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Community Level 1userdefina...


Great moisturiser. Leaves skin fresh, not greasy.

AdvantagesFades freckles, inexpensive, great for oily skin, sunscreen

DisadvantagesTakes a long time to fade freckles, can lighten skin

"...I didn't have freckles to fade (which I barely do anymore) I would still use this product. It is the best moisturiser I have found, and a great way to protect my face from the sun without making my skin greasy. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1nicci2002


Quite good

Advantagesfaden dark spots, scars, etc. on skin

Disadvantagesmakes skin dry, strong smell

"I don't use this product any more but did use it for quite a while. I started using it about two years ago after getting a scar on my face in an accident. It was recommended to me by a local pharmacist. I applied it on the scar and every dark spot on my face daily, and though everything didn't disappear the result was quite good. I stopped using the product as it made my skin very dry. And also, I didn't like the strong smell of it.I applied it ..." Read review

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Community Level 2ihatebrocc...


Fade away your freckly worries

AdvantagesEffective if used everyday

DisadvantagesQuite a greasy, heavy cream

"Fade out extra care: active fade cream This is a useful product for fading unwanted marks on the skin, in particular, those caused by the sun – freckles, sunspots etc… It can also be used to fade abnormal dark pigmentation areas, and age or liver spots on the face and hands. Brown marks on the skin are due to a build up of pigment (Melanin) under the skin, which is constantly being brought to the surface. This process is particularly active ..." Read review

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Community Level 1busy


Fade away your redness

Advantagesan excellent cream

DisadvantagesIt makes you skin dry

"...those unsightly red blotches? - Fade away have come up with the answer to your prayers. If you suffer from any of the above try Fade Away - it does work and at £5.50 it doesn't break the bank. I had previously tried Vein Away ( I had seen this cream advertised in a magazine and decided to try it ). I sent of a cheque for £19.99 inc postage and packaging for this so called miracle cream and I might as well have went out and bought a jar of honey. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1grabiniokm...


Cream worth its price

Advantagesworks by fading skin red areas


"I was actually quite surprised with this product as it said that it needed several weeks to work, however, it worked over night for me. I have a fair complexion and I put it on at night and the next morning it had definitely lightened areas around my nose, any freckles and sun spots. A pleasant surprise. The cream itself is a little heavy when you put it on; it says on the product that you can wear it during the day or under make up. I wouldn't-- ..." Read review

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WOW !!!

AdvantagesIt works!!, cost, absorbs well, non greasy


"...ran out, I started using Fade Out day cream and night cream. WOW!! Within less than a week there was a significant difference. It is now 2 1/2 weeks, the redness and bumps are now gone. I'm waiting for the scarring caused by the rosacea to fade. Colleagues are asking what I am using so they can support their friends. My skin is light to mid brown, asian. It works for me and costs less numerous prescription fees. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1rylia


Not recomended for Black Skin.

Advantagesgood moisturiser.

Disadvantagesnot for black skin.

"...even smaller amonut of the fade cream inside, I would have to say, ladies and gentlemen, do please keep your money in your pocket. Why are manufacturers always trying to make one product for differening skin tones, shade and colours? All in all I would have to say: this product is Not recomended for Black Skin. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1tahmina


Now I am the daughter-in-law from heaven

Advantagesfade out has changed my mother-in-laws life forever

Disadvantagesshe keeps bugging me for more

"...low for something that would fade away her embarrassment, but there was nothing available without prescription. I then noticed Fade Out Activa Fade Cream, I bought a couple and sent it off for her to try and I got the most positive reply of my life, She not only loved the cream that actually worked on her face, by fading out the dark pigmentations, but she also told everyone that I was the best daughter -in -law that anyone could ask for. Now ..." Read review

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