans & prints at a great price!

AdvantagesExcellent quality scans and prints with brilliant results!

DisadvantagesA little on the noisy side at times... and that's all!!!

"...suggested to me was the Epson Photo RX425. I suppose for some it might be regarded as a fairly bulky machine but as it is a three in one, this is to be expected. This machine offers printer, scanner and photocopier capabilities but not fax - so unless you need to have a fax facility, it should more than cover you for your needs. Below, I will list a more detailed account of the capabilities of the machine. ------------------------------------------------------------ Printer: The ..." Read review

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Community Level 7solamarie


A new printer? Thank you Santa.

AdvantagesQuick, quiet, superb prints

DisadvantagesCan't find any yet

"...see that it is an Epson because although I have used other printers I have always found Epson to be superior in picture quality. Leads. Now this was a surprise because my last one didn't come with leads and we would have had to buy separate ones if the ones we already had didn't fit. A pack of Epson sample photo paper. 6 x 4 cards in glossy photo paper. A pack of cartridges, 1 x black and three different colours, magenta, yellow and cyan. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2DragonflyW...


Good Print & Scan but!!!

AdvantagesExcellent print Quality, Cheap cartridges, Compact all in One, Quiet

DisadvantagesProne to Cartridges drying up, card reader packed in.

"...selling feature. While the Epson cartridges will set you back aroun £3-£5 compatibles are available for 89p (ukdvdr). This is probably the only reason I haven't replaced it due to the drying out problem. Print times are also pretty good and although an A4 photo takes a while, standard text documents are completed almost as quickly as you can tell the PC to print them. I have only used the scanner function infrequently but I have never had any ..." Read review

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Prints good but not for heavy printing

AdvantagesGood Printing Quality

DisadvantagesExpensive to run

"I bought this printer in 2006 when I bought my PC. Before that I had a printer only. This time I needed some more because of my university work. So I decided to buy all in one printer. I needed something that can print, photocopy and scan. But was the biggest mistake to buy an inkjet printer. This printer is amazing when you printer text or picture. It is amazing when printing High quality printing. Printing is a bit slow but that is expected from ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Cefn


stylus with no style

AdvantagesExcellent line between print quality and speed

Disadvantagesthe cartridges are diabolical. not very good looking

"...and woah and behold: the EPSON STYLUS PHOTO RX425. with 4 free catridges!! "WOW!!" i thought "four free cartridges" i wont need to buy any or refill any for aages. So i took it home, got the old printer out the way hooked up the new one and it worked fine. so i printed off a simple picture and a much better quality of photo came out than i was used to, it looked like i had progected the image from my digicam straight to the page.. and it took ..." Read review

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Community Level 2elston


Top All-In-One package

AdvantagesPrint straight from Camara, Quality second to none.

DisadvantagesSmall ink cartridges, drinks ink at high quality.

"...space. Having always been an Epson fan when it comes to print quality I decided to stick to a company I knew best: Epson. I went out and bought the 'Epson Stylus Photo RX425'. Printer: When I got it home it was really easy to set up and get running with no problems installing the software. I printed a photo at high quality (5760 x 1440) to see how good it was and I was knocked back by the quality, really hard to tell the difference when printed ..." Read review

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Epson RX425 Printer

AdvantagesLow Sound Emissions

DisadvantagesThe ink cartridges, the look of the printer

"...to buy the more expensive Epson cartridges. The scanning quality is good, and the printer comes with a CD with a photo editing piece of software. It is reasonably good, and you can see and save the pictures that you have just scanned. The program also creates a folder called 'Scanned Images' in the 'My Documents' folder where all the scanned images go. This makes it easy to find and store your images. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Acid_Rush


RX425 recommended for home use

AdvantagesExcellent print and scan quality, useful bundled software, separate cartridges

DisadvantagesData cable not included, instructions could be better

"I bought this excellent little printer a few days ago, and I'm very satisfied indeed. Printing: Fast (even for photo quality jobs), excellent quality that gives crisp written documents and photos that look as if they came from a developer's, individual ink cartridges so no more buying a whole new cartridge just because one colour has run out, easy controls. Scanning: Good speed, excellent quality for both colour and sharpness, good bundled software ..." Read review

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Community Level 1uncleberti...


Epson RX425 printer

AdvantagesQuick & Quite

DisadvantagesHeavy on the Inks

"...(with a little help from Epson support who were excellent) that one of the file in my temp folder files was clashing with one of the files the set up programme was trying to install so a quick tip is to empty your temp folder before installing. This is an all in one product and so far all of the functions have performed well. Scanning/ copying / printing / memory card reading / photo printing Scanning produces quality copies and the machine ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jmsdyr


Excellent , shame about the ink sizes

AdvantagesExcellent quality printing and scanning

Disadvantagesink cartridges could be bigger

"...the cheapest place is from Epson directly over the web. Do not buy them from that well known PC superstore unless you don't care about price! Buy this all in one it is excellent. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1martinhw


Worth spending your money on

AdvantagesSingle Ink Replacements

DisadvantagesNone so far

"...and have always considered the Epson ranges as over priced and over rated. Thant is until I purchased this one! Once our printer packed up, it was time to review a few printers. I could not find the criteria I was specifically after. I then cam across this printer which had:Individual Colour cartridges,Fast page prints,Scanner capabilities,Fax capabilities,Print from camera function to mention but a few. The thing that impressed me totally of the ..." Read review

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