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AdvantagesWe Enjoy Driving, Take All your Luggage, No Hanging Around at Airports

DisadvantagesLong Journey = Long Review!

"...ferries, especially in winter when everything is lit, Dover Ferryport really is a non-stop 24 hour business. We top the car up with BP Ultimate fuel, apply the headlamp converters (the Omega's lights had an automatic adjuster) and magnetic GB plate, then cross the road to the Hoverspeed terminal to check in. ** Sadly, since 8th November 2005 this service no longer operates - a great shame as it was a fast and stylish way to cross the English Channel. ..." Read review

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Community Level 6BadCompany77


Tis An Art To Being Superstitious

AdvantagesSome Are Cool

DisadvantagesSome Are Scary

"Tis An Art To Being Superstitious………. I noticed a review by the lovely little Katygriff about Superstitions and looked it up on the Internet and found it very interesting indeed. So I looked at all the different Superstitions and decided to do this review in alphabetical order, so touch wood you lot will enjoy it…………….. Ambulance- Well most of us know the old saying that if you see the back of an ambulance it's bad luck. But according to this ..." Read review

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Community Level 6welshwicke...


The pain from Suicide and Sorrow

AdvantagesDefinately NONE

DisadvantagesHaving to cope with it and always wondering why?

"...bad childhood. They gave up everything for us and did everything they could to give us a great upbringing. I think there is nothing more Comparisons (consider revising), they always did there best and for that, I thank them. The biggest two question that comes with the loss of a loved one through suicide is "why?",and "what was so bad that he had no other choice, that he felt the only way to make things right was to end his own life?" I was ..." Read review

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Self-Harm Conference - 1st March Self-Injury Awareness Day!

AdvantagesExcellent conference, excellent speakers, raising awareness

DisadvantagesThis review might not make much sense to Ciao members!!!

"This is a bit of a different review as it's not something I've written specifically for Ciao.....so here goes nothing! As many of you know I have personal experience of self-harm (which I have written about here - http://www.ciao.co.uk/Member_Advice_on_Self_harm__Review_5614015 ) An important part of my life is being a volunteer director/trustee of '''Self-Injury Support in North Cumbria (SIS)''' which is a charity based in Carlisle (but covering ..." Read review

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That Citric Sensation… The Satsuma!

AdvantagesSatsuma's are quite delicious, reviewing them helps show the most delicious types

DisadvantagesWhat happens when someone mentions the clementine?

"Headnote This is a review of the different types of satsuma available. My review does not contain any information on the clementine. They are not the same thing! If you say they are, after reading this item, then something bad will happen... I just haven't decided what yet... I am writing my review in the UK and for that reason it is most reliable here, but I will try to keep it interesting for everyone. I realised something quite horrible ..." Read review

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Community Level 6oldchem


Do you want some free food? Review with images

AdvantagesTasty, unusual and FREE

DisadvantagesA short season and very regional

"== SAMPHIRE == In today’s credit crunch days did you know that there is a food that grows wild and is completely free I remember the day’s years ago, when a trip to our local fish market for a nice piece of cod (yes it was THAT long ago!!), that in with you succulent cod fillet the fishmonger would throw in a handful of bright green, seaweedy stuff "on the house". It usually got thrown away!! I have to admit that it is only in the last few ..." Read review

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Community Level 1foxy_roxy


The Swedish Challenge - I must be mad!

AdvantagesNope, can't think of any!

DisadvantagesIt's rather odd in places....

"I thought it would be fitting, on my return, to attempt this challenge. Before I start I would like to say a big thank you to those of you who have been so kind to me and have been understanding of my brief absence. That's the sensible stuff out of the way let the challenge begin… ~ List of 5 celebrities you're allowed to have your wicked way with even if you have a significant other (pinched it from Friends where Ross fails to leave Isabella ..." Read review

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Community Level 6lipsalve


Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction Review with images


DisadvantagesPainful and debilitating

"...reading the above information. Everything seems to fit now. However, I was not aware of this condition at all, and being a newly pregnant person I just 'went along' with everything I was told. I don't think I was forthright enough with my midwife. I told her I was having really bad pains shooting down my legs and all she said to me was " Oh, sciatica. that's just part of being pregnant." She didn't actually realise how much pain I was in that was ..." Read review

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Community Level 4suereaney


Story with a double twist!

AdvantagesA bit of fun to entertain you hopefully

DisadvantagesMwah, mwah, mwah!!

"It was dark and quiet as John Williams drove along the narrow country lane. John owned his own motor company and was driving to Exeter to look for new business premises. His eyes peered through the windscreen as the wipers made a futile effort to slap away the rain, which had continued non-stop since he had left the London office. The hedges bristled indignantly as he passed, a few reaching out long wooden fingers to scratch at their assailant. ..." Read review

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On September 11th Review with images



"Last night I watched the first installment of the drama (in America it will be called a "mini-series", or perhaps on this occasion "television event") "The Path to 9/11". I found it riveting and terrifying, the sense of inevitability as the U.S. continued to miss the gravity of the growing terrorist movement in the years between the original attack on the World Trade Center in 1993, leading up to September 11, 2001. On September 11, 2001, I was ..." Read review

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Community "Spirit"

AdvantagesHave a gander and see for yourself

DisadvantagesStill no biscuits.

"Before I begin I need to point out I have been a user of Ciao for just under 3 weeks. I decided last week it might make interesting reading for a newcomer to follow the progress of someone just slightly ahead of them. This way they can establish a journey that they potentially could take. What I never realised is that you could not have more than one listing under a section. My initial review: Two weeks on: A Ciao experience, sits under the section ..." Read review

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Community Level 7karimkha


Strange...Saucy.....and Very Odd (not me!)

AdvantagesA great brain teaser and I can test my intelligence!

DisadvantagesStrange...tricky...difficult answer...

"'''A strange challenge set by Treley . . . BUT it was sent to me by my dear friend Jesi . . . so thank you!''' Please take this challenge of weirdness and pass it to your friends. Please message me if you take it, so I can find out your answers! == ODD ONES FIRST! == === ~1~ If you were a colour what would it be and why? === This is really odd question but I will try my best to answer it. Right - if I were a colour . . . I'm going to ..." Read review

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In my spare room, you'll find . . . my Sewing gear! Review with images

Advantagesreally inspiring if you've got a creative streak, some results can be visually stunning

Disadvantagestechnical problems, slight risk of injury, starting costs

"...they are so pale that everything looks white! Things like that are frustrating but I think it's the kind of thing you can only find out by experimenting.) What goes up must come down . . . just not necessarily where you expect it to! Of course, with all good things, there often come disadvantages. Just like my late cat Blue (who you may remember I wrote about in January), my sewing machine is outstanding when it wants to behave . . . but when it ..." Read review

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Community Level 3painty


Shag like there's no tomorrow

Advantagesmakes me smile

Disadvantagesmight not make you smile ;-)

"I'm in the process of getting this review moved to a new location so please dont rate badly due to its current placeI I recently found myself in the somewhat familiar situation of being sat round a friends with a gin in one had and the other punctuating my sentences, while I harped on about whatever travesty of justice had befallen me that day. To be completely honest I cant remember what It was I was complaining about and it probably wasn't very ..." Read review

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The Kirsty1 Rip-Off Poetry Challenge

AdvantagesI promised never to do another challenge

DisadvantagesI never keep my promises

"I know I've neglected dear old Ciao over the last few months. My excuse is that I've been spending every spare minute in a bid to get on DIY SOS. I'm nearly there, so here, in response to Kirsty's gauntlet, is my paint-spattered attempt. THE ORIGINAL A Subaltern's Love Song   Miss J.Hunter Dunn, Miss J.Hunter Dunn, Furnish'd and burnish'd by Aldershot sun, What strenuous singles we played after tea, We in the tournament - you against me! Love-thirty, ..." Read review

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