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Kappaslappa prefers it quick, fast and easy Review with images

AdvantagesTotally user friendly

DisadvantagesNone to date

"...the claim laid down by Expedia.co.uk and I'm always up for a challenge. (",) What is Expedia.co.uk (",) Expedia.co.uk is a website used to book holidays, plan your travel, buy your tickets, choose a hotel, incorporate travel insurance and if your very lucky get a great last minute bargain. You essentially become your own travel agent. Expedia.co.uk was launched in 1998 and since this time their website has become of the most used for booking ..." Read review

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Booking made easy

AdvantagesIt's all so straightforward.

DisadvantagesToo much emphasis on Easyjet.

"The last time I travelled by air was in the year 2000, when people generally went to a travel agent's, waited ages until a member of staff was free, and then ages more to get information and have journeys and hotels booked for them. I had no idea just how easy things had become online using sites such as Expedia. I wanted to make a short trip to Europe towards the end of August – just a short one, not having the heart to put my cat in a cattery, ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Paiceyjohn


Take the Plunge - further update

AdvantagesFlexible, easy to use, plenty of info

DisadvantagesNot always the cheapest option, Shania Twain

"If you want get information or book a flight fast and with the minimum of hassle, this is the best site I've found so far. I've been using Expedia for quite some time for information purposes, but it's only recently that I actually took the plunge and ordered something from it. EXTENSIVE DATABASE I have found that it's a really good starting point for investigating the cost of flights. The search facilities are comprehensive and relatively simple ..." Read review

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Expedia - Anywhere In The World & Cheap Prices

AdvantagesCheap Prices, Easy To Use

DisadvantagesNone I Can Think Of

"Only this afternoon I asked the good people at Ciao to add Expedia to the site so I could write a lovely review for all you great readers out there and low and behold they have outdone themselves and added it already, so here goes. I will admit I have only used the expedia website on one occasion, but I cannot fault them at all. Their site is so simple to use, you pick whether you want flights, flight & hotel or flights, hotel & car hire all ..." Read review

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Community Level 5phil2001


Expedia your way abroad

AdvantagesEasy to navigate, Wide Choice, Good Price Comparisons

DisadvantagesDoes not compare No Frills Airline Prices

"I usually book my flights through the normal channels, travel agent etc..... However, I've been hearing a lot of good things about this site called EXPEDIA, who are they I ask myself, so I thought I'd visit before booking my next flight. THE SITE The homepage is very self explanatory with it's main point of cheap flights highlighted by the fact of a simple and clearly laid out quote form so to speak. Simply.. 1. Enter Departure airport / City ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Dalesman


Expedia fund my holidays

AdvantagesCould save you a fortune


"Wow the title is a bit of a sweeping statement but then, I don't usually mince my words....in a way it is true that expedia fund my holidays because I save so much cash booking most of my itinerary through them it enables me to fund other aspects of my Holiday.. I first discovered www.Expedia.co.uk a couple of weeks ago, whilst on my continual search on the web for a reliable, dependable honest travel broker who can supply with with most if not ..." Read review

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Community Level 3everyplate...


I've looked, and I haven't found much better

AdvantagesCheap, efficient, quick - just what I want

DisadvantagesNot for those who don't know what they want

"Expedia.co.uk. has completely turned around my experience of online ticket booking. Using it has saved me time, money and stress. I was looking for a certain trip, the details of whichcould not be altered, which is where many of the other online booking sites fell flat, and where Expedia impressed me the most. Using other sites I attempted to book the ticket. The online booking company at Freeserve could not provide me with a flight that left ..." Read review

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Speedy Expedia

AdvantagesHassle free booking by credit card

DisadvantagesNot every airline that flies a particular route is available. Seat reservations could be improved.

"...the same facility here too. Expedia.co.uk haven't been able to guarantee seat reservations on the occasions I've booked with them. Expedia is pretty good on the whole, considering it's part of the Microsoft empire :) ..." Read review

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Community Level 1finesse123



AdvantagesEasy to use web site, good value for money

DisadvantagesNo tickets received in post

"Here goes for writing my review of Expedia the on-line tour operater. (This is only my third review so still getting to grips with it all). Anyway, I have recently been to Paris on a 2-night weekend break booked through this tour operator. When we first decided that my partner and I needed a well earned weekend away the easiest and quickest option was to head straight for the internet. we had heard about Expedia but had never booked with them , ..." Read review

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Community Level 1carlap7


Cheap flights glaore

AdvantagesVery User friendly, cheap flights

DisadvantagesTo many people are starting to find out about this site, seats getting snapped up very quickly

"I tried for 3 days to find cheap flights to Nice for Bank Holiday weekend, but I could not find anything less than £350. The so-called flight companies which give offers of £5 a flight were full of hot air. I was beginning to give up when I accidentally came accros expedia.co.uk. The functions on the web site were very user friendly and I successfully inputted my details and what I wanted. I found a flight for £99. The site itself has other functions ..." Read review

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Community Level 3corman


not the cheapest I've found

Advantagesonline, easy to use

Disadvantagesnot the cheapest option by far

"Having read through the many opinions on Expedia, as well as hearing recommendations from other people, I defintely am the only person who seems to find that their quotes are normally among the most expensive. Twice this year I've been searching for flight prices, Eastern Europe and Australasia. On both occasions Expedia have given me quotes that range from being at least £50 to £200 more expensive than the other web sites, as well as phone calls ..." Read review

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Community Level 5pefidler


Good travel web site.

Advantagesslick, fast, and easy to use

DisadvantagesIt's microsoft

"I've been using Expedia for a few years now: Firstly, it's incredibly well set out and pulls in lots of technology from all over Microsofts portfolio. Anyway, firstly, there are always some good deals to be found on there. It's possible to search through good deals that other people have found, and also possible to search through standard deals also. When doing a search, despite it being to siberia or wherever, the returned results are normally ..." Read review

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Tickets In A Hurry

AdvantagesSpeed. Attention to detail

DisadvantagesNone so far

"We recently made one of those snap decisions that you are most liable to make after a bottle of red wine. We decided to visit our Canadian friend over New Year, and find out what a real winter was like. So, with only 10 "booking" days to Christmas, we logged onto Expedia.co.uk, and checked out flight availability. Ottawa is not Canada's most popular destination, despite being the capital, and this limits your options to Air Canada/Canadian, which ..." Read review

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Community Level 1affiori



Advantageseasy and straightforward


"I had to find a quick and easy way to book a flight to Memphis TE for my family at the end of May, 00 ... all the usual travel agencies, on line too were all booked up and very expensive, I gave it a try and I was really pleased to find the right package at my set budget in about 10 minutes. I booked it up with just a few mouse clicks. Their site is well built, no problems finding the right info, no problems to find your way in ... and out!! I also ..." Read review

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Community Level 2eduardob


Super cheap - ultra easy.

AdvantagesSo easy, so cheap[, so what are you waiting for.

DisadvantagesHow do the high street travel shops stay in business?

"Last year, my family of (then) five wanted desparately to travel to Hungary (Budapest airport) to see an ex au pair who had returned home after becoming part of the family. The high street shops were quoting £400+ each for the flight only!!!! I went to various telephone "bucket shops" - which used to be the cheapest places that you could get tickets, and they came back with an improved figure of £1600 for 5 of us. Then, fortunately, a friend ..." Read review

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