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A real deal of a real warrior

AdvantagesIn his prime he was magnificant

DisadvantagesShould have retired 7 or so years ago

"...Holyfiled to eat it with Evander looking slow and not his usual self powerful, fleet footed self. When a man in a parachute dropped through the open roof and got tangled in the ropes, in one of the strangest moments in all of boxing history the man was basically beaten senseless by the crowd whilst the match was basically paused. When the fight was resumed some 20 mins later Bowe had seemingly not kept warm and Evander walked away with a close decision ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Mohammed


The Warrior



"...Tokyo a few months earlier. Evander was due to fight Tyson after he won the undisputed crown however Tyson was convicted of rape so Holyfield never really got to meet the man at his prime. Instead he had some legendary battles with Riddick Bowe whom he lost to in their first fight. He later regained the title in a gruelling rematch which elevated Holyfield to legendary status and shall be forever remembered as a warrior. He eventually did fight Tyson ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Xelavie


Handmaiden of Faith

AdvantagesHolyfield has the determination to prove himself time and again.

DisadvantagesThe age factor is creeping like a termite starting to annihilate the house of power.

"Evander Holyfield relied on faith alone, on his deep faith in God, despite the onset of his advancing age. There's no way he could lose a fight provided he muster the same faith he had shown when he regained the heavyweight crown. Being the greatest is not just having the bravado and the flair for showmanship. The true spirit in sports, particularly in boxing, requires the proper attitude in handling a crisis, just what Holyfield had shown before. ..." Read review

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Community Level 3AdonisC


Give up evander



"...the time is up for evander holyfield now, and that he shoul, once and for all, hang up his gloves. Last night, one could see that the stamina and skill that was once there had somewhat diminished, and where agility and speed once reigned, replacement with a tired figure now was presented. Still, following the fight he has vowed to continue with boxing and will not quit ! In my view, the great know when to stop, and he should, before he turns into ..." Read review

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