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Community Level 1Byrney




DisadvantagesCompletely unreliable

"I applied to join Europassist in Oct 2000 a few weeks before a charity drive to Italy to raise money for childrens charities. I was assured that my pack would arrive before my departure, but 1 week before I left it had not arrived so I phoned them. They informed me that the person who had taken my credit card details had undercharged me by 5 pence and so my cover had not been set up, although no one had called me to tell me this. I paid the extra ..." Read review

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Community Level 1abadr


Do NOT take out a policy from Europ Assitance

AdvantagesNone whatsoever

DisadvantagesTerrible service, massively long claim response time, rude, unhelpful

"...out a policy underwritten by Europ Assistance this summer to cover our round the world trip. Unfortunately, just after leaving (1 week after) the UK, we had to return as my father was taken into intensive care. 3 weeks after this, we submitted our claim form, supported by exhaustive documentation. 4 months later, and we are no further on - stupid information requests (repeating earlier requests), claim handled by multiple processors, rude staff ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Na2004


EuropAssist did well !

Advantagesvery comprehensive price

Disadvantagesinternet purchase only

"I have used EuropAssist for several years now and am a loyal customer mainly due to thier low price. I have used the services of the breakdown cover on several occasions, once in another European country. They were very helpful and understanding. When i have used their cover here in the UK, they have always been professional and prompt in dealing with my car breakdown problems. They send out high quality local mechanics who seem to be able to fix ..." Read review

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Community Level 1incog


Research this lot now not later like me (google reviews on them!)


DisadvantagesThey're too big, they don't have ANY attention to detail, unhelpful to deal with and they don't re

"...when we tried to contact Europ Assistance caused additional stress and huge expenses in finding additional accommodation which they also refused to cover. Their complaints procedure was a total mess, culminating once again in one person passing on the complaint to another, then another, then another, each time causing me to go through the information over and over again, only to receive a standard letter after weeks of communications. At the time ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Zen12345


Terrible Terrible - They will find any excuse not to pay..


Disadvantagesworthless, and a waste of money

"...back to the Uk. I contacted Europ assist on the day of my return and several times after and they gave me a long story. Contacted the agent Oinc.com and they didn't even have a contact number for them. To cut a long story short, they would look for any excuse not to pay.. you can prove and prove but they will find an excuse to reject your claim. They insist I needed to report the loss to the tour operator, the police or the hotel. Well my only option ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jonmaine


Get out clauses in travel insurance, specifically Insure and Go


DisadvantagesNo chance of claiming in line with other regulated insurances, certainly in our case

"...and Go (shop front) and Europ assistance (underwriters) are not regulated by the same rules that motor traffic insurance is. In a motor accident if a passenger fails to wear a seat belt they may lose a portion of a claim due to recognition of their negligence. This would be a small percentage with the most in unusal circumstances being 50% disallowed as I understand. Also under road traffic law if the driver made a mistake, such as overloading the ..." Read review

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