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Lucas, he lives on in my heart and in my dreams

AdvantagesA follow up to Stillbirth review

DisadvantagesMy angel is still gone

"...and had my eyes shut. Everything had been noisy with the sound of the chamber filling and emptying and the nurse and hubby talking. It was dark as my eyes were shut. But then it all went peaceful, really quiet. And the light was SO bright. My eyes were still closed but it was BRIGHT beyond belief. I actually said "I think I'm going to die". I remember the nurse say, "Stay with us, listen to me talking to you". But then she stopped talking. I said, ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Bens__mummy


Gone But She Will Never Be Forgotten. Review with images



"...and talk to her about everything and you know you would get sound advice back. Her smile could light up the night sky. Lets not forget her 3 darling kids who really have been most affected by this. Though they are all getting better now and doing really well. I know that she was not always the easiest of people to get along with at times but I know one thing she's left a hole in a lot of peoples heart and a massive one in mine. I will always love ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Theshadowr...


Lost time, can it be made up? UPDATED Review with images

Advantageslaughter, fun and love

DisadvantagesA lot of years lost

"I have decided to write another review while I get the chance, WHY I hear you say, well let me tell you, lately there is always a fight to get on the computer, seeing as my lovely wife has took back up writing on here and my dearest daughter has caught the bug called ciao as well, so after a long hard pulling and shoving, I have managed to get them both off here and I am going to try and stay as long as possible, but I don't really stand a chance ..." Read review

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Community Level 4up2nogood


There is no Altar of Love

AdvantagesJust me ranting, as per usual

DisadvantagesAmateur psychologists need not apply ;-)

"...one thing that can make everything right, any situation bearable. Love does not “conquer all” – Tristan and Isolde, Romeo and Juliet, and that gruesome quasi-threesome, Arthur, Guinevere and Lancelot, teach us that across the ages. But love makes everything better. Like sprinkles and fairy dust, it transforms everything it lands on into something magical, sweeter and beautiful. It adds purpose to your efforts, gives meaning to your sufferings, and ..." Read review

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A literature of ideas. Review with images

AdvantagesInteresting, entertaining and thought provoking reading

DisadvantagesNone, though it isn't to everybody's taste.

"I like to read and I certainly like science fiction and military science fiction though not exclusivly. But what is science fiction I sometimes hear you ask? You have to know where I am coming from to have an idea where I am going, so a brief history is in order. Science Fiction in general. The answer to what is science fiction is one of the most complicated answers in literature. The writer and editor Damon Knight said of it, "science fiction ..." Read review

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Living wills? - why you should have one Review with images

AdvantagesGives you the opportunity to state your wishes

DisadvantagesYou need to keep it up to date

"You have probably heard of 'Living wills' and you have probably discounted them - I certainly had, until my mother died last year, if you have time please then read this review. You just might have a very different view by the time you get to the end. My mother was diagnosed with renal illness about five years ago - she had undergone tests as she wasn't feeling well but was surprised to discover that her kidneys weren't functioning well. However ..." Read review

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Community Level 5seanbond87


In Lancashire its HEE - SHAM Review with images

AdvantagesBeautiful and interesting little village

DisadvantagesYou'll want to live there - I do!!

"== LOVELY LANCASHIRE VILLAGE == === THE VILLAGE OF HEYSHAM === === INTRODUCTION === You would imagine as a bloke in his early twenties that I would be happier in Ibiza or the like rather than visiting a quaint British village; but this captivating little village in the north west of England is one of my favourite places for a day out. The village in question is Heysham (pronounced HEE – SHAM by locals and usually HAY – SHAM by visitors, who ..." Read review

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Look under his skin

AdvantagesYou decide

DisadvantagesYou decide

"Look under the skin Partake of a little walk with me through the fields of reality, and perhaps together we can see the errors in humanity. do you see the man with coloured skin or do you see the man that dwells within, could you hold his hand and be his guide be the strength that's by his side. or would you prefer to just ignore the coloured stranger from next door. the look you give me tells it all, is it now I see your mind is small do ..." Read review

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Community Level 7solamarie


JUST IMAGINE Living with a learning difficulty

AdvantagesNone that I can think of really.

DisadvantagesLoads, many and varied.

"Update: 06/07/06. I don't work with adults who have learning disabilities any more, I work with children, but this review could describe them as well although things are improving and by the time the children I work with are grown then a lot of the disability adult care should be a lot better. This review gets updated every so often because it is one that I feel a lot about. I have had this review in mind ever since I joined Ciao! it has ..." Read review

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Living with Lynne Review with images

Advantagesyou won't be alone, you can do fun things together, when you're ill someone can help you

Disadvantagespossible problems with cleaning, hygiene, parties and people staying over

"...help her as well. When everything was moved to the new flat, Lynne simply took ages to unpack. As I said, some things have not been unpacked yet. Of course, Lynne had much more to do. While I had semester holidays which last pretty much forever, she was working a lot. But at the same time, she went to music festivals all over Germany on every free weekend. She defenitely set her priorities differently than I did. ===Cleaning=== In the first few ..." Read review

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Lizkempo An Audience With (100th Review) Review with images

AdvantagesFind out a bit more about me!

DisadvantagesSome very hard questions!

"Welcome to my 100th review on ciao! I can't believe I have written 100 reviews! I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for reading and rating my 100 reviews. I wanted my 100th review to be a special one and I have been looking out for ideas, just recently I read Dempsey_review's challenge 'An Audience with…' were you ask members on Ciao to ask you questions. I have had some great questions and it has taken me along time to answer ..." Read review

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Community Level 5hiedihi


CELLULITIS LTD............ Review with images

AdvantagesYou learn something new here !

DisadvantagesIt aint nice !

"Well its so lovely to be back guys ! I have missed you all so badly and its been so frustrating not to have been able to keep up contact for the past few months. I couldnt believe it was only a few months as it really feels like its been that and a few months more since we last spoke ! Any way, I am back, lots of things have happened. Im sure you all want to know why Ive been AWOL. Well here goes......the mystery is solved ! Now I am going ..." Read review

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L for Legends... Irish Legends!

AdvantagesGreat for storytelling, part of our Irish heritage

DisadvantagesScares me!

"L is for Legends, and since I’m from Ireland, Irish legends will be my topic. Ireland is renowned the world over for its spooky history, for it’s tales passed down from generation to generation, told around a blazing fire in the dark of night. We had the Celts, who were helped by Druids, wizard people of old. We have the tales of phucas, or ghosts, the legendary banshee, of fairies and their rings and forts, and many, many more things. St Patrick's ..." Read review

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Lent 2011 aka The Vegan Diaries

AdvantagesHas helped me lose some pounds.

DisadvantagesCan be a bit uncomfortable in the stomach.

"...gel and soap, and scrutinising everything I am using. My brother in law, was trying to 'catch me out' by saying that my shoes, purse and handbag were made of leather. There was no evidence to the contrary, but actually, they are made of very good PVC! Liz Earle based on the Isle of Wight, produces an exceptionally good range of toiletries at decent cost, which have no animal extracts in them. So with all of this in mind, I started this food diary ..." Read review

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A Deserted Englishman

AdvantagesAnother chance for you to test my story writing abilities.


"It is hot, very hot. Not just the heat of a summer’s day but searing, mind- numbing heat that I can almost taste. I look around; screwing up my eyes; even behind sunglasses the glare is incredible. A heat haze covers the sand dunes that stretch around me in all directions, giving the illusion that land disappears into the shimmering water on the edge of sight. I know it is not real but I am dying to believe it. To have some respite from the torture ..." Read review

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