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I want to stop but I must harvest my strasberries... Review with images

AdvantagesPasses time, small sense of achievement in an otherwise futile existence, friend envy

DisadvantagesCan be costly if you're a moron

"==~~*~~*~~ Farmville ~~*~~*~~== I have to admit, I have a problem…well, many to be fair but one of them is Farmville and before you continue to read on, heed this warning – you may become compelled to delay appointments, stay up late on a school night and dare I say it, break the speed limit in order to get home to harvest your raspberries. Intrigued? Then you’re obviously as dull as I am, so read on sucker… ===~~*~~ Facebook ~~*~~=== Facebook ..." Read review

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You Farm for Fun, Zynga Makes the Profit

AdvantagesEntertaining, addictive, initially free

DisadvantagesBuggy, addictive, the need to spend real money to properly progress

"...Matty* and I'm a recovering Farmville addict. I'd avoided the game for months, despite seeing constant Facebook updates informing me how my friends and family were doing. Finally, after my brother, sister-in-law and daughter all begged me to join, I relented. Soon, I was well and truly addicted. I spent several hours a day dutifully ploughing, planting and harvesting my crops. In addition, another hour or so would go to harvesting fruit from my trees, ..." Read review

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Blocking - A cure to addiction

AdvantagesEntertaining, fun, New attributes

Disadvantagesaddictive, Buggy

"...friends to become neighbor in Farmville in which one can grow fruits and vegetables on their own farm. Daily Farmville seemed to take up a lot of space and posts on my facebook. As I was not having interesting in playing games on Facebook, I just ignored all requests. But all of my friends were crazy about it. They started blackmailing me, begging me to join just for them and other silly reasons. So I thought to give it a try and to see actually what ..." Read review

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Always wanted To Be A Farmer?!

AdvantagesEasy and Silly Fun

DisadvantagesRuns Slowly At Times

"...which is Farmville. I joined Farmville about 6 months ago, when a few friends kept inviting me to be their neighbours. I eventually gave in and am now fully immersed in my little Farmville world and have learnt the joys of applications. How to get started ------------------------- The game is run by Zynga, a company that have many applications on facebook. Much like "The Sims", FarmVille is a real time life simulator game, the purpose of ..." Read review

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Life On The Farm

Advantagespasses the boring days

Disadvantagesannoying music

"Facebook, a website that has half of the nation addicted but really I do wonder why half of us even log on. It is a good way to keep up with old friends who may live far away but the website keeps offering us more and more. I am sure for most of you who have an account you will probably get notifications and requests for the likes of Fishville and Cafe World but if there's one you should take a look at it is Farmville. I am not one for online gaming ..." Read review

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Farming Indoors

Advantagesgood to play when you want to switch off


"...game ** The main idea of Farmville is to grow your farm. There doesn’t appear to be an end to the game, so you can essentially carry on forever. As you can gain experience points which help you travel through levels, unlocking new seeds and buildings etc, then you will always find something new to interest you in your game. ** Timing ** Farmville is played in real time, so if you’re going to play it then you need to time your crops around ..." Read review

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Very addicting, very annoying...FarmVille!

Advantagesboredom killer

Disadvantagesvery annoying

"The Farmville game simulates farm life, in the aspect that you have to plant, grow and then harvest your crops, as well as raise livestock. Surprisingly, one of Facebooks most popular games is still in beta (or testing) phase. Farmville the quite elaborate RTC (real- time computing), game developed by Zynga is available as an application for one of the worlds most popular social networking sites, Facebook. Since Zynga, the game's maker, considers ..." Read review

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A Facebook App I Used to enjoy!

AdvantagesPlenty of tasks and achievements to complete

Disadvantagestoo many glitches and too time consuming

"Farmville is one of many facebook games I have played over the years since I joined the site. I find myself coming back to it from time to time but soon getting sick of it again. To start to play is simple if you already have a Facebook account, you can search for the game in the box at the top of the game and click to allow Farmville access to your page which allows the application to publish your requests to your walls and give you a list of people ..." Read review

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happy farmers

Advantagesfun, varied, friendly game, suitable for all ages

Disadvantagescan get a bit addictive

"I'd heard about Farmville before I joined facebook. Some of my friends used it and said they really enjoyed it. So after joining FB I decided to see what Farmville was all about. Your avatar farmer can be customised by choosing a gender, changing the facial features and choosing clothes. You start off with 6 plots of land, some coins and 5 FV dollars. You have to plough these plots, plant seeds then harvest. You choose seeds from the market. Each ..." Read review

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Cheerful and colourful farm fun!

Advantagesfree, fun, nice natured

Disadvantagessometimes runs slowly

"Farmville is a farmyard simulation game produced by Zynga which runs as a facebook application. Although they have their own website at www.farmville.com, I can't work out how to login without being a facebook member - so I guess you have to be one to play. Having been invited by numerous friends and gifted everything from a pomigranite tree through to a horse, I finally decided to check it out and see what it was about. You start off with a plot ..." Read review

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Community Level 1goody83


Zynga's Farmville Facebook Game

AdvantagesFacebook intergrations adds to this game

DisadvantagesSo many items in market are over priced with farm cash.

"I have been playing this game for over a year now since seeing a friend playing it. As I have a keen interest in everything farm related I thought this would be a great game to play. I have now built up a huge farm with this game and like to play regularly Since the game was introduced over a year ago a lot of money has been invested into this game to ensure us the players don't get bored and always have something to collect or harvest. The ..." Read review

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Community Level 1JimFiggs


Farming without the muddy boots.

AdvantagesEasy to play, good user interface, plenty of game variety

DisadvantagesThe music, but even that can be switched off

"== Facebook App == FarmVille is one of the many applications that can be accessed via, and interact with, your Facebook account. Taking aside the game content and playability etc the way this application works with Facebook is great. It allows tou to invite your Facebook Friends as neighbours in the game, you can exhange gifts, help them and be helped by them, amongst other functions. The game can also update your Wall and Status depending on things ..." Read review

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Community Level 2james_p1




DisadvantagesCan be slow

"...an addiction. I first joined Farmville after being told a number of times how good it is, and when I joined I had to agree. Users have to work their way through a number of levels where different crops, animals and buildings become available. Farmville allows facebook users to add their friends to become neighbours, so they can send animals such as pigs, cows and festive animals such as rabbits or easter eggs, along with other farm equipment to ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jenny98076


FarmVille on Facebook

AdvantagesKills time

DisadvantagesNeed real money to buy some items

"As everyone knows, Farmville is a fun application on Facebook with millions of users playing. You run a farm, as the name implies, and grow crops in order to make it prosper. You can also send gifts to your neighbors or ask them for materials to complete building a shed or other buildings. It can be very addicting but for me, I got tired of it every once in a while and it was very time consuming. It's only good for killing time and can be tedious ..." Read review

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farmville game



"In my opinion farmville is a fun game to play. It allows the user to build their farm the way they want it to be. The only problem I had was that it would run slow as your farm got bigger. What I did like about it was that I could share my farm with my friends and they could help out too. Playing the game is relaxing once I started playing and building my farm. It is also an interesting way that I could get my kids to play with me. The game is user ..." Read review

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