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Not so much "fallen" but stumbled to this book!

AdvantagesThis is a fun thriller-esque book, that is the perfect read for teens.

DisadvantagesNot enough revealed, ready for the book in September.

"I have to say, the book that I will now review was bought as it was thought to be a vampire bookÖÖ.by my husband, so him being the sweetheart he is he got it for me immediately. After the first few pages though, it became more than apparent that this was going to be completely different to what was first assumed. The book I will now review is - ďFallen by Lauren KateĒ. The story starts with a scene from the mid 30ís, involving a dashing and ..." Read review

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Fallen For A Pretty Cover

AdvantagesGreat Cover, Good First Chapter To Pull You In

DisadvantagesWeak Characters, Bad Plot, Lack Of Readability, Easy To Guess The "Twist"

"While walking around my local Tesco and having a nose down the book aisle as I usually do, I was struck by this book due to its very nice cover. I always like buying random books and this was in a buy 2 get one 1 deal. I already had another book I intended to buy and my other half brought one also. Its usual retail price was £8.99 and it falls within the fantasy fiction genre. Story ------- The story follows Lucinda, or Luce to her friends, ..." Read review

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Community Level 6LAURALILIA


Fallen - Don't Judge This Book By Its Cover!

AdvantagesNice front cover illustration

DisadvantagesPoor plot, poor characters - unimaginative

"...her books have proven. Fallen has tried to imitate this success and quite blatantly in parts, yet gets nowhere near. The first chapter can be viewed on Amazon and seems to make a promising start Ė however, when you actually receive the book, you have read the best part and it is all downhill from there. The other clever touch is that the artwork for the book cover is beautiful and makes you want to pick it up. If ever there was an illustration of ..." Read review

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Fallen - Lauren Kate

AdvantagesInteresting story

DisadvantagesSome inconsistancies

"Fallen is a fantasy novel that was released at the end of 2009 by Lauren Kate. After a terrible accident, Luce is sent to the Sword and Cross, a corrective school in an attempt to make her better. No one really knows what happened that day including Luce but she does know she wasn't responsible. Since she was younger, Luce has been followed by shadows and she has no idea why or if she is even sane. On her first day at Sword and Cross, she realises ..." Read review

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I Have Fallen for this Book

AdvantagesGreat ending, pulls you into the story

DisadvantagesVery long and slow start

"Fallen Ė Lauren Kate As many of you might have already gathered from my previous reviews, and the fact that I have a blog which focuses upon books alone; I absolutely adore reading. I love stand-alone books, though I am always looking out for a series of books in the hope that I will fall in love with them and have longer in the respective worlds. I came across this series quite a while ago now though due to the amount of books on my shelves, ..." Read review

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AdvantagesGood supernatural read

DisadvantagesLack intense emotion and developement on characters

"...book on this theme of fallen angels as I want to take a break from the vampire fictions. Itís an ok read and quite different from the other supernatural novels Iíve read. There is a lot of build up on the triangular relationship of Luce, Daniel and Cam and the truth is not revealed until the last few chapters. However, I just feel it lacks the intense emotion or tension I would expect. I know itís not fair to compare it to other books like Twilight ..." Read review

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Loved Twilight? Hanker after Hush Hush You'll Love FALLEN!

AdvantagesEscapism, adventure


"Fallen by Lauren Kate is the first in a series of Young Adult Fiction: Brief Description: From the blurb: "Some angels are destined to fall. Instant. Intense. Weirdly familiar... The moment Luce looks at Daniel she knows she has never felt like this before. Except she can't shake the feeling that she has..." Fallen is the first in a series by Californian author Lauren Kate. Her writing is powerful, panoramic and almost certainly inspired by Stephanie ..." Read review

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Great book but only the beggining..

Advantagesgreat start to the story, interesting characters, will make you want to read the rest of the serie

Disadvantagessuffers from first book syndrome - needed more events rather than set-up

"Iíve put Fallen off for many many months, I won a giveaway for both Fallen and Torment last year and they have both sat there looking at me longingly ever since. I donít know why but I was scared that what I would find between the pages would be too cheesy, to insta-love and too, well not me. I was intrigued by the story and knew it was one I wanted to read but I still put it off... now Iíve read it, Iím glad Iíve got Torment there straight away! The ..." Read review

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Fall in love with this...

AdvantagesBeautiful cover, fascinating storyline

DisadvantagesA lot of unanswered questions

"...like that. One minor flaw Fallen had was that it started quite slow. I tried not to let it put me off because as I started read (properly), I noticed that the words showed every motion Luce was going through and that was just something quite extraordinary. Plus the unexpected twist at the end made up for the pace. It took my breath away and that was when I knew the book would have potential. Angels are a supernatural being that have never failed ..." Read review

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Community Level 2SK1997


one of my top five series

Advantageseverything is amazing


"...read about them. But reading Fallen has cast a whole new light on the world of Angels and I am definitely in to them now. This is another book where the plot doesn't really come until the end of the book but I still thought that it had you gripped from start to finish. I adored how Lauren wrote the first book as a Slice of Life/Contemporary novel because that really had you interested in Luce's character. The whole plot is probably very predictable ..." Read review

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if you love paranormal romance, this is a must to read!

AdvantagesEasy to read

DisadvantagesYou can't put the book down

"...book is definately a must. Fallen is the first book of a quadrilogy about a girl who falls in love with an angel, only to realise this has happened more than once but has met a fiery ending each time. However, this time round things have changed and now she must find out their past in order to save their future. The story is gripping, addictive, enticing and leaves you wanting more! At first I did find it difficult to get going as I am used to ..." Read review

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Stunning Book

AdvantagesRomantic & Dark, Unique


"...of Vampires and werewolves try Fallen out for size. The concept of this book is like nothing I have ever read before and I read a lot of books, it is a totally different twist on paranormal romance as well as on the Angels & Daemons theme. The book is dark and romantic and it really does keep you guessing you never know what is coming next and that sucks you in further. I found my self staying up gone 3am reading this book not being able to put ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jade9533


Fallen, a fast paced book you want to put down

AdvantagesExcellent Characters

DisadvantagesNot enough romantic encounters, which you would expect from a romance novel

"...Iím 24 and loved it. Fallen is a dark romance novel with a romance that has an outstanding effect on the reader. The super-natural happenings in the story are amazingly written you find yourself believing that they could actually be true, the book finishes with an excellent twist which is carried on in the next book in the series. Fallen will draw you into the story leaving you wanting more! ..." Read review

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Community Level 1KittyHeartz


Fallen by Lauren Kate Review

AdvantagesIts easy to get lost in, you'll want to read the next book.

DisadvantagesAnother supernatural romance book, last book not out yet.

"Fallen written by Lauren Kate is one of those books you could just get lost in! I'm not going to spoil it for anyone so I wont write in too much detail. Basically it's a book about this girl named Luce, a girl who see's black masses which she calls ' Shadows'. Luce gets sent to a boarding school named ' sword and cross', she thinks she'll hate it and make no friends ( as you would). She falls for two guys, one named Cam , who seems to be the friendly ..." Read review

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