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Community Level 1t.j.murray


Prompt delivery and complete satisfaction

AdvantagesBuild, reliability, performance


"I purchased an Evesham D750 in October 2000. The machine arrived within a week of ordering and I am extremely pleased with the performance, build and reliability of the system. It came with all software pre-installed and also with CD back-ups. Documentation and set-up instructions were both clear and easy-to-follow. All the components are of a high quality, a clear flat-screen monitor, fast graphics card etc. I recommend Evesham to friends and acquaintances ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Udo1


Good quality always pays off

AdvantagesGood quality,2 years warranty.

Disadvantagesnone so far

"I bought my Evesham PC in 1998 and at this time they only had five Outlets nationwide. Nowadays they have got 14 stores, and my PC, a 333Mhz Celeron is just as good as it was when I bought it. I have never experienced any problems and if I would I would just get another Evesham. I compare their specs a lot with other big names like Dell and Compaq and even if they are sometimes more expensive, it pays to go to Evesham, because they use quality components ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Anon2214


Well made computers at a competitive price!

AdvantagesWell made computers for a very good price

DisadvantagesTakes ages to get through to customer service and very expensive

"I have owned two evesham computers over the last 9 years. This first was an Axis with a AMD 1.4 ghz processor, this was fairly reliable until PC world broke the motherboard and memory while upgrading the memory. It also crashed a couple of times due to the modem. Unfortuantly both of these events happened after the warranty expired. However free customer service and advice is given for the lifetime of the computer. My second computer cost 1800 pound ..." Read review

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Community Level 1CAD01


Evesham - Loyal customer lost

AdvantagesGood Machines if you can get one!

DisadvantagesShock Sales service

"...the other reviews. The computers Evesham produce are excellent, and having owned one for 9 trouble free years (except keyboard/mouse and speaker problems which were all rectified by Evesham immediately) I was going straight to them for my next machines. I bought a basic laptop, no problems with that. However when it came to the desktop it was a different matter. 8 attempts to get my order right, then 3 weeks without hearing anything, then a lot of ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jerrylatham


Evesham Computers

AdvantagesGood specification - if it worked

DisadvantagesBut if it doesn't work the customer service is hell on earth!

"...didn't restore the system so Evesham TWICE came and replaced the hard drive; that made no difference so they called it back to base (on-site agreement means nothing!), and said that they had to replace the optical drives, that had been the cause of all the original problems. Within 3 days of getting the computer back it crashed again - they said "use the restore disc". That didn't work. They sent engineer again who re-formatted the HDD, installed ..." Read review

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Quick review of Evesham Technology

"A WARNING Just got off the phone after cancelling an order placed a month ago. This company went into receivership in early August 2007 but is still selling through its website - buyer beware !

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Community Level 1DavidHargr...


Second Hand PC's Sold as New BEWARE


DisadvantagesThey sell Secondhand damaged Motherboards as new

"...bought an Axis 1333SK from Evesham for £1174. The PC was sold to me as NEW and I took it home set it up etc... It had an Athlon 1400 Processor and was quite a decent spec. However since I bought it it hasn't run aswell as I would have expected (freezing etc...) The after month 4 it failed to boot altogether. I opened up the Tower to discover that the Motherboard had stab marks as if from a screwdriver and the Heatsink and Fan had hacksaw marks all ..." Read review

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Community Level 1faizamansoor


Don't Even Bother Buying From Here


DisadvantagesUnreliable & useless technical support

"I bought an Evesham Vale PC 2 years ago & have regretted it ever since. Although it was relatively cheap compared to Dell or Gateway, now I would rather pay the extra. 6 months after buying the PC I had a failed motherboard. 6 months later my hard drive failed. Their technical support is useless. All they ever tell you is to format your hard drive if you have a problem. They are only open during office hours & are closed during lunch. You ..." Read review

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Community Level 1zbanczyk



AdvantagesGood Value, Quality of components

DisadvantagesIncorrect components, service

"My Evesham Axis 1400 computer was delivered with hardware far inferior to the specs. It was only when I ran WCPUID that I found that the processor was a 1.3 GHz, not a 1.4. The CD-RW was a teac 512, not the 16 speed W-516EB I had been expecting, and there was only 256MB of RAM (not the 512 I had paid for!). I imagine many people miss these types of hardware 'mistakes', and it is worth checking all details. Needless to say, Evesham did replace the ..." Read review

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A Good Quality Desktop PC

AdvantagesGood Quality Components, Well Built, Good Value for Money

DisadvantagesCustomer support can be a little tardy and variable in quality depends on which individual you deal with.

" I bought an Evesham Micros Desktop PC in January last year and have been very impressed so far with the quality and reliabilty of the product. The build quality is much better than my previous PC (Time Computers) which was much inferior. There were a few small software problems in the first couple of weeks with the Evesham PC but they were sorted out by the technical helpline people, although it took a few "nudges" before they finally provided a solution. ..." Read review

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Very hard to beat their quality

AdvantagesGood qualiy equipment


"...I no longer own an Evesham Vale computer. I find that they are a little bit more expensive for packages compared with likes of P.C. World etc. I have owned 2 Evesham Vale P.C.’s. The quality of their equipment is second to none. Unlike a lot of companies their insurance package includes on sight visits, which we had to use when we bought our 1st P.C. Importantly, their after sales service is superb, and is not on a premium phone line. The only reason ..." Read review

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Community Level 1omeganut

Quick review of Evesham Technology

"An Update: According to an IT press source the reamining 30 emplooyees have been told that their sevices are no longer required. The light, and the web advertising, may still be on, but there's nobody in.The company leaves £3.6 million in debts.

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Community Level 1mocco


Evesham are hell on earth

AdvantagesAbsolutely none

DisadvantagesJust name it!

"...emails and 10 letters to Evesham and some 6 months later, not one problem has been sorted. The pc was even returned to them when, not unsurprisingly, they could find nothing wrong with it. When I set the pc up again, the first problem was that they had returned the pc loaded with the wrong operating system. Several phone calls and many, many hours later, I am back where I started! Now I am experiencing even more and differing problems ..." Read review

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Community Level 2MarcYerrell



AdvantagesGood Service, Good Computers, Not bad prices

DisadvantagesPoor Delivery times, Some expensive

"...writing this report on from evesham computers in Milton Keynes. It is a pentium 900, 128 MB Ram, Cd RW, DVD, 17" moniter, speakers plus all the basics like 56k modem, soundblaster etc plus a colour printer. It came to just over £1000. The service I recieved from Evesham computers was quite good. The computer though did arrive late. It was ment to come on a tuesday but did not come until friday. The computer designs are quite good. Evesham staff members ..." Read review

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Community Level 1review


6 years and back for more

Advantagesknowledgable and appropriate advice

Disadvantagestoo tempting

"...back to my old favourites Evesham and spent a happy hour chewing the fat in the showroom-the range of video editing PC's is top notch and the salespeople seem to know what they are talking about. They took me through their range and suggested that perhaps I didn't really need all the bells and whistles, even though I feel fairly competant now- perhaps they are right-can spend the money on a new camera instead. Only concern is that the support ..." Read review

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