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Community Level 7Praski


Secret of the Gods Review with images

AdvantagesVery vesatile in cooking, good for your skin, health, and helps you live longer

DisadvantagesSome people may not like the taste.

"...is olive oil. I love everything about olive oil - the gnarled trunks of the trees, the colour of the leaves and the fruit, the smooth texture and the taste. It is a very important substance in our family and if you bare with me I will tell you all I know about olive oil. It all started about 23 years ago when my husband's parents bought four hectares of land in the valley of Monchique in Portugal. They had been searching for land to buy in Spain ..." Read review

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Community Level 6oldchem



AdvantagesThere are no advantages to being fat

DisadvantagesSee review

"== OBESITY == After reading some wonderful reviews on this subject, starting with Hisheyness's wonderful 'Confessions of a Recovering Fat Man', and after promising totalserenity after reading her wonderful 'WORDS 'ARE' WEAPONS', I have finally plucked up enough courage to write my own review on my fight with the dreaded weight. Apologies it's a long one!! === I am obese! === Now you can cover that with as many euphemisms as you want ..." Read review

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AdvantagesA True Professional.....

Disadvantages.....That You'd Be Needing One In The First Place.

"Having recently published a new "from the Sharp End" cafe review, spurred on by a friend here on Ciao, I have taken the opportunity to refresh this rather older one from the summer of 2007, the time of the workplace smoking ban - since when, quite literally, the atmosphere in our workplace at least, has never been quite the same again...... A very warm welcome to any of you who have not previously read a RICHADA café piece, there are actually quite ..." Read review

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Community Level 4mental_inf...


Music: My Obsession

AdvantagesMusic suits every mood you may have, there are so many bands out there

DisadvantagesPeople don't look beyond MTV or Radio 1

"-----Music: My Obsession----- After reading eddybennet's review on this and reading he had a lot of artists mentioned that I loved as well (such as Rick "GOD" Wakeman), and decided I wanted to join in. I have done a lot of these review things lately, but I think they're great fun, and they give you all a bit more of an insight to me. Plus I'm on a diet, so no choccy reviews for another week or so :-P -----How Many CDs Do You Own?----- Not ..." Read review

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The obituary is back...

AdvantagesNone..... I hope

DisadvantagesYou've lost me!

"**Please note that names, apart from mine, have been changed** I took this down for a while, but now it's back! Carry on leaving messages for it :-p --------------------------- FAT-AL TONY MASTER OF his prime, Anthony "Fat Tony" Ashfield was tragically and viciously murdered today in what can only be described as an act of criminally insane violence. A row broke over a simple message left in a guestbook, that quickly evolved into a ..." Read review

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Community Level 5FlameDruid


Depression - 'Out Damn'd Spot' - a poem.

AdvantagesAre you kiddling?

DisadvantagesA lot of people suffer with it.

"...hacked with your nails and everything fails. You’ve painted the wall in tears of gall; You’ve cursed and praised it but never erased it. They say it’s a spot; they can take it or not, when you tell them it burns like a hole in your head. They think you should sit and they think you should sleep but you stare for the spot is beginning to seep. You’ll stand in the dock for your life and your soul which are crimes and sins as deep as the ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Matt.Blund...


O is for OCD


DisadvantagesLife can be a struggle

"...short, I have tried virtually everything to get this giant monkey off my back and I haven't managed to do it. Coming to terms with having such a condition that you may never shed is a difficult pill to swallow but you can never stop fighting it. It helps if you can tell other people as you'll often find out people are more understanding than you think. In particular it is great if you have a partner and or family that are willing to help and understand, ..." Read review

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O is for the Olympics! Review with images

AdvantagesGold for AMy!

DisadvantagesDeath to the poor luge chap

"Winter sports, of course, are purely the chance for middle-class types to slip and slide their way around Europe, and not in half-term, Great Britain not exactly a winter sports hub, bagging just 26 medals in 55 years in the Winter Olympics. Some say the Games are for those posh kids not fit or good enough for the summer Olympic sports, sitting in the Bobsleigh with a couple of dense Marines in St Moritz between aperitifs an easier ride than rowing ..." Read review

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Community Level 5sam1942


O is For Oscar Wilde....

AdvantagesWilde opened up the middle classes and broke the establishment rules

DisadvantagesRidiculed for his homosexual and flamboyant lifestyle

"...and made a mockery of everything that they had stood for. Not unlike Miller for that instance, he also delved deep into the soul of a human life and bared it wide open to all as being evil and sinister in it's daily actions. Yet, he appeared, as we read about him now, flamboyant, gay (in it's truest sense) and colourful. He had left behind him a legacy of satire, wit and dry humour that was decades before his time. Since his death on November 30 ..." Read review

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Community Level 6stevethesl...


One Hundred Things Review with images

AdvantagesIt's finished

DisadvantagesI started it

"One Hundred Things A hundred little thoughts, ideas and sentiments with which to celebrate (if that’s the right word) my 100th review/op/thingy on Ciao. 1) Richmond Park is home to a large flock of green parrots, and I’m pleased to say that a few have decided to move into Putney (where property isn’t quite as expensive, I expect). I saw one at close range today, as it flew by only a few feet above the ground. I’m not a twitcher, but it’s nice ..." Read review

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Community Level 7waynehorri...


Olympic Observations

AdvantagesMesmerising fortnight of sport

DisadvantagesSome people don't know how lucky they are

"I said in my last review that my 50th would be a bit special. By that I meant it would be a temporary change of direction, away from 80's lyrics, James Brown CDs and comedy turns. This past fortnight of Olympic action has stirred unprecedented emotions in me and stimulated my mind with thoughts that no other event could have done and I feel compelled to share them with Ciao members. I hope you don't mind. **THE OPENING CEREMONY** I had a ..." Read review

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Community Level 6bandcamp



Advantagesswearys! Slight catharsis. Dust off the old rhyming skills!

Disadvantagesswearys. He still deserves a beating. Rhymes and pace aren't perfect.

"*** WARNING! WARNING! *** This has got swear-ys in it... big ones that bite yer bum, so if you're of a nervous disposition, don't like swearing, etc. do NOT read on! Because you'll get annoyed and try to report it or get it pulled for offending you - which is really stupid when I've already warned that by reading on you are waiving your right to bitch and complain. Although I've requested a payment just in case I mysteriously disappear. . . . . . . No ..." Read review

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Our challenge (emi_angel and bluejules)



"...on so well and do everything together. One thing we love to do is shopping which we do nearly every Saturday if I have no revision to do, as we both love to spend my dad's money. ~ FAVOURITES ~ -What is your favourite book? I don't have just one favourite book. I liked reading Curious incidence of the dog in the night - Mark Haddon An excellent book which describes the life of an autistic child and how he tries to solve the mystery of ..." Read review

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Our Wedding - A Review with Pictures Review with images

AdvantagesYou get to read about our day

DisadvantagesMight not be to everyone's taste

"...all worked and sounded ok everything was done except sorting out my dress which was still in the back of my car. My OH went off to get his hair cut and left me to sort out my dress. I went off in search of our wedding co-ordinator who had said I could leave my dress in the upstairs dressing room above our ceremony venue overnight but I couldn't find her anywhere. I then managed to get myself locked out of the venue and was getting a bit stressed ..." Read review

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Community Level 6milleniumz...


Oh dear, thats life as i see it.

AdvantagesNone at the moment.

DisadvantagesDissolusionment with society

"...sleep around with anyone and everything without a rubber in sight. Violent and sexual crimes continue to increase unchecked while the authorities lie about the crime rate going down. The statistical crime rate may go down but that’s because people don’t bother reporting it anymore, because the response is non-existent or they know it will not be investigated. One of our drivers got mugged with a gun to his head last weekend. He didn’t even bother ..." Read review

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